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  1. I count mine before every match. I had a scare two years ago at Nationals and counted 32 cards at the beginning of a match, thankfully the 33rd card was in my box of stuff static clinging to the side. I have not done an audit.
  2. Big Kidz Games on Plainfield (in Grand Rapids, MI) usually has events twice a month and 'Out of the Box' has an occasional event. If you haven't already, join the Facebook group 'X-Wing Michigan' there are events posted there. The Store Championship events have begun (Jan - March) so you should be able to meet quite a few locals who will be going to those events. Big Kidz Games has their X-Wing Store Championship on 17 Jan 2015. Also another store in Grand Rapids, MI, GR War Room seems to be doing events. Some Links: http://www.bigkidzgames.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Kidz-Games/253895044642349 https://www.facebook.com/tcpgrwarroom?fref=nf https://www.facebook.com/groups/628108733880477/ <- Link to the Facebook 'X-Wing Michigan' group
  3. Came up over the weekend while playing a casual game. An X-Wing had R3-A2 equipped and the text of the card reads "When you declare the target of your attack, if the defender is inside your firing arc, you may receive 1 stress token to cause the defender to receive 1 stress token." Before my X-Wing got to shoot, it took the crit "Blinded Pilot". The "Blinded Pilot" card reads "The next time you attack, do not roll any attack dice. Then flip this card facedown." The question was could I still trigger R3-A2's ability. (rereading both cards now, I think I should have been able to trigger R3-A2's ability.)
  4. March 30th - Evolution Games in Lansing, MI - 16 players 1st place was: (5 wins) Lando _ PTL + Nien Nub + Recon Specialist Chewie + Recon Specialist + Falcon title + Draw their Fire + Anti Pursuit lasers 2nd Place was: (mine, 4 wins 1 loss) TIE Bomber Captain Jonus + Homing Missiles X 2 Two TIE Bombers Gamma Squadron + Assault Missiles + Cluster Missiles Black Squadron TIE Fighter
  5. I'm looking to upgrade my storage solution to Battle Foam. I'm using the 'Battle Foam Custom Tray Creator' to figure out my trays and I want to store the TIE Fighters standing versus laying down (to save space). Do any Battle Foam users know if a TIE Fighter (standing up) will fit in the TIE Advanced cutout ? I figure I will need to have at least a two inch tray for the Shuttle so if I can stand the TIE's up I should be able to save some space and squeeze a few more ships into the tray. Thanks
  6. Big Kidz Games - Grand Rapids, MI - March 1st A squad with three Bounty Hunters won first place FanFare - Kalamazoo, MI - March 8th I won First place running: Capt Jonus + PTL + Homing Missiles Gamma Squadron + Assault Missiles + Cluster Missiles Gamma Squadron + Assault Missiles + Cluster Missiles Dark Curse
  7. I flew a TIE Bomber squad for a Store Championship (10 people at the tournament) on March 1st and came in third with two wins, a modified win, and one loss. TIE Bomber - Captain Jonus with two Homing Missiles TIE Bomber - Gamma Squadron Pilot with Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles TIE Bomber - Gamma Squadron Pilot with Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles TIE Fighter - Black Squadron Pilot On March 8th I won a Store Championship (11 people at tournament) with a similar squad. I had three wins and one loss. I won on strength of schedule. TIE Bomber - Captain Jonus with PTL and Homing Missiles TIE Bomber - Gamma Squadron with Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles TIE Bomber - Gamma Squadron with Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles Dark Curse I was too aggressive in the final round and I got outmaneuvered.
  8. In Grand Rapids, MI at Big Kidz Games 1st place 3 Bounty Hunters 2nd place (I didn't see the full details of this list only the ships) Lambda Shuttle with Vader 2 Interceptors Howlrunner 3rd place (the squad I used) Jonus with homing missiles X 2 (TIE Bomber) Gamma Squadron with Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles (TIE Bomber) Gamma Squadron with Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles (TIE Bomber) Black Squadron (TIE Fighter) 4th place Lambda Shuttle (Int Agent, Engine Upgrade, HLC, Fire Control System) Soontir with PTL and Stealth Turr with PTL and Stealth 5th place Luke with Swarm Tactics Roark with Blaster Turret and Moldy Crow title Two Blue Squadron There were ten people at the tournament.
  9. Is the Lansing tournament on 10 March (a Monday) or 8 March (a Saturday), I ask because I rarely see one on a weekday ? Also what are the details, can you provide a link ? Thanks
  10. Fanfare Sports & Entertainment, Inc. Kalamazoo, MI 8 March 2014 at 10am
  11. tie571

    Dumb Combos

    After playing with a buddy for a couple weeks we went to our first tournament (Kessel Run) and he ran an Imperial squad I built for him which had a Black Squadron Pilot with Squad Leader, and it was the lowest skilled pilot. (At the time I was the only one with X-Wing Miniatures) We learned a lot at that tournament. One of his brain farts: he was considering putting Anti Pursuit Lasers on Han Solo.
  12. I have had a lot of luck with: Three Academy Pilots Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics Two Saber Squadron TIE Interceptors with Veteran Instincts I am really looking forward to Imperial Aces coming out to swap out the Sabers for Royal Guards.
  13. Big Kidz Games in Grand Rapids, Michigan - March 1st
  14. I put the tokens next to the ship. I started this way, then started putting them on the pilot cards, and then went back to placing them next to the ship. I have tried placing the crit tokens next to the ship and I find myself and my opponent forgetting about them. I have now started placing the damage card on top of the ship (is easier with TIE Fighters) and that seems to work pretty well.
  15. I really like the Full Card List over at A Few Maneuvers. You have to create an account and login but it is the best I have seen yet, only bummer is having to be logged in (aka you have to create an account). Thread name is "Full Card List by Expansion" or via the link below. http://www.afewmaneuvers.com/topic/573-full-card-list-by-expansion/?hl=%2Bfull+%2Bcard+%2Blist
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