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  1. interesting, ok… so if you attack with an unarmed attack, you have a much easier time knocking down an opponent than if you use the melee talent "knockdown" on page 95, which lets you turn a triumph on a melee attack into a knockdown result? so attacking with your fists lets you knockdown opponents easier than attacking with a sword? just double checking that the RAW is intended.
  2. ok! haha sorry, please bare with me… …i think i just figured out the disorient thing. disorient 3 isn't the cost to activate the disorient, it's the duration of time the target is disoriented. i'm still confused by the "knockdown qualities" statement…
  3. the unarmed combat rules seem a little confusing to me. unarmed combat gets a critical rating of 5, disorient 1, and "knockdown qualities". it seems like equipping a pair of brass knuckles makes your disorient mod much worse, is that intended? and what does "knockdown qualities" means? does that mean you can knock down a target with an advantage 1? if this has been corrected somewhere, i apologize, i did a quick search but didn't see this question before.
  4. hmmm i'm not a huge fan of adding a lot of rules to things, but i think you're right, changing it from "force the target to drop the weapon" to "weapon falls to the ground, nearby. requires one move action to travel to the weapon, one move action to pick it up (and/or perhaps one action to find the weapon)" isn't huge. still, with something like disarm (a kind of a basic feature of combat), which is also a somewhat high ranking action to spend advantages on, it probably deserves at least a paragraph in the rule book-- i'd love to see an official FFG ruling on this. i dont want to think about adding blast effects to exploding rifles, or giving the player the ability to determine how far away it lands, i prefer rules that are more pure or mechanistic, or at least rules that are easily generalizable to other situations. i dont see how it can end up in the attackers hand without spending additional actions, etc. i dont intend to restrict the narrative component of fighting, and paradoxically i think several extra layers of rules kind of does that. anyways thanks so much for the quick comments!
  5. i've come to this conclusion: given the cost of disarm, and given that all the times we've seen disarm in star wars: darth vader pulling han solo's blaster out of his hand, luke skywalker chopping rifles in half, etc with the single exception of darth vader disarming luke in a light saber duel, and luke using the force to get his lightsaber back-- all of those times involve the opponent losing their weapon for the duration of the encounter. so i'm going to assume that "knocking the weapon to the ground" really means either "completely breaking the weapon" or knocking it far away from the opponent, or even yanking the weapon out of the persons hands, into the disarmer's hands. i'm going to argue that it would take an action to search for the gun, to see where it went, and a movement action to run to it/ grab it. i guess i'll also use some grenade scatter die or something to figure out where it landed. what do you think? please, if there is a simpler rule in the book, please let me know about it… i think i've encountered a kind of a game mechanics black hole with this one. clearly disarm is one of the more powerful things you can do (second only to a critical hit apparently), and yet the rulebook doesn't discuss it at all, and only mentions it in passing twice-- once in a table for spending advantages, and the other time in the description of a cybernetic anti-disarm limb.
  6. i'm messing around with the system and i just had my first combat encounter. in order to help everyone learn the combt mechanics, we generated a room and put some security guards in it, and had the players fight them. in turn one, a wookiee player tried disarming a security guard, and succeeded. then the security guard picked up the gun (move action) and fired it at the wookiee. so in essence, disarm knocked the pistol to the floor, he used a manueever to pick it up (i figured picking it up off the ground was the same as retrieving it from a backpack that may be closed), and fired it without penalty. we then had a long debate about whether or not that was legal (i think it was?) and then we debated the utility of disarm. for a three advantage special, i'm willing to concede that i was probably using it incorrectly, but i didn't notice anything in the rules updates or the rule book about how best to implement it. help me fantasy flight games rpg forum-- how am i doing it wrong?
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