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  1. Yeah, I reckon by wielding the Nagamaki with both hands you would attack harder and not kill harder.
  2. The Nagamaki's biggest advantage is its long shaft that offers better leverage when wielded two-handed but also allows the weapon to be wielded one-handed. Since its blade is - AFAIK - a normal sword blade, it does not really compare with the larger weapons like the Nodachi or the Zambato. It would be more like a Katana that gives +2 Damage when wielded two-handed instead of +2 Deadliness, and has Wargear instead of Ceremonial.
  3. Personally, I would rather like some kind of character-focused skirmish game. 1-2 big hero models, 3-4 minor hero models, and maybe a dozen or so fodder the heroes must cleave through to reach each other. This seems to be the go-to battle setup in fictions, at least.
  4. These are some fine last words in Rokugan.
  5. I dunno because I think it does not really telegraph his passive-aggressive stance on the matter. I will laugh my butt off if it turns out that the guy was the traitor from Falling Stars .
  6. I'm fairly sure I'm arguing against the same 3-4 people for the 6th time, to be honest. My shock is partially stemming from @Shiba Gunichi of all people defending Ishikawa after our 'are-the-Isawa-arrogant-or-not' argument. Well, Ishikawa catching up to Kaede in Falling Stars did have a strange selection of words and an even stranger situation regarding Ishikawa just stumbling into Kaede in a random corridor. But maybe 'infatuated' is a better word? For me, the nameless Seppun is already more interesting than Ishikawa. That guy meant business, and I can appreciative that a lot.
  7. I even mentioned the guy: the unnamed Seppun bodyguard who jumped between Sotorii and Daisetsu at the conclusion of the duel. That was some Top Seppun scene overall, it had everything I would expect from the Seppun. As Toturi himself pointed out, Ishikawa is more like a Bayushi, and I wouldn't really mind him representing the Bayushi or the Kakita. If that was the case then he would be absolutely blissful to have Toturi with her. The guy is basically the most harmless husband ever to grace Rokugan, he is quiet, thinking, and has this odd monk-ish demeanor. This is a straight-out Jackpot from the foggin' Lion Clan of all places. And as far as I know, when Kaede told Ishikawa that she was happy with Toturi, his response was 'bleh' instead of being happy that she was happy. Further, Ishikawa did have second thoughts about Toturi's miraculous survival. To be acutely honest here, I do think that Ishikawa is among the worst characters (as per his personality, rather than the writing) in the entire story. I'm also kinda shocked that this is not so obvious to others and people even defend him. Like, wow . By the way, I don't think that Ishikawa has the spine to throw Toturi under the bus. If he had that much in him, then he wouldn't just show up around Kaede randomly and pretend that nothing unusual is happening. And I think the other families have it much better, because the various flaws in their leaders are either less... broke or their flaws actually carry some hidden strengths. OR even if they have some super-serious flaw then it actually fits into the family theme.
  8. It was literally my opening sentence. I think the Seppun in general is aiming pretty low with some exceptions. I don't think he is quasi-villainous but he is surely a creeper and thus unfit to represent the Seppun. He is not simply a flawed character, he is a character defined by a flaw that makes him petty and (no offense intended) cliché. Not like it is necessarily a problem, and in this case it is most likely intended considering the greater narrative, but let's not pretend that this guy is worthy to represent the (supposedly) finest bodyguards in Rokugan.
  9. As I pointed it out before with an actual example, the Emperor not wanting the Seppun around is not an excuse for the Seppun to be not around. Or, if all fails, and the Seppun is absolutely forced to be not around the Emperor, then using this extraordinary and thus potentially very risky situation for hitting on a married woman is definitely uncalled for. I guess we can thank Kaede for that here.
  10. Because Kaede. Everything concerning Ishikawa's character leads to Kaede. He failed to protect the Emperor because Kaede. He works together with Toturi because Kaede. Him working together with Toturi is a bumpy ride because Kaede. The conspiracy was basically the result of Ishikawa not being around the Emperor in that very moment, because he was with Kaede. If he had been around then he would have been among the characters who stumbled into the scene, meaning that Kachiko wouldn't have had that much say, meaning that the whole assassination plot would have gone straight out of the window. Toturi trying to bust the conspiracy wouldn't have been an option because his first interaction with it would have been Shoju who would have explained everything to him. I would be more forgiving to Ishikawa if he had a different reason to miss out on the scene. Like he was organizing the Seppun or overseeing the Hidden Guard. But nope. He was busy chasing Kaede, a married woman who is pregnant with her beloved husband's child. In my opinion, that's just too low.
  11. For me it appears that Ishikawa and Toturi keep working together because Kaede asked them very nicely to do so. If Ishikawa wasn't... well... Ishikawa, then Toturi wouldn't have the whole conspiracy business at his hand in the first place (for one reason or another). So he would be dealing with Tsuko, most likely.
  12. How so? Ishikawa literally offers Toturi to sit out an important part of the investigation because he thinks he is a liability. Then, after Toturi gathers the strength to not make a scene, Ishikawa doubles down on him and openly calls him a liability. Toturi himself muses on how his "relationship" with Ishikawa is a fragile one, then gets pissed off so much by the Seppun he uses Kaede to (successfully) strike back at him. The poison between these two is almost tangible.
  13. It is only counterproductive at that level of dedication. Because Emma-O is a Fortune and Ishikawa is "just" a man.
  14. You know, I would have loved to see this. Ishikawa as the Emperor's second shadow, standing vigil 24/7... but then how does he eat or sleep? How does he organize the palace guards? A complex sign language? USWS? Is he just pushes himself to the very limits of his body, then simply crashes for an hour or so? Isn't that kinda very unhealthy? Is his outward appearance just a masquerade, and is he completely wasted physically and mentally in the inside? Isn't that kinda counter-productive for his job?
  15. Only if Ishikawa had been at the Emperor's side or just waiting outside of the door... We even have a Seppun doing this right: Sanosuke, upon being dismissed by Daisetsu, immediately circled back to watch over the boy from behind a fake wall. The Seppun's Burden shouldn't be failure. Failure should be death. Te burden should be the need to constantly succeed.
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