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  1. Your math is off. This list is 754 as listed. Which is fine, actually because it allows more room. So pick up the extra trooper for the HH unit. Grab a DLT for one of the other units, and slap a motor launcher on one of the AT's. That will bring you to 799. Honestly I think it's a solid list that in the current meta, such that it is, would smash Rebel lists unless they are specifically armed and prepared for it. It might struggle against other Imperials, but right now, Imperial vs. Imperial match ups are a struggle.
  2. So I was playing around with list building and wanting to use 2 units of speeder bikes. After filling out my core, I saw that I could drop in my AT-ST, but that would leave me with the min. Troopers. So: Vader - Saber throw Stormtroopers - DLT x3 Speeders x2 AT-ST - Grenade launcher So it hits 799. The obvious choice would be to drop a unit of bikes for more troops, but I kind of like it. Thoughts?
  3. I'd be happy to. Nothing official yet, but I'm sure there will be events soon.
  4. I'd honestly rather see Ewoks than Gungans. That and the Ewok hang glider would be kind of cool.
  5. Hey y'all. Just wanted to spread the word. Critical Hit Games in Abingdon Maryland is off to a hot start with Legion. There is already a strong X-Wing community, now many players are picking up Legion. Join us on Facebook at Star Wars @ Critical Hit Games.
  6. Have you ever had a perfectly ripe peach? So sweet, delicious! Never mind the fuzz, do mind the "rock" in the middle.
  7. To respond to the thread's title question, I fall firmly into both yes and no. No I'm not tired of complaint threads because there are cards and ships in this game that need to be looked at seriously. Adjustments need to be made. Some folks are not having a good time. Where else do they get to voice their displeasure? That's what message boards are for. Let's be honest, if this place was full of sunshine, peaches, and roses, it'd get boring real quick. How many "this game rocks" or "x-wing is great" threads would go around before certain people got tired of seeing them? Complaint in and of itself isn't bad, it can lead to real constructive debate, and that's a good thing. Yes, I'm tired of threads complaining about specific cards because there a few fundamental flaws with the game itself. Fix those, and you may not need card fixes.
  8. -The game will never be perfect. Perfection is unattainable. -It could be a lot better, however, most people have very different ideas of what exactly is better. Better for me might be garbage to the next guy. Then of course, the next guy after that likes the former's garbage. One man's trash...... -More play testing. Will it ever happen? I keep hearing that FFG has limited time and resources for such. I find that laughable when you are a game design company trying to make games that appeal to the masses. -Do away with the Rube Goldberg design crap. Watching someone go through many different actions and triggers on their turn bogs the game down, and it's **** depressing to see that when they are done, their ships have multiple focus/evade tokens on them. I'd personally love to see them change the rule on that. No ship may have 2 of the same token on it ever. I don't care how it gets there, it's wrong. It's crazy to see a ship sitting on 4 focus tokens and an evade too. One and one, fine. Not several.
  9. TLT's are ok. What really needs to be looked at are the stupid crazy Rube Goldberg-esqe lists that can be made where there is no thinking, and you get to do a million different things a turn.
  10. If it opened the door to a T-65 fix then I'm all for it. In practice, Biggs would go from must have to dust collector real quick.
  11. So when do we think we'll see a spoiler and get to judge if this 8 page thread was worth it?
  12. Anyone else reminded of Bonanza? Or am I just an old man, with outdated references?
  13. Play testing is just that. These people are probably making the top cuts because they've spent countless hours playing the game. More games, more time spent, does lead to being better at the game. Any information gleaned from advanced knowledge is secondary. When you play so much, as I'm sure these folks do, you start to understand the game on an intrinsic level. They aren't good because they have inside info, they are good because they play so much. Practice makes perfect.
  14. I'd love to see Han Solo in a tie!!!
  15. Currently yes, because tie aggressors are not out yet.
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