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  1. FFG launches a new card game designed by Richard Garfield and Netrunner ends its life because Wizards doesn't renew license to FFG. This does not suprise me.
  2. I'd love a new edition, supporting more players (2-6 players)
  3. It looks like FFG has a big issue related to POD system. They must improve this system, there is a big bottleneck, too much demand, and a very slow printing system.
  4. The French player have exactly the same issue and complaint ... We have the same answer from Edge. Just one difference with spanish players : We have AP and deluxe between 2 weeks and one month after America. As spanish players, we haven't the last two years of POD ! So there are another countries in the same situation that Spain, and it looks we share the same issue. It is not fault of our distributor, but FFG. That is the reason because I open this thread. I'd like to know if there are more countries on the same situation. Thank you for writing 13nrv
  5. I think I did not explain well. My local editor (Edge Ent) sent spanish translation when it was requested by FFG. FFG has not print spanish cards yet. My local editor explained in spanish official forums there is a big problem with printer queue for POD system. It's not only for spanish edition and it affects other foreign editions as well. I can buy english editions, of course. But this is not a solution. FFG should fix this issue with POD system, because there are foreign editors that are paying licenses and making translations. FFG should, at least, answer to community explaining when they will fix POD system. Not just for spanish players, but all players affected by this system. And yes, I could buy english editions, but I don't want. Because I have a local editor. It would be fun if I buy FFG english packs when FFG is not making his job releasing my local edition.
  6. It's easy. The way we want is not 10 months delayed. I don't understand why I should buy english edition if there is a local editor that is paying a license and making a great job translating the game.
  7. Why should we have to do that? That's not the solution to this issue. All the POD pending to be released have been translated. It's FFG who is not releasing. And that's because POD system is different from normal printer system. They should improve POD system. There are many languages and many expansions to be released.
  8. Dear FFG friends, Today is December 20th, 2015 and we, spanish players, feel abandoned by FFG. All expansions published in english are available in spanish (at the same time that original edition), but POD expansions. We cannot enjoy nightmare pod expansions of Dwarrowdelf, Against the shadow and The Ring-Maker Cycles yet, or POD gencon expansions of last two years. Edge, spanish editor of FFG games, replied to community on his official forums and it looks like there was a saturation problem with your printer system. It cannot release as quick as it is needed. I don't know if this issue is related to spanish edition or there is another foreign edition with the same issue. Please, FFG guys, FFG friends, we love LOTR LCG and we want to play nightmare decks and POD aventures. Thank you so much.
  9. ruferto

    Deluxe expansions?

    Will there be monographic deluxe expansions (one for each house)? or will there be multihouse expansions (like Star Wars LCG)? What do you think?
  10. I bought these books some time ago. - The Art of A Song of Ice & Fire (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=121&esem=2) I'd love to see similar books like: - The Art of The Lord of the Rings TCG - The Art of Android Netrunner - The Art of Star Wars TCG - The Art of A Song of Ice & Fire Vol.III Please FFG, sell us more books.
  11. ruferto

    Storage (again)

    Oh my goodness, that's awesome! Congratulations dude! You have one of the most beautiful storage solutions I've seen.
  12. ruferto

    Storage (again)

    If you're in the US and don't mind using a wooden box, Hobby Lobby makes a swell option. I use a pair of them myself to hold everything http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/wooden-artist-case-125005/ Could you share one or two pictures of your collection, please? I'd love to watch it. Thank you!
  13. ruferto

    Storage (again)

    This is my collection: - An album which contains one copy of every player card - Box #1: Core and Shadows of Mirkwood, Dwarrowdelf and Against the Shadow cycles, completes (including deluxe expansions) - Box #2: Ringmaker cycle (on the left), Nightmare and print on demand expansions (on the right) - Box #3: Saga expansions I sleeve using a colour code : - Black: player cards - Red: encounter card (Core and main cycles) - Orange: heroes (Core and main cycles) - Dark green: Print on demand expansions - Yellow: The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill encounters - Light Blue: On the Doorstep encounters. This is because each expansion needs a different Bilbo Bolson - White: The Hobbit saga heroes - Purple: LOTR saga encounters - Light green: LOTR saga heroes
  14. ruferto

    New Blog: The End May Be Dark

    It's pretty apparent early on that neither am I. But I"m committed to sticking it out and making it work! Most of the knowledge I have on how to play the game is trial and error. Hopefully the blog will help take a little error out for others. That is my goal as well. This game is amazing. I don't care if I lose, because I enjoy so much. Now I'm on the second mission (Journey along the Anduin), and this afternoon I'm gonna make my 5th attempt, the second one in easy mode. I think easy mode is a hidden "one play standard mode" for one player with some quests.