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  1. danpoage

    The Fate of Wilderland

  2. danpoage

    Hall of Beorn and Shadow Cards

    http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR?Query=Shadow%3A Results are limited to 100, for performance (and cost reasons), so I suggest adding other filters (e.g. CardSet) to narrow your search.
  3. danpoage

    Hero beorn and card effect

    I have been meaning to add that category for quite some time, but this conversation reminded me to do so.
  4. danpoage

    Hero beorn and card effect

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, @Nerdmeetsyou. I don't use Facebook, so unfortunately I won't be able to post in that group.
  6. danpoage

    Roam Across Rhovanion

    http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR?CardSet=Roam+Across+Rhovanion Also, to help out those strategizing for Haldan location attachment decks: http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR?Category=Location+Attachment
  7. Mrs. Beorn and I will be in Central Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria) this fall, ending up in Munich for Oktoberfest. Any players out there interested in joining us for a beer, coffee, or game? Message me if you’d like to meet up somewhere along our travels.
  8. Yep, it's part of the alternate art that I created for my Aggro Caldara deck: https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/alternate-art-aggro-caldara-v3/
  9. https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/2017/12/07/escape-from-the-dungeons-of-cirith-gurat/
  10. danpoage

    Any Players in Portugal?

    Hi Strilar, I just sent you a message with my itinerary.
  11. Mrs. Beorn and I will be in Portugal for the holidays and I wanted to reach out to the community and see if there are any players who hail from that beautiful country. We are happy to meet up for a game, a coffee, or some wine and cheese. I am also going to try to track down a Portuguese forum to post there as well, but I wanted to ask here just in case. Obrigado por ouvir!
  12. danpoage

    Mountain of Fire

    The Hall of Beorn also has full spoilers for Mountain of Fire, for those who prefer their card databases with bees and helper animals... http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Browse/The-Mountain-of-Fire
  13. danpoage

    Leadership Eomer

    @Rouxxor, I think you may be misunderstanding me. I'm not saying that Theodred is a bad hero - to the contrary he is one of the better heroes in the Core Set. There are very good reasons why I included him in my deck for Beorn's Path. I'm also not saying that he should have an increased threat cost - 8 is exactly where he needs to be. I am saying that I wish that he was 2 willpower, 2 attack, 0 defense and 4 hit points. My disappointment was that 1 willpower is not at all efficient for the action that you are spending - and you almost always want to spend his action to quest. I feel this same disappointment about leadership Eomer. I like the ability (though I agree with @Gizlivadi that I wish it had been switched with the ability on his sword), I just find it disappointing when heroes with 1 willpower have abilities tied to their committing to the quest. I did not think that was a controversial perspective, but I'm happy to argue my point in greater detail if need be.
  14. danpoage

    Leadership Eomer

    I share in the disappointment with yet another Rohan hero with a quest-based response and 1 measly willpower. I will say that he is *amazing* in battle quests. I want to make a Rohan deck to go back and crush the Heirs of Numenor scenarios.
  15. danpoage

    Front Page of RingsDB

    @Laco, thanks for letting me know. I've added a link to your site on the Community page on my blog, as well as in the links bar which is displayed on the right side of every page. If there are any other foreign language blogs which you use or know about, please let me know. I am happy to spread the word about resources for this game in any language. S pozdravom!