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    Epistemic2 reacted to Kakita Shijin in ICE is an Acronym   
    This is probably common knowledge, but I thought I'd offer it as bait because I have a question.
    'Icebreakers,' Case said, over the rim of the red mug. 'Ice from _ICE,_ intrusion countermeasures electronics.'
    - William Gibson, Neuromancer, Ch. 2
    What, if anything, does rez stand for?
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    Epistemic2 reacted to Grimwalker in ICE is an Acronym   
    “Rez” is a backronym from “de-rez”, which is “deresolution.” It was the euphemism for “killing” programs in the film Tron.
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    Epistemic2 reacted to Grimwalker in Need help on what to buy..   
    The old Netrunner from 1996 is long out of print.
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    Epistemic2 reacted to CommissarFeesh in Scheherazade clarification   
    Nope. A program can only be hosted in one place, as per the FAQ entry for Parasite. So you could nest hosted programs, but only the immediate relationships do anything.
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    Epistemic2 reacted to frybender in Thanks for the Plugged in Tour   
    I'm sorry if I came off blaming every foreign player for the vocal minority. That was certainly not my intention. . And by the way it wasn't just foreign people either. Any area in the US where there wasn't a PI tour within a convenient driving distance complained as well. What really got me was the fact that people took it so personally. As if FFG  said "here's a map of everyone we like. All the rest of you can go F yourselves." If anyone actually thinks that that was their intention then they need a reality check.
    I also totally understand FFG's hesitance in doing anything else like this in going forward. Instead of getting the universal praise and thanks of the community they get childish "if I can't play no one else should be able to either" responses and that's sad. FFG seems genuinely interested in having a positive image. And not just the usual fake corporate "we care deeply about our customers" BS either. From talking with the FFG guys they do want to keep as many people as possible happy and they are honestly trying their best. Let's hope that once the dust settles they reconsider because I agree with the OP that the PI tour was amazing and for what it's worth FFG has made a fan for life in me.
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    Epistemic2 reacted to frybender in Thanks for the Plugged in Tour   
    Well you got what you wanted. FFG will give you a tour and then they will never do anything like this again. I guess that's one way to look at it as worth it. Better no one gets to do cool things then some.
    FFG is an american company so they concentrate on North America. Talking with the plugged-in FFG people it was clear that no one expected how popular the game would become and how quickly the game would grow. They all said only now do they actually feel like they're catching up to the demand. Shortages were not a Europe only phenomenon since in the US even this summer there was a period when you could not find a Core set to save your life. And I know many stores sold out of Opening Moves and could not even fill all their pre-orders. You taking FFG's slow and careful approach to the game (not ordering a gazzilion cards to be printed only for them to sit in warehouses and FFG going bankrupt as a result) as some sort of a personal slight seems weird to me. Why do you think FFG wants to somehow insult it's loyal player base? I'm 4 hours away from Minneapolis but unfortunately because the World Championships for ANR are on Friday instead of Saturday I couldn't make it. Don't you think it would be silly of me to write an angry letter to FFG about how much of an insult it is to ANR  players that they are doing X-wing tournament on Saturday? The Xwing players gain is not somehow my loss. It's unfortunate that all what the negative outcry achieved was now none of us will get anything as cool as the PI tour again.
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