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  1. This question came up and I suggested this was the answer. Attacker rolls 3 hits. Defender rolls: Blank, Surge, Defend. Spend Dodge Token to cancel 1 hit, activate Deflect (which allows me to surge for Defense) and then use my defense die to block other hit. Bounce a hit back via Deflect. The question was can this be done? I see not reason why not, but the answer was questioned and I said I would ask the hive mind.
  2. 1. When is FFG going to start putting out OP Kits that people will really get excited about? Acrylic tokens/rulers are nice, but everyone and their dog makes those. Alternate cards are nice, but they do nothing for this game. I would like to see alternate sculpts in the kits. Other game makers have been doing this for years and it's really nice to win something rather useful for in-game play. 2. When is FFG going to release alternate sculpts as a webstore exclusive of the Vader/Obi-Wan? Not everyone can afford to fly to Germany and pick one up, nor should we have to pay 5x sticker for something like this. 3. Does FFG have any intention of punishing webstores in the future that release product early? This gives them unfair advantage over FLGS locations and creates an imbalance in the market. Does FFG (Asmodee) plan of offering actual release dates for upcoming products (players feel like we are in the dark about upcoming releases)? Is there an official release schedule for the next year? 4. Are we going to an app for army building similar to X-Wing for Legion, or something similar to Citadel's painting app? 5. When is the Army Painter paint line going to be released? 7. Does FFG have any intention in the future to releasing books based on armies, rules, campaigns, etc.
  3. Does any know how often they plan to release new Operations? Or do you know anyone creating their own little scenarios?
  4. Is there some sort of on-going list maps that are wrong and the correct tiles? I can never seem to remember which ones are wrong, until I am in the middle of trying to build them.
  5. Lets see: 2017: Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2018: Star Wars: Han Solo story 2019: Star Wars: Episode IX, Indiana Jones <-- I would take a Kenobi film over Jones 2020: Star War Anthology Film (I would say this is 90% Boba Fett story)
  6. When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same speed.Treat that maneuver as a red maneuver. You would change it do "Another" maneuver of the "Same Speed"
  7. This card is a bigger pain in the caboose, than you might think. Regardless of whether your opponent hits you or not, you still have to spend that token.
  8. LoL. X-Wing's when they were OP.
  9. If only Disney and LFL cared what we wanted.
  10. Tappiocca

    TIE Reaper

    I have not even started really doing that. They have made it so difficult to upgrade and open them for FREE to play people.
  11. Tappiocca

    TIE Reaper

    Had not seen that one yet.. Can I have some Ship cash? You seem to have a lot. =)
  12. Tappiocca

    Ranking System

    What I mean by: I would not be that big of issue, is related to Ranking System. Wizards has been doing it for years and there is little if none issues with the system overall. Players give their names or a number when they go play, and the software reports it back to a server and BOOM, you are ranked. Not an issue. From a life long competitive gamer, I enjoy ranking systems and actually had a local one going last year.
  13. Again, I contend that PTL is not the issue. On anyone other than Soontir Fel, PTL is annoying at best; but not terribly meta breaking. The problem is PTL combined with Stealth Device and/or hands down the BEST card in the game: Autothrusters. I disagree that Palp needs a point increase, he either: A. Needs a range limit 1-2 or B. Banned from the 100pt Meta. I just don't see Biggs being a real point of contention, FFG tried to dumb him down with the new ruling and he probably will not be as bad. At worst, just ban the current pilot and rebuild him. Vessery alone is not the problem, it's that backbreaking Tie D title. Look at the Top 4 of the last 7 Regionals and you will see 14/28 lists have at least one or more TIE D w/ the Title. Manaroo is the same as Palp (sort of), he needs a range limit or a No Stress restriction. Plasma Torps are a huge deal, but they are already like 5pts(?)
  14. You're going to have to be clearer because to me that reads like a contradiction. Are you trying to say you should increase the cost of specific combinations? That's just going to overcomplicate matters. The higher the cost of a card, the less powerful a list with it is. If the basic Palpatine Omicron was priced at 40 points PalpAces would be considerably less powerful because there'd be less of the Aces part. Slam Zuckuss up to 10 points and people aren't going to put it in X-Aroo lists. Push TIE/x7 from -2 points to 1 point and it'll stop beating TIE/D at every turn. It may not be the best solution in every case (I believe errata is a better approach for Zuckuss) but heavy handed point taxes would certainly work. They are saying to increase the cost of A when paired with B. I'm saying if you are going to increase A b/c of B; just increase the cost of A and be done with it. Don't make it harder, make it smarter.
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