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  1. Anyone else see stock shortages in the US? My store didn’t get their full preorder.
  2. Why is “ultra-organized” required? All that’s necessary is for each corps unit to be in range 1-2 of another. So deploy one corps unit, then deploy one on either side of it at Range 2. Then deploy the rest of your army anywhere in the 3’ bubble you just created. Or, to put it another way, just cut Disarray from your deck and keep it out of your Turn 0 if you’re outbid. Suppose it’s suboptimal: you can only pass through 4 corps units, and all but the first are suppressed. Veers gives that unit two aim tokens from Spotter. It aims and fires, and passes three tokens. Each of the other three passes three tokens. Thats “just” 12 aim tokens. Each stormtrooper unit can “only” reroll three dice, three times, which is very likely to result in 4-5 hits (or simply max out your dice if you have fewer minis remaining). This is among the best command cards in the game, if not the best, and needs to be reined in.
  3. Strongly disagree. As long as you’re running Veers, the card effectively reads “All your corps units get at least 4 hits this round, and probably 5-6. Also pass some free actions around to other guys.” You’re probably wiping out 2-3 enemy squads. It’s like Palpatine’s bomb, but with better range and dispersal across the board, and doesn’t require you to risk your most valuable piece. It’s the best command card in the game. It’s undoubtedly getting errata.
  4. I can’t help but think of how often people in old-school X-wing complained that 100 points wasn’t enough, and you really needed just a little more for real freedom with your lists, and everyone would be surprised at how much better their games would get at just 110 or 125 or whatever. Apparently some players, regardless of the game, don’t like the fact that a meaningful point limit is designed to restrict your list-building choices, and are always looking for a way out or around. EDIT: I should say, of course do what you want with your army at your house or at your FLGS, with your friends. If the right number for you is 836, go for it. But there’s absolutely no reason the general standard should change because some players find it restrictive.
  5. One of the things I’m jealous of, from the Imperial side, is I don’t think I’ll ever just run a unit of naked Scout Troopers. They’re more fragile and they have to get closer than a unit of Stormtroopers with a DLT would, which makes them... at best a sidestep, rather than an upgrade. I think Rebel Commandos are a lot better, though. The improvement in offense is modest but noticeable, and ditto on defense with Low Profile; you also get Scout 2 out of the bargain. So I think it might be worth playing around with just the 4-man unit and the strike team...?
  6. I’d really love to see this. Infiltrate would be a good mechanic for them, along with Spotter.
  7. Then it certainly sounds like you know what you’re doing, and good luck in your games.
  8. That’s what I get for posting at the start of a migraine. I was working in the context we’d been discussing—main guns + 88—and somehow got 4.5 x 2/3 = 3.5. My apologies. Yes, if you’re talking about a Weiss alpha-strike against something at Range 2, you cripple a corps unit with a shot. But that’s still not “deleting” a dangerous unit, and it’s a unit at 250 points (or even 260, with an Uplink) instead of 210-225, and it has an impact on either your action economy or your commander and command card play. It’s hard to use. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. It averages 3.5 damage, not 3.67, against Rebel Troopers caught in the open with no dodge token. If they have a more advantageous situation than that, your average drops precipitously toward 2. You said the AT-ST can simply "[delete] the more dangerous units without blinking." Instead, we're now talking about taking 2-3 activations to destroy a simple and inexpensive corps unit. That's down to "I can safely ignore it" territory. And the way I know that is that I've seen opponents do it quite successfully.
