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  1. Force Awakens: "What are you doing back there? Are you ever going to fire back?" "Im working on it."
  2. Eh. I would prefer jaina, jacen/darth caedus, anakin solo, ben skywalker, and a jedi version of mara jade. Itll be nice to make a Skywalker family deck.
  3. To quote Nick Fury, "I believe the counsel (Disney) has made a decision. But given that it is a stupid butt decision, I have elected to ignore it." Lol. We have the major people (Thrawn and Kaarde) from the thrawn trilogy except a few rebel leaders and Joruus C'baoth. Though would he be a Jedi or Sith? He wasnt practically neither.
  4. Battle of hoth force packs are good for rebel speeders. Heroes and legends pack is good. The website below has all updated cards. Look through the cards to see what deck(s) you would want to build. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mKWjrbWfP4hVw8qR3wqXGNB1R69T126hDontO51qTYo/htmlview
  5. I hope the next main set in the future deals along the side of the Yuuzhan Vong War. I would love to have the Solo children, a Jedi Mara Jade, etc. Poor chewie :,(
  6. Welcome to Arizona. The card shop where I live, Bad Moons, located in Apache Junction, does not play Star Wars because they aren't enough players. I am basically the only one in that area that plays. Most card games that the people play down there are magic and occasionally netrunner from time to time. I too play magic but my decks are not certified to play in tournaments unless if it was just with friends. It is extremely nice to meet people that also play Star Wars LCG. My brother and I would play numerous games and many of them come down to the last wire on both sides and whoever wins the edge battle in that dire moment would win. Now that he is in the Navy and God only knows when he will be on leave, it will be nice to play with a worthy adversary. I am not to keen on driving to the heart of Tempe all the time so perhaps we can meet up in a neutral place in like Gilbert or Mesa, if there's a card shop there. Any who you can guys can PM me and we can go from there. I am free Thursday-Sat.
  7. Galak Fyyar said: caedus89 said: No disrepect to Maul but my favorite sith is Caedus. He knew every single fighting style and how to beat them except for one. Which eventually led to his downfall. Caedus you say… P.S. I apologize for the silence, but I try to answer on all your questions tomorrow (I really try… maybe… I'm SO Busy!!!) … This is awesome. I do hope they do an after Return of the Jedi expansion.
  8. No disrepect to Maul but my favorite sith is Caedus. He knew every single fighting style and how to beat them except for one. Which eventually led to his downfall.
  9. I have a question about an objective's ability. It reads, "You may ignore resource match requirements when playing cards from your hand," so does that mean you are able to put cards for free down from your hand or only cards that have the same building cost as the objective resource? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am new to this LCG game. Have not played any of the other games from fantasy flight and I heard about the Star Wars game from my friend who went to Gen Con. When the core set is finally release, can we purchase it from stores like Walmart, Target, etc or do we have to purchase it online? Thanks in advance.
  11. El_Tonio said: Hello Star Wars: The Card Game fans. I've been focusing so much on the X-Wing game that I just noticed there have been some updates on the card game (which I also plan to get as soon as it comes out). I see some familiar usernames, but also some that I've not seen before. I posted a similar thread on the X-Wing forums and found two people lived in my area (one a little farther away that I hope to get to play with every now and then, and one close enough that I hope to play with regularly). Looks like several other people who responded to that thread made some new connections in their areas, too. So, it looks like some of us live near each other and don't even know it. I'm from the Phoenix, AZ area. Anyone on here from around Phoenix or AZ that I've not met yet? If not, where are you from? Maybe this will help you connect with someone in your area. I am in the Mesa, AZ area. Precisely East Mesa.
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