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  1. Same as above, I will be creating alternatives to gaining Void. A Ritual Tea Ceremony and Meditation during Downtime. As well as VPs gained when one finds harmoniousness with one's self through actions.
  2. Yes, that Strife = Character Emotions is going to be an issue for a lot in the groups I play with. Im thinking already of making Strife into a choice of either take the emotion hit or take a narrative disadvantage instead.
  3. Yup, TN 2 to hit seems awfully easy to hit.
  4. All I hope for is that they at least keep the dice the same. ...And Maybe not as many fiddly bits.
  5. Warhammer game is starting back up and I plan on moving into Witch. Mostly plan on getting Cantrip, counterspell and magic dart. Though would their be a better set of spells to get? Gonna grab Atheretic Attunement as well.
  6. I use my knowledge in psychology and manipulate them expertly! Mwhahahahahahahaha!
  7. Aha, thanks. I think there are a few laying around the local Gamin' shops around here. Might grab one if I see it than!
  8. So as not to start a new thread because I have a similar questions... Just grabbed the core for $35 and Witch's Song and was wondering why the Adventurer's Toolkit was so sought after? Is it just because it is out of print?
  9. So, unless I buy the physical copies there is no way to get some of the careers I want, like Witch. Dastardly!
  10. I'd be interested int he PDFs but I am a bit unclear on what they call contain. I reckon they don't come with the fiddly bits but would the ones that have careers in them still come with a pdf of the career card?
  11. I'll have to ask the GM about it. He, seeming to be a just and reasonable man, might be ok with it. Getting into one of the Wizard paths is something I've considered if I manage to make it past Seer. Not looked into Gold Wizard, but as the character is an actual Vision Seeing Fellow (VSF) Celestial Wizard seems like the best fit after fiddling around in Witch. (If I make it that far) Doing ma' best to not get strung up, so, Good on that. Not doing as well with the entire "Seeing what cannot be Unseen" as the two out of three times I've used magic sight, multiple chaos stars have popped up. Luckily nothing Horrid came outta it...
  12. Thanks for all the Advice. I'll try and use it all wisely... And luckily(?) It Seems the GM owns just about everything for this Edition of the game.
  13. Sounds like a plan! currying favour with the GM is always a Good Idea... Might have to. With the party setup it looks Like Imma end up as group Healer.
  14. Do the PDFs come with the career sheets? And which supplements would have those careers?
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