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  1. Valkyrie

    So it has been awhile since Tuesday, I haven't gotten a chance to write anything up until now. There was stuff I had to do this day so it was a very short session. We left off with the players who have just captured the ork krooza. The ork player pointed the krooza at the space hulk and before leaving the ship, sent it full speed toward the Hulk. a Short while later the hulk lit up with a crippling blow to it's left side. The Krooza exploded shearing off multiple weapon emplacements and scything through a few ship hangers. The Hulk slowly began to turn towards the Valkyrie, intent on revenge as several smaller ork vessels moved in to screen the Hulk. A long firefight between the ships ensued while the hulk began the slow process of turning. As it turns towards the players the Valkyrie gets piloted around an asteroid to hide from it. Shots begin to tear through the asteroid and a stay shot from a capitol class weapon on the hulk incinerates an ork ship. Realizing the trouble that they are in the players call in aid from battlefleet Koronus. The fleet sends several ships through the gap that the Valkyie opened up in the ork fleet. The fleet began to open up on the Space Hulk, turning as they fire to keep out of distance of the Hulk's main weapon. After a lengthy combat the ships had done a bit of damage to the hulk but were no closer to killing it. As they fought they saw a small ship silently glide up to the hulk and dock with it. They kept fighting but one by one the hulk's guns were silenced until there was no guns firing from the hulk. The small ship left and glided away before disappearing, further scans revealed no life signs aboard the Hulk. With the bulk of the fleet destroyed by Battlefleet Koronus the players were called back to Footfall to help clear the halls of the station of any remaining orks who were able to land on the station. We left off here for this week, more next week hopefully.
  2. Valkyrie

    We open with the players exploring the planetary fragment with their Eldar Guide, fighting off Dark Eldar ambushes and raids as they go. After some time they discover that there is a strange energy signature coming from the other end of the fragment. As they go to investigate they find a beacon surrounded by an energy field. The sword whispers to Grum that he must destroy the beacon. The group fights it's way through the energy shield and shoots the controls on the beacon in an attempt to shut it down. As they do this the sword whispers to Grum "Too late, they are here". A voice comes on over the vox system from The Valkyrie, "Captain, we are reciving thousands of contacts from ships jumping out of the warp at the edge of the system and more every minute. They look to be Orks, Footfall is under attack!" The ship's cogitators calculate that it will take a week for the Orks to reach footfall but it will take the Valkyrie 3 days. They waste no time and pile into the shuttle which flies back to the Valkyrie. When the players reach Footfall they spend time rushing to help with preparations, refueling and rearming their ship and arming their crew. Grum rushes to Grum's Grub Shack and begins to fortify it, most of it likely involves him yelling at the humies to lay down their lives for his restaurant. During this time the Navigator decides with all these people working on the ship he might benefit from having a store on board the ship. He establishes Fharquad's Frosties which sells frosties made from different races. Grum became partial to the human flavored one and rarely was seen after that without one. Around this time the Arch militant found that the squigs on the ship not used for bomb squigs could make decent clothing materials and established a store JC Credits aboard the Valkyrie. Also during this time Grum became obsessed with the idea of a frosty made from the warlord of this WAAAGGH and he resolved to see what it tasted like. As the crew boarded the Valkyrie and set out to fight the orks they give a last look at footfall, unsure as to whether or not they will see it again. The fleet masses near footfall and faces off against the Ork armada a day away from footfall. The Ork armada is huge and dominated by a massive space hulk. The fighting begins and the Valklyrie plunges it's way through the ork ships (blowing up several ork ships on the way) to get to a large Krooza belonging to one of the lesser warbosses. As they reach the ship they prepare boarding pods Grum hails the ship and issues a challenge to the Warboss (Kogtoof) on the krooza. The crew fires Grum via boarding pod into the engine room and Grum fights his way to the Bridge and challenges the warboss. Grum beats the warboss thoroughly and becomes the warboss of the krooza. After transferring the contents of the mek's workshop to the Valkyrie he reasons that the best use of the krooza is to fire it directly into the Space Hulk. We ended there, hopefully more on Tuesday.
  3. Valkyrie

