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  1. I'm pretty sure you're off by anywhere from at least 500 to maybe a hundred million I did say "by no means at all accurate." So there, he said a Ball Park, so it was like a few ball parks.
  2. Without any sales information and going by published attendance in local tournaments, major tabletop conventions, and local leagues I can roughly say (and by no means at all accurate and only covering US)... 321,563.
  3. I was just thinking the other day that I want get cool colored see through plastic tokens. Then here we go. I like a lot of the designs, I'm just not a fan of the virus tokens.
  4. Two positive responses, I'll have to check it out on breath break or after work... These systems are so sluggish today.
  5. Yeah, I was able to try out the 2 Corp vs 2 Runner with 14 Agenda Points... It was terrible, mid way through the hour-ish long game, we decided just to cut it down 7 points. Although it was working pretty well, Jinteki locking up remotes and HB with quick Agenda Scoring. Though one runner flat lined, the other managed to score the last Agenda. Would it even be feasible to use same colour sleeves and mix in a minimum of 30 Runner cards and 30 Corp cards. You would have to have generally a larger number of programs and ICE, but Events and Operations interchangeably. So every player can be offensive and defensive and equally bluff. .
  6. **I wasn't able to find any previous threads via search in the forums and google search yields negligible results** Has anyone tried playing any 2v2 (or 4v4 6v6 etc.) variants? If you have have you noticed any issues or found a best possible setup? I myself had been toying with the idea of two Corporations vs two Runners. Normal rules for each player with some minor adjustments; Score to win is 14 agenda points and are shared by the team, Corporations may only advance their own cards, but may install Ice on a team member's server. Funding is not shared.
  7. Since the runner is not required to draw they wouldn't automatically lose. However, they are now more likely to flatline form net, meat or brain damage. Neither the FAQ or rulebook mention anything about replenishing your stack in anyway.
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