  10. But it can’t do that. It lacks the offense. That’s the problem.
  11. I’m aware of attrition, and if you do the math, you’ll note I’m not suggesting parity or anything even close to it. But currently, note that you have to remove three bikes (of the five we’re comparing to) before the walker’s offense draws even. So the hypothesis can’t actually be that the AT-ST suffers less from attrition; 9 damage breaks down enough bikes to draw even on damage, but it also crosses the damage threshold for the walker. Instead, you’re relying on the Armor keyword to prevent that damage in the first place. But there’s a problem with that. The walker with 88 cannon does about half again as much damage as a unit of DLT Stormtroopers, or about 20% more than a single unit of bikes. Given the difficulty of applying damage to the walker, I’ve seen smart opponents simply ignore it in favor of units they can destroy, damage meaningfully, and/or suppress. And that’s the real cost of its massive inefficiency: there’s no real reason to engage with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. For some reason you're looking at the marginal cost of the 88 cannon, instead of seeing the total cost of the AT-ST with the cannon. Starting with the base model: You suggested bikes as a comparison. 2 units of bikes cost 180 next to the walker's 190, so--naively assuming for the moment that all other things are equal--we'd like to see the same offense. But the two units of bikes roll a total of 4 red, 4 black, 4 white with surge to hit. That's 7.5 damage on average, with reasonable confidence that the result will lie between 6 and 9. The walker rolls 2 red, 2 black, and 2 white with no surge. That's 3 damage, with a likely range from 2 to 4. Cue the sad trombone: against most targets, the walker does 40% less damage! But that doesn't count Arsenal 2, of course. So let's look at the most obvious addition: the 88 cannon, which is just more of the same of the main gun. Now the walker costs 220 and rolls 3 of each die, for an average of 4.5 damage (and a likely range from 3 to 6). But wait! As you suggest, let's add one extra bike at 45 points to approximately make up the difference, even though that's not something we can really do in-game. Now it's 225 points to 220, the bikes average about 9.4 damage, and the walker still does about 48% as much damage as the bikes. It's a small gain in efficiency but it's still so, so far behind. (You come to the same conclusion if you look at trooper units, by the way.) Of course everything isn't equal: the AT-ST is extremely durable, can camp in a way bikes can't, etc. But it's hard to overlook the fact that the AT-ST is currently one of the least efficient ways to spend points on offense, unless you spend 250 points for the General Weiss version, and then only on the turns where you activate Weiss. (And at 250 you're close to three units of bikes, or four units of stormtroopers with DLTs...) The AT-ST is underpowered. A better hardpoint upgrade would do a lot--as I said, if I were designing, I'd take something like 2 white at range 3, with Pierce 1 and the frag grenade's effect, as my starting point. I think you can also do a lot by playing it in a way I don't see often in batreps or on stream. Be hyper-aggressive, pry people out of cover or just walk on them for suppression while you shoot someone else, and use it as area terrain to screen the approach of other close-range units like snowtroopers, royal guard, or even full units of scout troopers. But those are all situational, and take a lot of practice to exploit. (I'm certainly not there yet.)
  13. Some quick math: Rebel Troopers with Z6 only are 62 points and generate 3.5 average damage each, or a little less than 18 points per point of damage. Rebel Troopers with just an extra trooper are 50 points and generate 2.5 average damage each, or a little less than 20 points per point of damage. So first, what you did was make your corps units less efficient (and less reliable) overall. Second, note that 5 x 62 = 310, while 6 x 50 = 300. Because Troopers + Z6 are more efficient, those 310 points go further: they generate 17.5 points of damage on average each round, while 300 points of Troopers + extra generate 15. So while it may be that you were overinvested in corps units and got better when you moved some points elsewhere—it would have been better to remove a unit of Troopers + Z6 than to remove all the Z6 from your troopers.
  14. Veers is the “winningest” because he’s cheap. When you see people running him with trooper lists that literally can’t use two of his command cards, you should know there’s something up. I agree the AT-ST isn’t played aggressively enough in the games I’ve seen, since it’s at its most efficient when the main gun is used with the grenade launcher to pry enemy units out of cover. But that doesn’t make it easy to use, and doesn’t mean it’s a better plan that just bringing 2-3 additional trooper activations instead.
  15. Yeah. I have no idea whether this is in the intended scope of errata, but replacing Impact 1 with Pierce 1 on the 88 cannon would make a huge difference. They could also publish a new hardpoint upgrade that did something similar, of course—or heck, have it add just two white dice, but give Pierce 1 and the frag grenade’s “while this is in your pool, surge to crit.” I’d run that at 15-20 points.
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