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  1. I have to admit to amazement... No-one has seen or used maps for this adventure?
  2. All I have to run my games over Roll20 so I really need some maps and illustrations to help me run A Call for Heroes. Sadly, there aren't any with the game itself and I've not been able to turn up anything suitable online (so far). Do any of the community have any such? Or can point me at places to look? Thanks in advance Steve
  3. All Just ran an ad-hoc session for my group and I ran into two questions I couldn't resolve in the rulebook... They had 'picked up' two large cases of Imperial equipment. Both were sealed and locked... and also booby trapped. If not disarmed, the case would explode with the effects of four Frag Grenades. So, I could find the details for the grenades in the rules but nothing on determining the effects of the trap going off. There was no-one throwing the things to use for skills in normal ranged combat resolution... I fudged something to keep things rolling, but how should traps like this be adjudicated? As you might imagine, there was a lot of blood spread around as the result of the above... and this was the first time a Medical Pack had been used in mass-healing mode. One question, what is a reasonable number of Stim Packs that can be used in one session? The rules are a bit vague - which is okay with me - was just wondering what would be considered a reasonable number? Thanks!
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