    The session began with the players going down to the planet fragment with the Eldar ruins on it. After some searching they discovered an inactive Webway gate which the ork managed to activate and immediately jumped through the portal, the rest of the party followed shortly. They found themselves in a webway tunnel and were immediately ambushed by Several Dark Eldar. Abreif but fierce fight ensued, the dark eldar rushed the group but several were cut down before they could reach them. Two of the Eldar realized that they couldn't kill them in a straight up fight and opened up small portals in the walls of the webway. They reappeared next to the rogue trader and tried to kill him but the Arch-Militant bodyguard jumped in the way and took the blows, nearly killing him (reduced him to 3 wounds). They were dispatched shortly by the ork and the navbigator's eye. The group took a minute to collect themselves, as they did the ork noticed a particularly well crafted sword that one of the dark eldar carried. Feeling compelled to take it he picked it up, it immediately started whispering to it and the ork yelled "talky Sword". Apart from this the group has no knowledge of the sword's nature or intentions. (I cannot reveal anything about the sword here since it is possible that someone from the group might read it. The group then travelled further into the webway and found another gate that lead out of the webway to a different part of the planet fragment. As the group left the webway they arrived in the middle of a battle between the Eldar and Dark Eldar, the Dark eldar noticed their approach and one turned to them and said "if you value your lives you will stay out of this fight Mon-Keigh." Naturally the group charged headlong into the battle. The battle was again brief yet fierce and apart from the group a lone survivor from the Eldar stood. The group found out that the eldar were sent from the ship to cleanse the planet of all dark kin on the planet. The players found some eldar weaponry from the battle and set out to aid the eldar in their cleansing of the planet, after all, it is never good to have Dark Eldar nearby Footfall.
  4. Dauntless-Class Map

    Makes sense, to be honest I didn't really think about the logistical details for running a kingdom beneath the decks of the ship. I plan on expanding on that more now.
  5. Dauntless-Class Map

    This is amazing, thanks. I love the name Lord Logisticar and the King below the decks. I think Im going to be expanding on it.
  6. Dauntless-Class Map

    Feel free to have fun with it
  7. Dauntless-Class Map

    Mind doing one for my crew? It has a few custom bits on it. The Valkyrie: Tempest Class Frigate - Jovian Class 2 Drive -Strelov 1 Warp Engine - Warpsbane Hull -Void Shield Array -Combat Bridge -Vitae- Life sustainer - Voidsmen quarters - M201B Auger Array -Micro Laser Defense Grid -Augmented Retro Thrusters -Compartmentalized Cargo Hold -Shrine -Reinforced Bulkheads -Sunsear Laser Battery -Bomb Squig Launcha with attached squig breeding pen (counts as Mars Pattern Macrocannon). Special Notes: The Macrocannon has been refitted by the ork mekboy to fire boarding torpedos full of bomb squigs. Also a part of the cargo bay has been taken over by a royal family who have built a castle there (there is currently a siege going on to get them out of the castle that has lasted for the last year).
  8. Valkyrie

    You have no Idea, It is all the rest of the players can do to keep him from using the crew as ammo as well as prisoners. When the assassin was found out to have infiltrated the ship it was the ork who suggested killing the entire crew and getting a new one. Also in the most recent session he really wanted to eat the Arbites.
  9. Valkyrie

