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  1. So there are Advanced Specialities, I assume they're like Prestige Classes in Pathfinder?
  2. I've played Shadowrun, WoW:RPG, DnD and Pathfinder. Of those games, I've only GM'd Pathfinder. My Pathfinder group wants to try out a new PnP RPG and we've decided on Deathwatch. Since I was GMing Pathfinder, and they like me as a GM, I was…volunteered. This will be the majority of the group's first time with Deathwatch, myself included. I've never played a Fantasy Flight Games RPG before, I did buy the Anime Core Rulebook once to read but nothing every came of it. I went out and bought the following Deathwatch books: Core Rulebook First Founding Game Master's Kit Mark of The Xenos Rites of Battle The Emperor Protects I haven't gone through all of the books yet, but I was wondering if there is a book that has rules for Chaplain. I spotted the Rosarius in Rites of Battle, but haven't seen anything on Chaplains yet.
  3. I currently GM for a Pathfinder group and recently I discovered that the group are into the Dawn of War game series, which takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. After reading some basic information on the RPGs available a getting a taste for the focus of each one, Dark Heresy for Inquisition, Rogue Trader for Explorers/Traders, Black Crusader for Chaos and Only War for Imperial, I decided on Deathwatch as all four of them like the look of Space Marines and those are the minis I have most of, I enjoy using minis for RPGs as visual aid. The current minis I have are a squad of Dark Angels Veterans, a Scout Squad, the Dark Vegeance Limited Edition set and the Assault on Black Reach set. Anyway, now onto my questions. 1. Do I need any other books to play besides the core rules? Most RPGs require at least two, a Core Rulebook and a Bestiary, and DnD requires three, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster guide. So I'm just wondering if I'll need to buy anything else besides the core rules. 2. Can the rules be adapted for play outside of the Deathwatch? Pretty self explanatory. 3. What are the 'classes' or character advancement? Do players start off as Scouts and work their way up or do they choose at the beginning, like if they want to be a Chaplain, Librarian or Terminator? 4. How well do the rules adapt to the use of minis? 5. If I only need the Core Rules, how many enemies are given in the Core Rules? 6. About how easy is the game to pick up and learn? I've managed to teach my group Pathfinder over the course of three sessions, will Deathwatch take longer, shorter or is this about right? 7. Going to those who bought it: Is the Collector's Edition satisfying? I understand that there's only 2,000 copies, but sometimes limited quantity doesn't necessarily mean it's good quality.
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