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  1. No, not really. Technically if you want to go full Rogue One and take both Bistan and Pao you'd need two units. But since Pathfinders are very expensive and aren't really on the powerful side of the spectrum, you'd probably soon get tired of it and go back to taking max. one unit.
  2. Also it should be no problem to use the droids for both factions, even on tournament level (though not having the correct upgrade card might be an issue but unless it is worlds also this can probably be sorted out)
  3. SailorMeni


    Coordinate: trooper, vehicle is only one keyword where coordinate: emplacement trooper, coordinate: corps trooper are two separate entities. So that's no valid argument imo. But there are strong arguments to both sides. My gut feeling says they are separate keywords and you can use both. But I guess FFG needs to clarify to be sure.
  4. SailorMeni

    Bounty tokens

    Bounty Rules did change though. It used to be if a bounty hunter had a misdion token on him he could claim it at the end of the game no matter how he gained it (so you actually didn't need to kill the bounty hunter who put a bounty on you). With secret mission it got a bit silly since you could transform the bounty on your head into a scenario point if you just survived (collecting the secrtet mission token as a bounty was kinda cool though). So they changed it that in order to score you would need to fulfill the requirements of your keyword and can't monetize mission tokens any other way.
  5. Found another tidbit for the hidey token: "If you divulge his 3pip, at the start of any round, you can flip this token over and place cade bane down." @Sekac this is not the exact rules text but probably a summary of talk during a reveal stream, same as the other paragraph 😉
  6. When enemy units move into range 1. Not sure if this is the whole story though.
  7. Oh, I forgot that they get +1 courage. But that makes my dreams even more vivid 😂
  8. Not that hard. You get to do the turn 0 hostage move and thus the cohesion placement. Line up the non leader models so you can run them over one at a time without touching the leader.
  9. You can do so. The unit is immune against enemy card effects, which displacement isn't. I have wet dreams about panicking the enemy hostage unit into my direction in round 1 😁. Not easy to achieve using displacement only. But with war weary and maybe a creature trooper stomping on it twice (thrice with new ways to motivate them) during first activation 🤔.
  10. Great Article! I also like Last Stand and Volunteer Mission orders on R2. Gives him a Suppression and triggers inconspicuous ;-).
  11. Vader cannot attack as long as I am a Jedi is active, ie the entire round. So probably not the best idea to activate Vader twice unless you have a really good plan to use the extra action without attacking ;-).
  12. This paragraph regulates the army list. It just says "Luke Skywalker" is not enough information when showing your list, you need to state which version. It doesn't say anything about the used model.
  13. The rules are a bit unclear about that but at least all major tournaments allow it (I played operative Luke model as commander Luke at the European Championship myself and nobody complained). Just make sure your opponent knows which version you are playing beforehand.
  14. Competitively speaking Han is probably the worst character for Rebels (even worse than Jyn). He's fun to play, but dies almost instantly as soon as he is in his effective range 2. Not once have I seen him rush in and survive and I played him a lot. At the moment there are two successful archetypes concerning Heroes: 1) Lightsaber (or Force Lightening) wielding power houses doing what they do in the movies and 2) supporting characters staying back like the cowards @TauntaunScout wants them to be (not doing what they do in the movies). The finalists of the European Championship had Veers who's only role was to support the troops VS Leia as support plus Chewie who's only role was to be extra Hitpoints for Tauntauns/Snipers.
  15. Oh I love me some nerd-fight :-D. Fact is that also in the classic movies, the heroes are always the centerpieces of the action. And they survive far more dangerous situations than reasonably possible. Somehow they always end up in the middle of the action and come out victorious. In game terms this would be absolutely impossible if they had only 3-4 health. This would guarantee that you would be dead more often than succeed in the mission - which miraculously NEVER happens in the movies. This would further lead to a situation where you would - for the sake of efficiency - take fewer or no heroes at all and fill the list with generics. That might be more "realistic" but would be less fun and most definitely not very Star Warsy. I really like the balance between Heroes and regulars in the game. Heroes can and often do make the difference in the battle. But if you are not careful, they can die pretty fast.
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