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  1. Tervlon

    Final ST Audiodrama episode: "Suicide Run"

    Wonderful series. This is an awesome service to the community and is a very creative undertaking. We are lucky that you're sharing your creativity with us!
  2. Tervlon

    A resource for free fanart alt art cards

    These have me so excited! You do great work. Thank you for making it available to the community.
  3. Well if that isn't the prettiest thing I have seen all day... So happy to see the Raider on screen. I wonder if someone at EA plays X-wing or if the story group suggested they use it. So many questions.
  4. Let's just add Biggs to that list, too. He seems to be a box the X-Wing can't be designed out of.
  5. Double posting on mobile is way too easy. Sorry.
  6. This style of simple objectives seems like the most effective way to do it.
  7. Tervlon

    [CCL] Calling for Imperial ships

    Please do a skipray, my 3D printed skipray needs some components! Ideally for both scum and empire.
  8. Tervlon

    Carry Case Considerations

    Plano works fine for me. However, over the years I have heard that you are usually better off using generic squares rather than the dedicated X-Wing shapes, especially for small ships. You will be able to fit more ships and have future options for changing your storage layout. I would be interested to hear from anyone that has gone this route.
  9. Definitely one of the best events of the year. I wish I was still in NOVA.
  10. Tervlon

    What Did You Buy Today?

    I bought a Lightning McQueen car. For the two year old.
  11. I wouldn't have gotten in during Wave 1 had they been unpainted, I'm sure it would have worn me down eventually but I wouldn't have the 100+ ships I have now. Prior to X-Wing I never painted miniatures, because of X-Wing I dabble in painting. I am so glad I don't have to paint all the ships though. Pre-painted miniatures of this caliber certainly has earned FFG a ton of my money.
  12. Tervlon

    Delta-class T-3 Shuttle possible Rogue1 spoiler

    I'm sure we'll see it. I'm with Boba Rick, it's an ugly thing.
  13. Tervlon

    Happy Friday a Strange Case of 2 Star Vipers

    X-Wing spending has largely supplanted my LEGO budget over the last couple years. I suppose I am in a dark/dim age. I also blame having a kid, building LEGO is just so much more time consuming I can't get to it. But when I was in the club, boy was I in! Here I am at Brickfair a few years ago with our Pharaoh's Labyrinth layout:
  14. Tervlon

    Happy Friday a Strange Case of 2 Star Vipers

    Now don't start that again! That is still a sensitive subject in the LEGO community. I prefer bley now though...
  15. There is actually a solid case to be made that playtesters have a harder time with competitive list creation because they are splitting their time with multiple metas. They have to be familiar with what is going on now in the tournament scene but also try to keep up with what is being playtested at any given moment. They could be several waves ahead for all we know and they have to keep it all straight. They are sacrificing their time to play with unreleased content that could be better spent perfecting a list for the current meta. Think of how much better that player would be if they just focused on what's happening in the actual meta. Plus to complain about the u-boat meta at this stage is pointless. Anybody could pick up u-boats and play it now... its been out for like 6+ months, any theoretical advantage that a playtester has is long gone. People have caught up. Even if there is an advantage it fades within a month of release (if not sooner due to Vassal).