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  1. In DH there are only two encounter cards giving the posibility to join the Sheldon Gang. I played once with the Organized Crime Institution form MH that gives each player the choice to join or not. I consider it also nice to have the possibility to join SGM via the location encounters without having to play with the whole DH expansion or the Institution. I'm slowly expanding my knowledge of the game and adding small parts of other expansions to the base game. As much as possible parts actually, and SGM is surely part of that. So I took two encounter cards for that region (especially those where you have to sneak past SG) out of the deck and replaced them with the two DH location cards. This weekend I'll hope to have some feedback. I hope some more Location Cards from MH have the possibility as Julia mentions (that skill might also be interesting), but since I am mostly playing base game with only one expansion those are not yet needed. Good to read about it, I didn't consider those multi-expansion location cards :-) It is difficult with all those expansions to choose what to add to the base game or not, there's so much, and I have only two small box and two big box expansions (the third big one is for september).
  2. Agreed my last argument was that we didn't make progress on sealing Unvisited Isle and The Woods and we doomed ourselves with gate bursts (because of the Herald) and the monster flood went on and this possible Rumor effect was becoming a bigger threat as the doom track for awakening the AO. Yes, I'm a defensieve player and I dind't like it even while Diana flourished on it I'll start with the wiki list of Rumors and see if I can find more diversity in them, more study for me! Luckily I don't own Kingsport Horror yet 3 monsters per player seems awful to deal with, I suppose the best a group can do is controlling it.
  3. thank you for answering, I suppose my sense of urgency comes from games from the past years, where rumors took quite some time in organizing the gathering of the needed items (as I might recall badly). Yesterday we had a rumor (Disturbing the Dead) where you have to roll a die to see if the terror track advances. So the Rumor might not even trigger. When you even have the items (2 gate trophies) you can wait untill the track reaches a certain level. But you might also lose your items of course you are right about the protection, I can see that, but I haven't had more than 2 Rumors in 1 game, so I suppose worse will come
  4. Indeed, Arkham is such a nice game in shifting situations and plan revisions. Since I have the game myself (april) and a few expansions (2 weeks ago) I want to study more on evading trouble than evading monsters. I read on this forum some interesting discussions on OW colors and learned myself about Arkham encounters, I consider it the way to become a better AH player (not that I really want to play it as fastforward as you do ) A question: how urgent do you consider Rumors? I see that there are differences in how easy they are to deal with, but I consider them most urgent problems to deal with ... it seems my companion investigators thought otherwise
  5. Happy with happiness from the Goat, love to the Herald with the extra doomer! Played your Black Goat institution again (third time) this evening and ended with another tight victory (my dear Wilson Lost in Time and Space). Just love it, that Black Goat trio is a keeper, I can't help it. Nice story you have there, with a good group of investigators (though I still consider me a rookie).
  6. Simplicianus

    Arkham Horror Statistics Reports

    the final scene was telling it all, Bob sealing a gate with an Elder sign while the other three (Gloria, Kate and Michael) were residing in Arkham Asylum after being bewildered by meeting a monster but closing after 7 mythos? nice! You make it sound like a race game next up are Mandy, Mary, Montery and Vincent, nice to have some 4/4's
  7. Simplicianus

    Arkham Horror Statistics Reports

    wow, is Cthulhu always such a time consumer? it took 28 rounds to get to seal 6 gates, and holy smokes! getting all investigators insane the whole game, especially poor Michael with his 2-6 I'm still such a noob
  8. Simplicianus

    Arkham Horror Statistics Reports

    Strange enough, the Fan Creations section of the forum is nog quite known to my friends, thanks to this Black Goat combination we tried, it has their attention now, too much intersting things to discover. Last week we tried to control the Surge doom by using a Pagan Rites Variant found on BGG. This time we had Marie Lambeau in the team (who even stumbled upon an Elder Sign). With a doom track on 11 of 12 at the end of the game, she was quite worth it. On small thing I supposably misread from the institution (happens a lot translating ) is the moving as described in Whispering in Darkness. It says "... if they are still in the investigator's space at the beginning of his Movement phase, they move one space on black." I took it as if the "they" meant both the investigator and the monster. This morning that doens't seem correct. Could have spared me a Curse last night
  9. Simplicianus

    Arkham Horror Statistics Reports

    I just (a little tired because late in the evening) made quite the miscalculation on the timing of the last game I submitted. I wrote 410 minutes while it was around 210 of course. We tried the BGotW expansion, with the Herald and the Institution from Julia and it was quite the challenge. Last week was very unsuccesful after a chain of gate openings during the first 8 mythos phases (which I submitted also wrongly I recall now, wow, sorry), this evening went better with a more balanced (and selected) team of investigators but the game took 18 rounds. The theme of the expansion was all over the game with membership, corruptions and encounters, totally loved it, and a great Institution to add to the game.
  10. Simplicianus

    rule clarification - OoI

    oh dear! thanks even reading your explanation kept me considering but now I have it, to me "under" meant under another card, like the four special stage cards but indeed, "under" is standard next to the adventure cards in play wow, somehow the obvious got lost in wonder, sorry to bother
  11. Simplicianus

    rule clarification - OoI

    With the new expansion comes new eager to play Elder sign and I love this game so much! I have a question about the back of Card(s) "Desecrated Town" from the second stage deck. The back fo the Adventure Card has the following text: "You may pay 3 trophies to draw and place an Other World card faceup under the other Adventures" I have no idea (not native English, so maybe it's that) what "the other Adventures" are. Is it the 5 adventure cards in play (so 5 OW cards, which is quite a game changer)? Is it the Stage 2 deck? Something else?
  12. Simplicianus

    Elder Sign Statistics Reports

    ha, I started with an all female team from OoI: Agnes, Lily and Ursula, only Lily survived she almost defeated Rhan-Tegoth alone thanks to her ally Thomas Malone (nice card against that AO)
  13. Simplicianus

    When will Grave Consequences be available in EU stores?

    according to the owner of the shop where I always buy games (Belgium) the expansion is supposed to be released in Europe somewhere next month. I don't know about shipping and availability.
  14. Simplicianus

    Dragon's Eye and Museum Map

    autch, it's the 'compare to AH' trap, we do it all the time of course, and sometimes we fool ourselves with it in AH, when playing with 6 players or more, we split up movement and resolution phase, so first everybody makes their movement and then a second row of resolution phases. It's some kind of House rule I think, sometimes the in between periodes become too long. In ES I tried it a few times in the weekend, it was horrible. Even with 3 characters, a bad card enters play? Sorry, busy elsewhere ... very hard. That's also why I see the importance of the SoA card. You really need that start there ... not anymore possible to buy Elder Signs, but skipping an Adventure Card at the start of your turn is also very powerful imo