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  1. Are the tables the only way to kill someone? Like if a PC is brought to Light/Heavily/Critically damaged or needs Medical Attention its all good because he can heal. And for NPCs that are part of the story i assume the same goes for them. But for a NPC thats they're fighting, at what point does he die? Does it need to be a Crit hit on the tables to take him down? Or once his wounds are gone?
  2. I'm having trouble understanding Wounds and taking damage. Could someone explain? I'm used to the simple DnD "You have 100 HP" kind fo thing. I'll most likely have other questions as i continue reading other chapters. Thanks
  3. Thats true. Regardless, I think I'll have Valkyie carryers here and there for my sessions. Since there aren't any rules ill come up with something simple based on the Codex. Max capacity of about 12 people.
  4. Core rulebook vehicles section says they don't cover the Valkyrie because its Navy. You guys think we're gonna get our flyers?
  5. I'll be getting my books soon and I wanted to start thinking up some campaign ideas. Anyone want to share some ideas with eachother? Even if its still early in devolopment. So far a have a couple ones involving jungle warfare. My buds want to play a Catachan regiment. Retaking a Chaos Renegade City. The agriworld had a coup d'etat led by the Chaos tainted General of a Jungle fighter regiment. Not as large or dangerous at Catachan, but still very boastful of their soldiers who have led many campaign against Tau forces. Will my friends be able to show the soldiers of planet Sorbo that they are the best jungle fighters the Imperium has and take out the renagade forces? Orks abound! We are the reinforcements! The citys are all captured and have been secured. But with the past army nearly depleted the Catachans must go deep into the jungles to aid the regiment. Most of the remaining orks are feral but as they go deeper in the steamy jungles they begin to find the original Roks. Also standing in the way is indiginous groups. Anyone else care to share?
  6. Henry Zou wrote a novel called 'Flesh and Iron' There were giant naval ships called Argonauticals. Owned by the Persepians (or Caliguans?). The ships had anti air, missles and some torpedoes, but they were mostly used to transport soldiers. They used naval ships instead of flying ships because of a large canon shooting down flyers. So having these large ships is kind of pointless, even though sci-fi oceanic battles seem cool.
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