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  1. I do like the design. How large is it compared to other ships? looks long and narrow.
  2. As you said, the Rogue Class starfighter shows up in The Manalorian, so I'd like to see scum pilots for that version. The problem is I'd prefer the Mando version of the model instead of the Clone Wars version...
  3. It depends if you ask me or my wife, I suppose...
  4. You just described pretty much all of my x-wing purchases. I regret no mistake that has been made.
  5. Still better than 9's Xyston Star Destroyers that have those stupid underslung planet killing cannons and look EXACTLY like Imperial class Star Destroyers except that they are mysteriously 800m longer...
  6. I wouldn't take these too seriously. These are an easy way to offer players some options in store events like leagues, etc. I will be very surprised to see them get a wider release in a card pack.
  7. I don't think these would print well on plastic. The entire print area is defined. So you'd need to manipulate the image and cut out areas in photoshop or gemp. These full card templates are not ideal for that.
  8. Can the tips be specific to the device on which your are playing (ie Mobile vs laptop)? I'd like to see mobile specific tips because that is how I use Fly Casual.
  9. Did you ever finish this build? It's really lovely.
  10. Add me to the reject list. Perhaps if I flew Republic more fate would have smiled upon me (I've never flown my Republic ships).
  11. The back section looks like a lambda class shuttle to me. That could be a good place to start for that section. The front part will be a lot of modeling.
  12. I am overcompensating for boredom... So there's that.
  13. No problem. It's not my file, I used this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4020722
  14. Hopefully 3x6... but I haven't gotten quite that far yet. 🙂 The 3D printer was way ahead of me... I'm sure I can figure something out! 🙂
  15. Scale comparison of all the epics The next project is shaping up...
  16. Wow! That turned out great! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!
  17. Thank you! Hammerhead is a 3D print, too. It is a pretty easy print.
  18. It's finished! I finally attached the guns, all magnetic. The Gunship was printed on my Ender 3 and then I applied plasticard as the armor panels. 
  19. Oh yes, I see it! Great call. I will definitely do that. Thank you!
  20. Beautiful! I have an Andrasta primed and ready to paint, haven't quite gotten to it yet. I will definitely be using yours as inspiration!
  21. Gunship progress is happening! Adding weathering and detail. Will add some magnetized guns soon.
  22. It is clear that the AI lobbyists have their hands in this. They are paying Sandrem big bucks under the table to make the dice favor the computer player. Corruption. Scandal. But I'll probably keep playing Fly Casual. You know, because it is fun.
  23. I started some base coat coloring on the Gunship!
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