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  1. ogid said: Aero said: Featherweight works in a different way, it doesn´t cancel, reduce or evade, just trade life loss for movement. If a wizard with featherweight walks into a rosebush it gains 3 extra movement XDD. But Rosebush doesn´t attack so if the wizard doesn´t have the spell cast on him it can´t be cast. I'm now a bit confused. So just to confirm - a player with Featherweight transfers rosebush damage to movement, which is what I thought. However, the second part of your answer seems to contradict the first part, unless I've read the rules incorrectly. Does the rosebush target an individual player? I thought it would damage anyone who stepped on it. Thanks again! Aero
  2. Please settle an argument for me. The Rosebush says it can't be evaded, but the Featherweight ability says that instead of receiving damage, the player moves spaces equal to the damage. The rules say spells can be canceled, reduced, or evaded. None of the descriptions of these terms discuss redirecting damage into movement. A canceled spell is negated, a reduced spell delivers less damage, and an evaded spell is dodged. So if a Featherweight player walks into the rosebush, does the rosebush deal damage to him (because the rosebush can't be evaded), or does it damage him because Featherweight is a defenses against attacks (and the rosebush isn't attacking), or does the Featherweight player move the number of spaces the rosebush would have damaged it (because damage converted to movement is not an evasion, but a conversion of the damage energy)? Thanks! Aero
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