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  1. AtoMaki

    NPC and Strife

    @Avatar111 Okay then: Strife rarely matters that much in Narrative Scenes. Geez .
  2. AtoMaki

    NPC and Strife

    When it matters, Strife matters a lot. It is just a rare occurrence outside of Conflict Scenes in my experience.
  3. AtoMaki

    NPC and Strife

    Strife rarely matters that much.
  4. AtoMaki

    NPC and Strife

    Our GM often makes a "Strife Up Check" for Adversaries at the start of the conflict scene, rolling 2k1/4k2/6k3/8k4 (depending on how Strifed-up the Adversary character should be) and keeping only Strife results to determine starting Strife and emotional state (stable/unstable/explosive).
  5. AtoMaki

    Readying a weapon in a duel

    That's the questionable part. We did not know if Open Hand Style-ing your opponent into a the predicted stance triggers the Predict effect, but we just kinda rolled with it and decided that it indeed could. So the combo is: Water Stance -> Predict -> Use Skill (Martial Arts (Unarmed)) -> Open Hand Style
  6. AtoMaki

    Readying a weapon in a duel

    We tried to take a walk around this: Predict proved to be hard to narrate and had a tendency for comedic results, disrupting game play - it also didn't help that Opp resourcing was a much more interesting and rewarding mind game; on the other hand, Center was highly stressful to use because the Duel mechanics are simply not built for Centering but then you enter a Skirmish where Center would be absolutely awesome and you can't help but shed a drop of tear and take some IRL Strife. When we wanted to do narrative Predict/Center-like stuff then we rather performed the Use Skill action. Tho I had my Asako Loremaster character abuse Predict with Open Hand Style to win a duel, so there is at least one tactic that works perfectly if your GM is up to that (there are some questions about whether this combo works as per RAW).
  7. AtoMaki

    Readying a weapon in a duel

    I like how the Lion Clan finally has a highly competent duelist school whose gimmick is not "I chop harder than the others" and require actual tactics to defeat their opponent. It is very fitting and thematic while also unique - one of the best Dueling Techs in my opinion.
  8. AtoMaki

    Readying a weapon in a duel

    ...just avoid Ikoma duelists!
  9. I don't think that you advance on the curriculum here because there is no XP spent. I found Ring 4 "just" good but nothing spectacular unless it was paired with a high (4+) Skill too.
  10. Can't you increase your Ring to 4 via the free +1 Ring? I might remember this one wrong, it was some time ago when I last did the 20Q character creation. Earthen Fist definitely does.
  11. Found your problem right there. Every Ring at 2 is really bad regardless of your School or character concept. Your best bet is the 3/3/2/1/1 setup (two Rings at 3, one Ring at 2, two Rings at 1); the 3/2/2/2/1 is just slightly better than the All-2 and the 4/3/1/1/1 is good but very risky. No wonder you couldn't accomplish anything, Ring 2 is very weak sans some serious gaming shenanigans. Ring 3 is where the game starts, but the level you should be aiming for is Ring 4.
  12. What I meant was that playing 5R5 will feel nothing like playing FFG's Star Wars, despite the mechanical similarities that might or might not appear throughout the game. There are obviously a lot of actual changes but we haven't felt them striking enough to warrant special attention. Thinking of it, the way Rings work does have a kind of initial shock value, but nobody will bother after the first 2 or 3 games.
  13. After playing like, a dozen plus games I can safely say that the only really noticeable change you as a player will experience in the new edition compared to the old edition is that you are now rolling and keeping Raises rather than "bet" for them before the roll. That's all it, plus a slight increment in bookkeeping because there are now a lot of stuff your character can suffer from. It takes some time to get used to this "Raises are now on the dice" thing tho. Also, if you are a GM then you must accommodate yourself to some pretty funky pacing because the action is suuuuupeeeeer sloooooooooow when no dice is rolled but gets super fast super quickly when one grabs some dice and the game has a tendency of being heavy-handed with its themes. 5R5 is nothing like FFG's Star Wars RPGs, I'm gonna warn you about that. But my gaming group very much like it and prefer it over L5R 4th Edition.
  14. We generally dislike "doing homework" when there is a staff of paid writers whose job is doing it instead of us. Also note that FFG does explain what most of those Japanese words mean - as I mentioned above, "Hai" is a strange exception/anomaly here that is a part of a very distinct group of problems aka The-Things-That-Just-ARE (a piece of the setting that has no explanation for its existence, it just kinda exists for reasons). I'm fairly sure that words used in Rokugan do count as "Rokugan stuff".
  15. We have guidelines for the various Japanese terms that might appear in the game, so this particular problem doesn't plague us .