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  1. Talamare

    Rules Question: Skirmish

    Are you saying an Elusive Creature attacks a Skirmish Creature? They both take damage, Skirmish doesn't work on Def, Elusive doesn't work on Off Are you saying a Skirmish or really ANY creature attacks an Elusive Creature? Neither take damage (on the first attack) from power.
  2. Talamare

    The Meta?

    Dis and Shadow are generally the strongest houses in my area too, but they have lost every local tourney and rarely place in the top 3 when both are in the same deck. Brobner and Sanctum seem to both perform more consistently, and are generally more preferred. If I would rank the Houses, I think instead of making a single Tier list, I would split it into Core and Support Brob and Sanc are T1 Core Houses While Logos, Dis, and Shadow are T1 Support Houses
  3. Talamare

    Best and worst cards.

    Untamed has amazing Creature Recursion Not counting Seed and Eye, since it does both, you still have World Tree and Regrowth
  4. Talamare

    Poltergeist vs Mobius Scroll

    Does that mean that Mobius would go to your own Archives while the opponent will be able to Archive 2 of his own cards?
  5. Talamare

    Rules question about Neutron Shark

    What are you talking about, are you saying Sacrifice cards are incorrect? If it was already covered, then why are you still questioning it?
  6. Talamare

    Help from future self ruling

    Same as every action card in the game, it goes to the discard pile upon it finishes resolving and not a moment sooner When you play a card and haven't finished resolving it yet Where do you leave it? Leave it in the same place
  7. Talamare

    What happens when you fully deck out?

    Don't place Library Access in your discard until it fully resolves at the end of your turn.
  8. This ruling is pretty great In that it causes people who doesn't know this ruling to think you're a moron (and other similar words) for even suggesting it would work that way. Then you pull it up on your phone, and then they feel that keyforge has the dumbest rules possible. Happened to literally 3 players to me yesterday, with one of them not believing me so hard that he thought I faked the FAQ as he pulled up on his phone the 1.0 Rules.
  9. Talamare

    Help from future self ruling

    Sure, but what a developer hoped a card would be like may not have been what was finally decided when it came to print.
  10. Talamare

    Rules question about Neutron Shark

    When you activate a card that starts with "Sacrifice name." then has some effect, do you rule that because the card has been removed from play that the text following it should not take place? The game is young, misrulings will happen. They may also make what were once misrulings into official rulings with official FAQ additions.
  11. Talamare

    Rules question about Neutron Shark

    If you choose Neutron Shark to kill itself Discard the top card of your deck, and end No more repeats
  12. Talamare

    Multiple Phase Shift in a turn

    According to the rules There is no "Lingering Effect" in the book and According to the rules "You may play one non-logos card this turn" is a fully resolved effect
  13. Talamare

    Help from future self ruling

    Neat, if he wants to post it in the FAQ or even in these Official Rulings post to play it like that it's official Otherwise that video is irrelevant
  14. Talamare

    KeyForge - Is it Competitive?

    I'm not clicking your article without a concrete sentence or two before the link giving a brief overview on specific of what will be discussed and a few key features. Advertise your product, don't just make it click bait!
  15. Talamare

    Round Table question

    Tokens are from a specific trigger Constant Effects exist while the card exists on the board It's incredibly clear (Edit - What isn't clear are the 'lingering effects' that are undefined in the book)