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  1. Nights and weekends are good. Let's try for Tuesday @ 8:30 if thats a good time. My OCTGN name is redbaron.
  2. I live in macon and attended both regionals in ATL this year and didn't find anyone from columbus. I would be willing to play some games on OCTGN fairly regularly as that is my main mode of play since I can't find anyone in macon to play.
  3. ok, we thought so and played it that way, but just wanted to make sure.
  4. This came up the other day as I was playing a game. Dark side has a force choke in hand and Vader on the table during the Light sides deploy phase. Light side has no protectors on the table and plays Han, then intends to place Obi-wan's spirit on him immediately afterwards. Can the Dark side play the choke in between the time Han hits the table and Obi-wans spirit is placed on it? With vader's reaction this would kill Han before he was protected by Spirit, correct?
  5. There has been no official word of it yet. We do know that it will be at the earliest in the last half of 2013 since we have the four hoth packs and the edge of darkness expansion planned already.
  6. I love listening to these, keep up the good work. Its nice to know that some of the things I have been thinking are on par with what some veteran card players are also thinking. I am planning to get into this game more than I have for any other card game, so it gives me hope that this will be better than my dismal star wars ccg showings.
  7. I'm in the macon/warner robins, GA area. Having a hard time finding any play groups down here, so I'll probably end up playing in Atlanta.
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