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  1. Incapacitate doesn't care about engagement. For attack range all normal rules apply: Range for shooting is only measured from the unit leader, which is Iden. So in order for ID10 to add its weapon, Iden must be in range 1.
  2. I'm pretty disappointed with Kallus. He brings nothing new to the Empire: Infiltrating unit with chip damage on range 3 (Iden), Charge units (Royal Guard, Dewbacks, Vader), Cunning (Krennic). Only Contingencies might be interesting. But at least his 1-pip is not overwhelming and I don't see good synergies with other units yet. And i really don't like units with expansive but basically necessary upgrades. Without his 25pts weapon Kallus is basically useless. With it, he is at 115 points, this is not a bargain. I wouldn't take him in competitive games as he is now. We'll need to wait for his other command cards and of course the flaw card ... Lando is better in that perspective. Since Rebels play Hero-heavy already, his contingency will do a lot. His spoiled Card has a lot of cool interactions already and I would like to see contingency effects on his other cards as well (though they lack the bar in the text on the preview image, so probably not). His guaranteed 1-2 wounds on range 3 are nice though Cassian has that as well for the same price and an option for infinite range, 2 sniper teams also cost about the same. So as it stands now, I see Lando as quite interesting but not very strong. We'll need to wait for his other command cards and of course the flaw card ...
  3. I can see operative Luke getting a standby while engaged for a brutal double-punch during the round. Luke already has 2 amazing 2-pips though ...
  4. If you are not using silhouette rules, every part of the figure matters. For general cover rules I highly recommend https://thefifthtrooper.com/outer-rim-tactics-cover-extravaganza/ It doesn't have the silhouette rules, but it's just a minor adjustment to get there.
  5. I think Ion needs a redesign: As it stands it is either completely ineffective or flat out broken. I like the idea of max. 1 ion token, so you can't take out a vehicle completely. But at the same time you need consistancy. It could trigger on a hit instead of a wound. So you lose one action (recover) and steal one action, fair and square. I could even see ion x giving pierce x against vehicles. Taking an action of a vehicle often doesn't do a lot. A guaranteed wound would really make a difference. But that would probably be too strong and would promote hard counter lists.
  6. Your assessment is not completely wrong. You lose actions and can't move the supporting unit at all, where moving is the single most important action for scoring objectives. I don't think right now that fire support is a huge problem on high competitive level. It is hard to set up, you lose actions and mobility for scoring and it is predictable for the opponent and can be played around. I do see it leading to bad play experience for casual play and especially for new players (like the demo game somebody mentioned above). That can be very frustrating and that alone might be a reason to change something to the rules here. But with the update just dropped, the structural change and next to no real games played it will take a while until the next update drops.
  7. I think the front AT-AT is doable. It might not be up to scale but still impressive enough. A base of about 2 AAT bases is possible and can still legally be placed with the deployment rules. The movement rules would need an update though. This thing cannot move a full base length and then some.
  8. Still not read the hover rules? It can obscure models and give them cover (and block movement, displace ...), it is basically treated as a ground vehicle with minor exceptions. On the transportin general: I can't say I'm hyped. It's not overly pretty and I don't really like the closed transport mechanic. Safely delivering operative Luke on turn 1 has potential of braking the game. Though a troop transport might make Fleet troopers or Wookies a viable threat.
  9. The unit cannot deploy like this. The only way to separate a unit in hight is directly after a climb/clamber action (unless you do a move that ignored hight with jump for example)
  10. Looks like no cover: - Only the veteran leader is relevant for cover, neither the rest of the unit nor the blaster - the barricade is ignored, because the leader touches it (and it probably doesn't obstruct los anyway) - the light cover is also ignored, because the line from veteran leader to Vader doesn't cross it
  11. I'd be very hesitant to put Palpatine in the tank. He usually can be seen and shot then. Every wound hurts and Heavy cover is not enough protection especially since you can't be guardianed while in the tank ...
  12. The upcoming page said January. Some minor details are known already.
  13. Wow, multiple high threat units and scout double-fire. I like. How many activations? Couldn't be more than 8 I guess.
  14. I also think the Occupier Tank is super interesting. I'd like to run them with Snowtroopers and Flamethrower (maybe even an extra regular Trooper for another FragGrenade) ... once I can play again. This is devastating for Droids and still solid against everything else (xb+5r crit convert no cover). I'd be hesitant to put full scouts in it. Heavy cover is not enough to keep white saves alive. still the opponent has to take a hard choice on what to focus first, so it might work. That's why I kit out the Landspeeder that drives Han around, though this list will definitely be for fun only.
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