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  1. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    @J1mBob I was perusing Make Playing Cards and saw another size option, Large Size Cards. The Tarot are not going to give you a ton of room, but the Large Size will. Dimensions: 89mm x 146mm, 3.5" x 5.75" That size would allow a ton more real estate for all the upgrades and to be able to see the ship image.
  2. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    Wow, looks great! Thank you, sir!
  3. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    That makes sense! I was wondering where you were getting the art. That makes a ton of sense. Yeah, should be available Thursday or Friday then. Thank you for the font help, too!
  4. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    Could I ask what font you use for the titles? I am working on some custom cards for ships not in the game and am trying to match what you have done. I printed all of these to use with my brothers over the holidays and can't wait to get them on the table. Any chance we could get the Mining Guild TIE builds in? I plan on getting it soon and would love to have the quick builds printed. Thanks!
  5. Tervlon

    What is your favorite 2018 X-Wing moment?

    The FFG conversion kit unboxing videos on Twitch were awesome. The hype was through the roof. Going to GenCon was a personal fave as well.
  6. Yup, this is done intentionally. Quick build is a loose format where fun and theme are the priority. Take a look at the rebel list and check out Chewbacca and Heff Tober!
  7. Tervlon

    Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition

    No, nothing has been announced. But with the current release schedule of Wave 3 I do not see anything coming out for epic before June at the soonest. More likely is a spring announcement with a GenCon/fall release. However, Epic may not be a high priority for FFG right now. With 7 factions they have their hands full with balance and testing those and re-issueing old ships. It's a very crowded market and schedule for them right now, epic can't be too high on the list, sadly.
  8. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    For the Chewbacca pre-built quick build page, is there a way to make an image that shows all of the upgrades? I got this one from the page. Thanks for all you are doing. Quick build is going to be the best way to get family to play with me. It makes the set-up time so much quicker and the list building so much easier. I will be using these at Christmas for sure and cannot wait to have a deck of these for each faction in professionally printed tarot size.
  9. Tervlon

    A-Wing Prototype and RZ-1

    That looks really pretty. How long does this take to print in UV?
  10. Those look great. Thank you for sharing. I need to get me a missile boat.
  11. Wow. That is incredible. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have you had any issue with keeping the ship bases in position as they balance on the uneven tiles? I wouldn't want a full tile set, but a set of guns would be really cool. Do you just do the gun emplacements?
  12. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    This is an awesome tool. I downloaded all the images from the pre-built generator and noticed a few issues. 1. IG-D's segnor loops are not being generated as the segnors loop icon. 2. The ship action for the Space Tug has a typo, "you <bullseye arc>" instead of "your". I would love to see these generate as Tarot size cards with a bleed edge so I could get them professionally printed.
  13. Tervlon

    X-wing 2nd Edition plug-in for Strange Eons

    I got all the symbols in my instance.
  14. Tervlon

    Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition

    This is beautiful. I can't wait to try this out. Thank you for sharing! I have some feedback on the things posted here, will return once the dishes are done...
  15. Tervlon

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    Quick question, I noticed the crew don't regenerate charges? Was that intentional? If so, how do you go about recharging them? I ask because the weapons recharge themselves. For stop maneuvers, have you considered a cost of removing charges? For example, doing a stop you may have to remove 2 charges, and they can come from any of the upgrades. These are looking great!