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  1. I find this rules stacking the game, especially when playing with dragon and woodland, so instead of drawing cards from Harbingor after an event is drawn and then continue to do so, we drawing cards from this expansion after an event but only for 1 round, and in all regen. This reduce the Harbingor expansion and make the game nicer
  2. ohh this is so great cant wait for you to finish!
  3. Can I control the die roll of movement?
  4. I played a game with my girlfriend and sister and I didn't understand some of the cards. 1)The Avalanche event from the Highland, after it move 3 spaces do we need to discard it or not? 2)The Spider queen , I didn't understand here ability and I would like to have some clearance. 3) The Tinkerer Automated followers ability is also bored and I didn't understand if magic object also counts or not? Maybe someone give me an explanation on this character.
  5. But in a full game I can avoid other characters forever and this is my problem because it supose to be a bad thing,and the card that are bad for me are rarly drawn. Can someone please tell me what to so to balance him up? (Sorry for my English)
  6. Hi, I played with the blood moon expantion a lot and always when someone turn into a Lycanthrope I feel that it is a good thing and not bad like it should be. Can anyone have a rule to had and by so make this thing more bad??
  7. 1. Dungeon 2. Highlands 3. dragon 4. Reaper 5. Sacred Pool 6. Woodland 7. firelands 8. Bloodmoon 9. Frostmarch 10. City 11. Deep realm 12. Netherrealm
  8. Hi, I notice that some of the characters are extreamlly powerfull and some are lame. could you make a list of this characters? (alchmist for example) another thing, does anyone have an idea of how to make the lame characters (like the elf) to a better one?
  9. So I need to take a path? What is the point of it if I am not in the woodland??
  10. There is an event card call " faerie trod" from that explanation that say you need to replace you're path. But in the rules of the expansion if I am not in the woodland region I could not have a path . Can someone help me? "This card is on the regular deck"
  11. I want to order this expantion to Israel but I need some more info about it. the shipping cost are very high from this site so I need to know it wrote it
  12. If I pay one gold on the city to move in the next turn to the outer or middle region And in my next turd I got staned, what should I do in the turn after that??
  13. The spell say to use at any time So if I have only one life, and I just lost ca battle can I use it before I lost that life?
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