    Ok after two weeks off we have been able to run the game again. The game started at the bar where the players had the gang leader set up a meeting. Just as the players were taking up positions in the bar to spy on the meeting the doors of the bar burst open and several members of the Adeptus Arbites entered the room. The Arbites began to place the gang leader under arrest but after a heated discussion with Lord Royce and the Pilot Katyana they agreed to take him into custody after the meeting. just after they left lord Royce approached the leader to ask him where his employers were when the gang leader was shot through the head. All the players saw was a shadow move above some of the cargo containers that made up the back wall of the makeshift bar. The players ran after the shadow but all they found was a scrap of torn fabric that changed color with whatever was behind it and a shell casing. A brief identification of these items revealed them to be a piece of a chameleoline cloak and the shell to the bullet of weapon used by the Vindicare Assasins of the officio Assasinatorum. The players were hungry and needed to figure these clues out so they went to the most luxurious restaurant they could (which allowed orks). When they entered Lord Royce went to talk to the owner and he bought the restaurant. They renamed it Grum's Grub Shack. The ork Grum (being very territorial about his restaurant) went to their biggest competitor and pooped in their kitchen to get it shut down by the imperial health inspection who declared the food heretical. After this the group summoned the dignitaries to their ship to explain the situation. After everything was explained the head dignitary asked to speak to Lord Royce in private. He revealed himself as an Inquisitor here to investigate a possible drug smuggling operation between footfall and Grace. He thanked lord Royce for his assistance but said that this was a matter for the inquisition to handle. The players were rewarded for their service and they went to look for a new job. There is a local legend of "the Wraith" in footfall. It is an unknown ship on the edge of the system that footfall is in. The ship disappears and reappears periodically but without any pattern. It does not seem hostile but it disappears whenever anyone tries to get close to it. Lord Royce decided that this would be a good opportunity to explore and set off after the ship. After some searching they found it and managed to hail it before it disappeared again. The ship turned out to be Eldar who after a lot of convincing revealed to the players that they were here to search the ruins of an ancient elder civilization whose planet was destroyed. Fragments of this planet made up the asteroid belt and the Eldar have been searching through it careful not to alert imperial battleships in orbit around footfall. The Eldar agreed that it would be helpful to have the Mon-Keigh help them look for the civilization along with a contigent of Eldar to make sure that they do not begin a war by entering Imperial Space. After much searching the Players found some ruins of an old city on several fragments of what was once the planet and made preparations to go down and explore. We ended the campaign there, Hopefully more next week.
  10. Valkyrie

    The session began with the players systematically clearing the gang's HQ room by room. Not a lot happened apart from rooms of combat in which the players slaughtered the gang members. The group eventually got to where the gang leader was hiding and caught him. The group held him down and intimidated him into telling them that his gang was hired by an anonymous client to kill the diplomats. The group had him call the client on an encrypted vox frequency and set up a meeting. The client called back and told the gang leader to meet him at a bar in an abandoned cargo bay. The ork had an idea to create an explosive belt to put on him. after two failed attempts they gave up the idea. We ended the session with the players in the bar. More story next week so I will have more to write.
  11. Valkyrie

    A lot of story this session, not a lot of things actually happened though. It looks like we have moved to Tuesdays for now. We start with the journey to footfall where the trip took 4x as long as it should've due to a problem with locating the astronomicon. during the voyage they almost hit a shoal in the warp but the pilot's fast reflexes made sure the narrowly avoided it. the ship dropped out of the warp a few days away from where it was supposed to but they eventually reached footfall to escort the dignitaries. As the group approached footfall they were hailed by the hanger control center, upon hearing that the Valkyrie was escorting the dignitaries to footfall a high ranking official came on the comms and explained that there had been threats made against the lives of the dignitaries. the players gathered the dignitaries upon hearing this news and the dignitaries offered to pay the players to stop the would be assassins before they can try anything. The players were directed to an informant in the lower decks of the station, they found him in a bar in the bowels of the ship. as they entered the bar an ork sitting in the corner threw his beer at the ork player Grom who caught it and drank it. The players took up positions around the bar as Lord Royce approached the informant. The informant led them somewhere secret after establishing that they were trustworthy and gave them a map to where a local gang hides out. the gang has been known to take contracts from outside parties that need hired muscle, work is scare on the lower decks and the people live in poverty. The Players walked to the place that the map showed to be their hideout and began looking around. They ran into some gang members who fought them including some ratlings who had joined the gang. After killing several the rest fled further into the ship. We stopped here because it got late but we hope to pick up again next Tuesday.
  12. Valkyrie

