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  1. Hello everyone, I just made my very first deck and would very much appreciate your feedback. I am trying to prepare for a Tournament in October and want to practice with the best possible Tyrell deck while matching my playstyle and affinity for knights. You can find the full decklist here: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/11699/lonely-knights-1.0 Thanks a lot for your feedback!
  2. Hello everyone, I am extremely interested in getting started with this game but do not know anybody who is currently playing around here. Do you know if there is anybody playing in Frankfurt am Main or if anyone could be interested? Cheers.
  3. Hello, I am sorry but I am a little bit confused. What's the difference between the game that can be bought in this link (http://www.albepavo.com/en/shop-en.html) and FFG´s version?
  4. Thanks a lot for your answers guys!
  5. Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea. I think I am going to love the dwarf theme Thanks a lot for your reply!
  6. Hello everybody, Firstly I would like to apologize because I know there are many different threads regarding the question I will be exposing but I could not find any of them specifically solvinng my question. I am a fairly new player and I only own one Core set. Since I am loving the game so much, I am now looking to further expand my card pool and start doing some new quests and I am thinking about what's what I am going to buy next. While I have read in this forum that the best would be to follow the release order, I found that in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle there seem to be lots of "Eagle" themed cards. My issue there is that I am not a big fan about eagles so I wanted to know if you would recommend me to go straight for the Khazad-Dum deluxe expansion. Do you think I will be having an enjoyable experience with only one copy of the core and the deluxe expansion or I am going to struggle due to my limited card pool and overwhelming difficulty of the quests in the set? Thank you so much in advance for your help; I really appreciate it! Cheers
  7. Hello everyone! I am a huge FFG and Harry Potter fan and I would love to see some HP themed game. Specially, I think it would be awesome having a Harry Potter LCG where you could play as the different houses and wizards/witches. Moreover, I have the convincement that a HP license would have a very strong potential in terms of game development and player support. I can think about and LCG, a board game and an RPG game based on the Harry Potter stories. What are your ideas/opinions/suggestions/feedback? Do you know if FFG ever considered it? Regards!
  8. I only have one copy of the the Core set and I am not thinking about buying the Hobbit first expansion because I love the story and it looks great. Are the quests achievable with only the core set cards and the Hobbit ones? Is it legal to include cards from the Hobbit expansion set into tournament decks and in decks to complete other quests (i.e. core's third quest)? Thanks
  9. Hey guys! I just had the idea that it would be awesome if FFG would develop a custom scenario editor just like they did with Descent. I personally think it would be a great way to share our custom scenarios and comment/rate them. In addition, it would also be a great way to keep us entertained (even more than we already are ^^) while waiting for the next expansion. Moreover, I think it would help to strengthen the game comunity and appeal to new players. Opinions?
  10. Riuka

    Please help me

    Hello guys!! I got this awesome game quite a long time ago but I have not been able to play it until now. My problem is that, as far as I would like to love this game, I must recognize that I am really disappointed about the fact that the rules that came with the basic box appear to be outdated or unplayable and I have no clue how I could get the new rules without having to actually purchase them. - Does anybody know where I could get the new rulebook? - In case I could not get the new rules, do you guys think it is a big issue if I play using the "outdated" rules? How will this effect my gaming experience? Thanks a lot in advance!
  11. Is it really possible to beat quests 2 and 3 using cards from one core only and in solo mode? If so, would you be so kind to post the deck and any advice you may be able to bring? Thank you so much!
  12. Do you guys know if the game is being released in the 21st in Europe as well? (I am from Spain) Cheers, Riuka
  13. Hello guys, I have been thinking about different potential deck strategies and I have had this idea for a DS deck. The deck strategy would be based on a super-defensive playstyle focused on surviving rather than attacking and holding 3 objectives until the dial reaches 12. I am thinking about a deck primarily focused on keeping the force at all times as well as having units with tactics icons to focus the opposing units. Moreover, the deck would act as a counter-action and damage-prevention to the opponent's deck, basically disabling the opponent and incapacitating it. I would really appreaciate your feedback, comments and suggestions about the idea. Many thanks in advance.
  14. Hello guys. I just made this Jedi deck that I am willing to test as soon as I get the game. I would really appreciate your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Jedi Training x1 Last Minute Rescue x1 The Secret of Yavin x1 Forgotten Heroes x1 A Hero's Journey x1 A Journey to Dagobah x1 In You Must Go x2 Questionable Contacts x2
  15. Arent's you allowed to release the OCTGN patch prior to official release of the games?
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