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  1. So, in our group, I am using Elena as a Musician and grabbed up Song of Mocking because I figured Stun is one of the best ways to enable us to pile on an elite enemy and not just get wrecked by counterattacks. (We're a two person group with no ranged attacker.) After using it on an elite enemy and selecting Stun with an attack with 0 hits (I assume that is the correct way to do it from a card effect without an attack), Aragorn went in for an attack and the app still asked if the enemy could counterattack. I figured the answer should be no, because I stunned him already, but now I am unsure because the app thought it might be able to. Can I get any clarification on this?
  2. Excellent! That was how I hoped it worked, and I couldn't find a concrete answer elsewhere! Thanks for the confirmation, both of you!
  3. I was playing The Road to Isengard quest today and had a Wolf of Isengard engaged with me. He was dealt a shadow card and when he attacked I used Forewarned to discard it. The (never-truly-revealed) shadow card had a Wizardry effect. My question is - was there ever a point that we had to check and see if the shadow card had a Wizardry effect BEFORE I had opportunity to discard it? Or because it was discarded without truly being revealed, did I avoid the Wolf's text entirely?
  4. Man, I had really been hoping for Celebrian's Stone + FotW Aragorn shenanigans in the ToS quests... Bummer, but it is what I expected. At least I can consistently use TBR Frodo for any and all of HIS quests.
  5. On this note, I was looking at the rules for Fellowship Aragorn (I am about to start the first of his quests from Treason soon) and in both the rules insert for Treason of Saruman and Flame of the West, the text seems to preclude you using any other version of Aragorn except the one "included with this expansion." The direct quote, from Treason: "When setting up any scenario in The Treason of Saruman expansion, the first player must take control of the Fellowship sphere Aragorn included with this expansion." It is verbatim in Flame of the West. Are we supposed to believe that we can switch Aragorn like we can Frodo, or does this wording forbid that? I am hoping that we can switch him; I want to try using the new Aragorn in the older quests.
  6. After seeing the new preview for Battle-Fury, I immediately started thinking of good combos with it. Dunhere came to mind first, especially since he could use his own resources to add himself to the quest if we so wished. Then I got to thinking about my favourite hero - good old Beorn. I knew that Beorn was able to combo with Quick Strike, and since Battle-Fury is essentially Quest Phase Quick Strike, I thought it might be good to use for him, as well. Then I realized... I couldn't find any topics that explicitly stated that Beorn COULD be used with Quick Strike. I could have sworn I had read it was legal somewhere, but can't find a definitive answer. So, my questions are: 1) Can Beorn legally be exhausted with Quick Strike, since it is not explicitly targeting him? Has there ever been an official ruling on this? 2) If the answer to 1) is yes, then can we also trigger the extra Spirit resource ability on Battle-Fury for Beorn to add him to the quest? (I am thinking of Battle questing shenanigans.) Thank you in advance for your answers!
  7. My friends and I were playing Escape from Mount Gram and we got the treachery Interrogation. Each of us discarded a card, but one of my friends was forced to discard one of his heroes, as it was the top card. This was terrible, of course, but the real question came up when we eventually won and were calculating score. Even though Haldir of Lorien was never in play at any time, would his being in the discard pile at the end of the game mean that he should count as a defeated hero and negatively impact our overall score? Or since he was not ever in play during the game, do we ignore his presence entirely? If this is in the FAQ somewhere and I missed it, I apologize for not looking harder. Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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