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  1. It seems like ISD's must have ECM to survive. When it's not equipped, they seem to go down so darn fast. I know it's only once per round, but when your opponent tosses 6 hits on you at least once per round, that saves a lot of HP's. I'd say against the Ackbar swirl it's a must have.
  2. The tournament rules state that a match ends at 135 minutes or round 6, whichever comes first. We never get to round 6 because of a guy (who shall remain nameless) takes forever on his turn. We are lucky to get to round 4 by the 135 minute mark. By then, it just doesn't feel like a complete game. How do you guys deal with a guy that slows down the game? If we ignore the time limit and play until round 6, will the game still be "balanced"? Has anyone tried anything with a chess timer to keep players moving?
  3. I think ECM's, tractor beams, and any upgrade card that will give you more flexibility toward getting an extra click on the stick so that the star destroyers can stay in the rebs' front arcs is the counter to Ackbar builds.
  4. The changes they are making regarding online sales to try to push more support onto the local game stores.
  5. How many of us utilize the gaming spaces at a local gaming store versus those of us who do not? I pretty much have very little to do with my local gaming stores. Nothing personal. I have friends/relatives that like playing this game too and so I don't have to rely on the organized efforts of the LGS to play this game on a regular basis. The latest policy change by Asmodee has me thinking that I'm in the minority. Am I?
  6. Mine has said "contents verified" for the last few days. This morning mine got switched to "on hold". Anyone know what that means? Edit: They were missing my street address. <kicks himself repeatedly for missing that when placing the order>!
  7. You'd almost have to have a large triangled map for deployment.
  8. Hi! We have three of us getting together tomorrow to play. I'm looking for some fun matches for three players. We aren't so keen on building two 300 pt. squads and one person plays one side and the other two run the other side. Are there any fun free for all variants? Other ideas? Thanks!
  9. I don't have Erestor yet. What do you plan on doing with Erestor?
  10. I did get The Land of Shadow at Gencon so Damrod is an option for me now. I didn't realize the guy is only 9 threat. That would be a fun combo with him and Merry.
  11. Hi, My friend plays a Pippin (lore), Samwise, and Spirfindel deck with me a lot. It is a heavy ally deck that takes advantage of the leadership cards that get allies out fast. I'd like to find a complementary secrecy deck to go with it. We've been having trouble beating Ruins of Belegost. Any hero ideas? Thank you! Bry
  12. Is there a list of stores that I can peruse to find one in my area or do I just need to call around?
  13. A long 6 weeks waiting for this thing...ugh!
  14. I'm not so competitive that I don't mind losing several matches to get the hang of maneuvering the smaller ships if it makes me a better player. What's the best way to start the match to be able to maneuver behind a Glad or VSD?
  15. What would you recommend for initial placement? Keep them all clustered together or spread them out and then converge on different firing arcs of the IMP ships? Or something else?
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