    Finally was able to get most people together on Roll20 to play a session. Not a lot because we are still new to the site but still some progress. The session begins with Lord Cameron Royce addressing the rest of the party about the assassination attempt. There was discussion about what to do about it (killing the entire ship's crew and getting a new one was brought up multiple times). Eventually they decided to put off dealing with it for now and focus on getting a new job. The Ork Hed Of Sekurity gathered the security team and addressed them. "my Grotz, wez had a seriuz situashun. Dispoite Yooz best effortz a puny humie infiltrated my ship. DAT HUMIE WUZNT EVEN PURPLE!!" They decided to accept a job escorting dignitaries from the Planet Grace to Footfall. They travelled from Maleziel with relative difficulty (the main navigator couldn't make it that night so his character was on leave) and needed to drop out of the warp a few times to avoid death. As they got near the system they dropped out of the warp a little too far from their destination and had to spend a few weeks travelling through the warp (current date: December 7th, 818.M41). As they approached the system they were greeted by a small ship headed their way. Lord Royce tried to hail them but only received the response "Lord Royce, Prepare to die." The Valkyrie struck first but struck weakly and did not manage to do much damage. As the opposing ship struck two more appeared from either side of the Valkyrie, ambushing them. The Valkyrie made short work of two of them however blowing one up immediately and the other as it tried to board them and failed. The third ship fired a few shots and ran. As the Valkyrie gave chase they ended up catching the ship and disabling their engines. Lord Royce hailed them again and interrogated the captain, it turns out they were just pirates who ambushed cargo ships as they dropped out of the warp. The Valkyrie then immediately blew it up after learning all useful info from the captain. Once the pirates were killed the Valkyrie headed to the planet where it could get some rudimentary repair work done and they spent a few days repairing and picking up the dignitaries. Once the ship was repaired to the best of the orbital repair crew's ability they left with the dignitaries and headed to footfall. The trip to footfall was the best of the campaign so far and nothing went wrong. This is where we left off. Hopefully more next Tuesday but that depends on if enough people are free.
  13. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…

    When Fabius Bile takes a look at your explorator's experiments and says they need to tone it down.
  14. Valkyrie

    Short story session, lots of combat but not much to write about in it. As always accuracy about planet information in nonexistent so I make up stuff about planets I cant find info for. The session began with the crew travelling to Maleziel with word of a prison uprising on the penal colony. there were a few complications during transit which caused the ship to need to make an emergency translation into realspace but nothing serious happened on board the ship. When they arrived at the system preliminary scans of the planet showed no signs of vox traffic. The planet itself is a lifeless rock orbiting a red giant star, the only structures on the planet belong to a small penal colony. The crew took a shuttle to the colony and docked with the small starport, throughout this process they had no contact from the command center on the colony. Once they landed in the station they saw that most of the shuttles that should normally be there were missing and there were bullet and blast marks across the hanger. The crew decided to call in support and brought a platoon of armsmen with them in order to help them with any unexpected surprises. As they entered the facility the group discovered the first of the bodies, a man in riot gear was dead with several men in prison uniforms dead nearby. The prison is organized in the shape of a six armed star with one arm containing the spaceport, five containing cell blocks, and the command center in the center of the star. The command center is surrounded by an area open to the void and connected by several umbilical's that can be retracted via control panel in order to prevent anyone from getting in. The players approached the primary umbilical but found it had been retracted and the control panel was smashed. Exploring further the players decided to enter the 2nd cell block and see if there was anything they could find about what happened at the penal colony. They found the door barricaded so the void master melted the barricade with her inferno pistol. In the cell block they found some men in riot gear who were pointing guns at them. a brief discussion revealed that these men were in fact prisoners who had looted the bodies of armsmen. The rogue trader ordered his troops to seize them and a platoon of armsmen rushed into the room, as they did that prisoners began firing at them and more appeared above from balconies of other cell levels. After a long struggle the crew of the Valkyrie emerged victorious and captured four survivors who surrendered after the ork threw several of the prisoners off the balconies. The prisoners were used later as ammunition for the catapult used to siege the castle in the main cargo bay. The crew decided to try to reach the command center and see if there were any survivors. Unfortunately the remaining two umbilical's into the command center were protected by automated defense systems and biometric recognition countermeasures. The crew decided the safest way for them to make contact was to use the shuttle, they went to the hanger and flew up to the windows outside of the command center. they used the shuttle to "knock" and see if anyone was there. After a few minutes nervous staff came out from hiding and used dataslates to communicate to the crew of their situation. With the staff rescued and the crew safely back on the ship the group launched a brief siege of the castle where the prisoners were used as ammunition for the catapult. Later that day Lord Royce stood alone in his study planning future endeavors when a lone figure entered the room dressed in simple crewmen's clothes. Lord Royce stood with his hand on the hilt of his powersword. "Lord Royce," said the figure, "I am here to bring you a message." "What message is that exactly?" said the rogue trader. The figure drew a knife, "Von Yorke sends his greetings." As the figure lunged at the rogue trader but lord Royce struck first, burying his powersword in the assassin's chest. The assassin's eyes began to glow with power and he laughed. The Knife struck the rogue trader in the arm cutting deep and glimmering with a faint haze. With that the rogue trader cut the head off of the assassin and had his guards burn the body. This was the second time that Von Yorke had tried to kill him, there would be a reckoning.
  15. Valkyrie

