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  1. Thank you for your input. I was primarily asking if any official rulings have been made. I started down this road by asking on reddit if "Force Slow" could be handled with Move (with creative use of Threat) or Bind. Obviously there is quite a bit of overlap with Bind and Move and either way GM discretion will be needed. Being that I am the only GM I know I am just trying to ration out how Id like these to work in my game.
  2. I recently started playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and it seems like much of what he does can be accomplished by Bind. Has there been any clarification on what is considered a "target?" Sure you can target a stormtrooper bind him and push/pull him but what about stone pillars etc? It doesn't limit silhouette as far as I can see.
  3. Now that we have the Jedi career, would you say that it is more powerful that the careers presented in Force and Destiny?
  4. Might I ask what the fluff text says for the Jedi Career? Does it say anything about other era's or it's relation with the Careers and Specializations from Force and Destiny.
  5. I agree SavageBob. Honestly this announcement made me cancel my pre-order of the Rise of the Seperatist book. For the longest time I have wanted official stats for clone wars droids and vehicles and now they are telling me it is split over two books. I might have responded better if there had at least been movement on the pre-order.
  6. Funny you should use gun club as an example as it states that without the soldier talent you can use it as a club but at a penalty. Typically I have found that it isn't that you can't do things but you either take a penalty or don't get a specific mechanical benefit. You might have to get a little creative such as the sand in your eye being suppress the enemy (I think that is what it was called) under aid another. Anyway I have both systems and have compared them thoroughly and I think they work better for different GMs and players. For instance I like building characters and as a GM the fact that you "choose what looks good" for enemies is hard for me, but I love how minions work. I also am not good at improvisation so coming up with interesting die results does not come naturally to me. As for characters FFG Star Wars definitely has more systems and ideas in place to make your character interesting, Saga Edition the narrative is mainly up to you. I personally haven't found force users to be as broken as people act on the forums, yes they get cool tricks but they are limited to once per encounter unless they spend a lot of resources on it. Ultimately they are both good just different.
  7. Most likely my games will be short. If they start to run long I will either give fewer skills points or limit skill improvement to one pip between adventures. I have about a page of potential house rules. 2nd Edition adds a lot of good stuff but it looks like it could get complicated.
  8. I've seen that many of you are either getting it for collector value or think it is a waste of money. My copy arrives tomorrow and if I can find gamers I'm going to try and run it. Does anyone else plan on running it?
  9. Could what Luke does at the end of the movie be covered by the Misdirect Power?
  10. Sorry that was all I was going to say.
  11. Especially after seeing the Last Jedi I think strictly defined and purchased powers are not the way to go. Ironically the reason I was so interested in Star Wars RPGs back in the day was that they gave some definition of what Force Users could do. For now I'm looking back at the First Edition WEG materials and using that as a baseline.
  12. I would prefer skill based which is what I'm doing in my document and using the old Control, Sense, Alter skill set.
  13. That was a mistake I mean't Cunning. For now I'm thinking less is more. I did start putting all the talents in Tiers but I'm not sure they are all really necessary. It seems less is more works better for me.
  14. That was a mistake I mean't Cunning. For now I'm thinking less is more. I did start putting all the talents in Tiers but I'm not sure they are all really necessary. It seems less is more works better for me.
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