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  1. Thanks for the link to the ebay seller. I tried looking for the Ultrapro ones in the post above but even Ultrapro doesn't seem to have them right now. Just ordered 2 packs from the ebay guy. Those will be way, way better than what I currently have
  2. To be fair in the US there aren't a lot of better locations that also work for FFG. Minnesota has a solid and fairly cheap to fly into decently sized airport with fairly easy access to wherever they decide to host it in the area. So availability isn't a problem and the cost difference between flying into say Atlanta or New York isn't much more than flying into Minneapolis on out of country flights. Now count in the additional costs of hosting it in a larger city in the US. Most actual personal costs to attendees are higher as well. I say this as a person who previously lived in CA and moved to MN. Most of my travel costs to events are far cheaper than they used to be in general living here. Coming here is cheaper in general as well for the US. And the area also has one of the largest FFG gaming populations (if not THE largest) in the US. Why move it out of the area? Granted, they will likely be moving it to an actual venue next year just due to size of the events. The question then will be if they start running stuff at the same time and have a shorter convention or if they space out even just the miniature games and have a 4 day one that will cost them significantly more but boosts ticket sales as people can attend multiple events. Also like the prizes even if my chance at winning any is pretty slim
  3. Unless something crazy happens I'll be there tomorrow
  4. I do the initial bulk purchases online. The discount is simply to good and allows me to solidly grab all the larger items. That said I tend to support local stores with misc. purchases anytime I come in. Be it food, paints, $20 or less additions to my various games/hobbies. Unfortunately I can't justify an extra $100 to a local store for a bulk purchase. But I don't go to the store unless I can afford something to purchase. And from time to time I grab larger stuff but normally it's in that $20 or less range. I already put in my initial order for Wave 2 on MM and might be placing a second order for more large ships but I might also just grab them from time to time when I play locally. We'll see.
  5. Yeah, that's bad.... For me it'll be the ISD or Home One. I'm basically holding off my second pre-order purchase until after this weekend as I plan on grabbing 1 more MC30, 2 more villains, and at least one more of each big ship
  6. Hulksmash


    Point cost is interesting. I feel like Reikan might be an auto-include if you wanna run shrimp, at least till you get used to them.
  7. Seriously doubt we'll see one today. Sad me. Oh well. At least I'm now off work
  8. I'm starting to get sad we haven't gotten an article
  9. Because of a recent trade for all of my X-wing stuff I didn't want anymore I have: 5 VSD (Had 6 but put one up for sale for just the ship) 5 Gladiator 4 Fighter Packs of Imperial Fighters 3 Core of Imperial Fighters 4 MKII Assault Frigates 6 CR90's 6 Neb-B's 4 Fighter Packs of Rebel Fighters 3 Core of Rebel Fights On Pre-order and paid for: 1 ISD 1 MC80 3 MC30 3 Raiders 1 Rogue Pack Likely being ordered once everything is spoiled and after I see how Sullust goes: 1 ISD 1 MC80 2 MC 30 2 Raiders 1 Rogue Pack Ships from Shapeways to use when I'm allowed to replace some of the above for aesthetics: 2 MKI Assault Frigates 3 Corellian Gunships
  10. I stick to a start of the following; 3 of each small 2 of each medium 1 of each large 1 of any fighter pack I feel that gives you the best starting point for most of the game. That said I currently have 3 of each small, 2 AF's, 2 of each fighter pack, and 3 Vic's and have ordered my pre-order for wave two to the above. I'm already considering adjusting my model to; 4 of each small 3 of each medium 2 of each large 2 of any fighter pack That's with only the smalls being something I'd reconsider the number of as You probably don't need 4 Neb-B's but might want 6 Corvettes and so forth. But I feel like I could easily use 2 of the MC-80's or ISD's so I'm adding a second of each an another small of each to another pre-order depending on how Massing at Sullust events go
  11. Well then....Points to me for being able to read Long Range then! I stand by the fighters will be more prevalent with wave2!
  12. Yeah, I think Wave 2 is going to make fighter lists work. Between the larger carrier ships that still perform well at range and the possible ability to activate outside of range 1 you're going to see an uptick in fighters. That said right now it doesn't feel like they are needed.
  13. So I'm curious and it's probably in something and I just missed it but what is the actual maximum speed a ship can go. For instance an Assault frigate can have a max starting speed of 3 if you set it at the beginning of the game that high. Can you increase the speed to 4 with a dial or token? So it'd all be in one movement and not 3 + 1 like with the engine techs? Essentially can you take a ship past it's maxed speed noted on it's card? Just curious.
  14. You can only put one expanded hanger on the ship, unfortuently. The FAQ cover this -- No double stacking the same card. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/7d/99/7d997d2d-ba95-4164-aaec-5f085521e615/armada_faq_v10.pdf Right 5+1 for expanded hanger and +1 for raymus who give you a squadron token when you reveal the command. So 7. More realistically 6 with a higher range if the boosted coms allows for a longer ranged activation of fighters.
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