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  1. I have a big bug on windows XP. Even if Windows XP is not supported anymore by microsoft, I think that this type of app should work on Windows XP. In fact, the minimum requirement says that it works ! But in fact, it's not so good ! The appearing FX on the map tile make a bug : the app just can't show me the tiles... No tiles appearing on my app !!!!! So I just can't use it. Please correct this NOW ! Pleaaaaaase ! Anyone has got any solution ?
  2. Ok, I understand... but i'm happy to see that you will do that anyway even if it's 6 months later. Now, I have to translate your work in french. Thanks again !
  3. Thanks ! But what about the adaptation of the labyrinth of ruins to this system ? Will you do that or not ?
  4. Fantastic work really ! I will certainly test it very soon... But, have you planned to make also the quest specific actions for the labyrinth of ruins campain and for the others mini expansions that are already released ? It will be awesome ! Anyway, thanks for the good work, I think I will translate it in french (if you allowed me to do so) for the french descent community...
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