    Short sessions today, a lot of time was spent deciding what to do (note: I screwed up space physics at some point so the laws of physics are subject to being overlooked). We begin with our heroes in a cavernous room full of hundreds of Rak'Gol. they slowly back up into the corridor they came through to make a plan. The Ork ends up taking a bunch of fuel cells and the aspiring mekboy builds a makeshift bomb out of them. He them sneaks over to the side of room away from the Rak'gol and attaching the device to the wall. He is caught sneaking back and the creatures begin firing at him as he just barely makes it through a closing bulkhead. As he jumps through the bulkhead the device detonates creating a hull breach and sucking hundreds of Rak'Gol into the void. Unbeknownst to the players a small group of rak'gol were able to brace themselves and make it to a small control room off the main room. They activated the controls and began their plan. The players immediately felt a rumbling as it seemed like this section of the hulk was beginning to break itself apart. The Rogue trader attempts to make contact with the mechanicus and finds out that a section of the hulk broke off and appears to be firing its weapons at the hulk. The mechanicus sends a ship to intercept the Rak'Gol makeshift ship as the players run for safety. Eventually they find themselves in what looks like an imperial ship. They wander for a bit until they reach what looks to be living quarters, in here they find a few poor quality weapons and a journal. The journal revealed that the ship was carrying a regiment of Praetorian guard in the Calixus sector before getting lost in the warp. The journal described the crew's decent into madness after 30 years of being lost in the warp. Also in the crew quarters were imperial symbols and chaos symbols scattered around people's belongings. After searching the crew quarters they continued further into the ship. One bulkhead opened up into a room that was open to the void and the navigator was almost lost to the void as the air got sucked out into space. luckily the ork rescued him and they barely got back into the ship (note: everyone is wearing a void suit). The crew kept searching for a few hours before stumbling on a teleportarium. After an brief discussion of what to do (and realizing that there was no way back through the hulk to their ship) they decided to contact the mechanicus and tell them of their discovery. The mechanicus arrives a few hours later and attach an umbilical to the room open to the void, engineers and tech adepts come out of the shuttle and begin examining the teleportarium and taking it apart for transport to the mechanicus ship (something that didn't sit too well with some of the players). The mechanicus adepts offer the players a ride to the staging area in the hulk. Back at the staging area the group gets paid for their discovery and decides to explore the hulk a bit more to see if there is anything they can find. They search for a few hours and run into some combat servitors that give them a bit of trouble but they eventually reach an area near the center of the hulk. In this area they find a room full of dataslates, shelves upon shelves of dataslates lined the room. Further exploration by Alpha-5 found that this ship was from the great crusade. With the discovery of this priceless knowledge they contact the mechanicus to report their find. Representatives of the mechanicus arrive shortly with a platoon of skittari, after the logging of this data (which takes about a week) a mechanicus official contacts the rogue trader. This knowledge is a priceless find and so instead of money the mechanicus lends their support to the Rogue Trader's enterprise. He is now able to call in one favor from the mechanicus and receive support in a future endeavor. This is seen as ample compensation for the player's assistance. We ended the session here, since next week is finals week at our university and we will be leaving after that I'm not sure when the next session will be. We will try to continue on Roll 20, but we aren't sure how well this will work. Thus write-ups to this story will probably be less frequent in the future.