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  1. This reminds me that the way my gaming group handled firearms is to give a tech boost to armor too. Our Rokugan had fairly advanced wheellock muskets and even portable rocket launchers but it also had samurai wearing composite ceramic/steel body armor. To get through that armor you would need either exception quality or exceptional quantity, and firearms had neither. The technique of cutting projectiles out of air is also fairly widespread while those **** monks developed a specific kiho to send cannonballs and musket bullets back Kung-Fu Panda style.
  2. Sidenote: this is just the official story. I think they said it in Bearers of Jade that Hayaku's hair turned white because he sucked up a hefty amount of Taint while adventuring in the Shadowlands.
  3. Here Prussia disagrees. I know, a Rokugan where samurai must be constructive and useful members of society for real is insanity, but it isn't that big of a change all things considered. Here the bigger issue is how technology progresses from gunpowder. Material science advances (to make better guns), so does math and geometry (to do better ballistics), resulting in improved tools and mapmaking that in turn advances productivity and land ownership. Communication and administration become more efficient, travel becomes trivial, trade and internal migration booms, the power of central government increases, personal armies lose relevance big time, "soft force" assets (spies, magistrates, courtiers) become the new "army", etc.
  4. The latter. I like the DLC branching, there just needs to be more of it.
  5. I think the current system is (/can be) 1000x better for L5R than Genesys this Foundry setup.
  6. That's because the Lion's focus is Honor, so nobody can tell them how to be Compassionate. They are not lazying around Compassion by being merciful and stuff but do what it really means: kick Bad Guy butt. By the way, fun fact: the Bushido L5R uses is the one from Nitobe Inoze. It is literally Traditional Christian Values BUT WITH SAMURAI because Inoze was a devout Christian. He got a lot of flack in his time for his Bushido being sneaky pro-Christian/pro-West ideological subversion. If you really don't want to spend time with explaining Bushido to your players, then just tell them that they are reskinned European Chivalric Knights, it will do the trick.
  7. On a serious note, the unexpected twist would be Shahai trying to save the Emps and Meishodo the living crap out of Sotorii... but Daisetsu stops her. Turns out Kachiko was very-very wrong when she thought that she was the only player in this game!
  8. She is doing it! She is doing it! Her robes are opening! I can see the cleavage! HOLY GAIJIN GENES THOSE ARE STACKS TO SUPPORT THE KAIU WALL! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! What?! What's happening? Sotorii is killing my dad? NO! DON'T CLOSE THE ROBES! NO! NOOOOOOOOO! I can see Daisetsu embracing Fu Leng from here.
  9. Yeah, I too want the story of Daisetsu, Shahai, Dairu, the secret vantage point to the shrine, a bottle of Unicorn booze, teenager hormones, and Sotorii killing the Emps rudely interrupting the scene just as it gets heated.
  10. You can be compassionate and merciless at the same time. Bushido often compels you to be like that. You save travelers on the road from bandits (Compassion) but the bandits are dead meat for you and even if they survive the fight you should put them to sword either way. Sparing a peasant because they dared to cross the road in front of you is not being merciful, it is not being an *ss.
  11. Yes, this is the complex decision making and managing the fallout, the cream of Bushido-fu. In my example, if the peasant has a starving family then the situation is retroactively solved at the Duty step where the samurai sets out to dig to the bottom of the problem. Unless the samurai deduces that the peasant only stole because he is too lazy to work at which point the starving family simply stops mattering because Bushido has many things going for it but being merciful is not one of them.
  12. Technically each samurai has an established "worth" that sums up their status and importance in monetary terms. Once can be a "200 koku samurai" (a simple guard) or a "20000 koku samurai" (a respected senior official) or a "200000 koku samurai" (a powerful daimyo). The samurai is supposed to have their "worth" with them all the time. So that guard has 200 koku stowed away in a box somewhere in their house, most likely in a great variety of different coinage. The guard can spend that koku on whatever he wants, but they will only get more if their "worth" increases due to a promotion or them being relocated to guard an important room (at which point the guard becomes a "300 koku samurai"). So if they run out of money they should start chasing more status or favor to increase their "worth" thus gain more money. Alternatively, they can just ask from a friend. The guard might need 20 koku for a geisha, so they look up their official friend and ask for 20 koku. The official cares little for 20 koku with their 20k "worth" so they happily help out their friend. Later on the official might invoke the 20 koku to ask something from the guard, like look away when a shinobi sneaks through the door, and disowning the obligation is obviously very unwise and dishonorable, but that's an issue for the future. If no such friend is available then the guard can look up a professional moneylender to get that 20 koku, but this is extremely unsafe because only the fortunes know what the moneylender will ask for in return. A third option is to liquidate assets. If the guard bought a house for 100 koku from their 200 koku "worth" then they can give up the house and redeem the 100 koku at will. They can also wait to receive a stipend from their lord, essentially an annual reward for their overall yearly service. It is most likely not a whole lot of money tho. The 200 koku guard might receive as little as 1-2 koku this way per year.
  13. The thing with Bushido is that the honorable samurai must make very complex decisions in a very small time-frame while processing and cross-referring all available information. This is tough, even if we assume that the samurai are specifically conditioned to do this during their training. There will be mistakes, but the actual process must go on regardless. The honorable samurai should just return to those mistakes at an appropriate time and fix them (likely producing more mistakes). This kind of "honorable consequence management" is THE samurai drama you should be looking for in an L5R game. The table in the rulebook is weird. You can literally kill your very own lord and gain Honor from it if you go through certain steps.
  14. I would rather go with something like this: Compassion: Is there a chance to do good in your vicinity? Yes? Then take it. No? Then keep looking for one. Courage: When you are to act, act. When you are to speak, speak. Courtesy: Think as you act. Think as you speak. Duty: You must ensure your people's well being by any means necessary. Honor: Give no f*ck and take no ****. Righteousness: It is either 'yes' or 'no'. Sincerity: If you did it, then tell them you did it. If you said it then tell them you said it. So a peasant stole a loaf of bread. The first thing the honorable samurai must do is to stop the thief and return the bread to its rightful owner (Compassion). The honorable samurai must then punish the peasant for the crime of theft, no talking involved, the peasant is a criminal, they must be punished (Righteousness). While punishing the peasant, the honorable samurai spares a thought of why the peasant stole the bread instead of earning it legally (Courtesy). If the honorable samurai figures out an underlying issue, then they immediately set out to resolve it (Duty). If they run into their lord and the lord asks the honorable samurai whether they are really rolling up complex socio-economical issues because of a stolen loaf of bread, the the honorable samurai answers with a straight 'yes' (Sincerity). If their lord becomes angry at the honorable samurai for implying that the lord is not doing a good enough job, then the honorable samurai tells their lord that peasants stealing bread is indeed a pretty bad sign (Courage). If the lord starts raging then the honorable samurai humbly bows out of the conversation and leaves to continue with solving the bread-stealing-peasants case (Honor). Here note that this is "AKODO's HARDCORE" mode but in my experience players tend to get this a lot easier than the usual "DOJI's FANFIC" mode.
  15. You know, speaking of which, we don't know what Toturi's fate was/is. It is possible that with Toturi's death, the thread of prophecy was severed. Kaede had to resurrect him to restore the weave of fate, instead of presisting in the doomed world Sotorii had created. Also, considering how @ssblasted Toturi's spirit was, the cost can be him returning EVIL! That would be kinda interesting.
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