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  1. If only you could fly these alongside the Quadrajet Tugs, the tractoring would be out of control!
  2. Tervlon


    Not in the movies but in Rebels, we see Dodonna command capital ships. I forget whether he was commanding the bridge of a Neb-B, Hammerhead, or CR90 - but he was definitely on the bridge.
  3. Tervlon


    Setup in the corner, do a straight 1 or 2 then just do 0 banks back and forth like a salmon trying to get upstream to mate. Just make sure you have a turret that can cover your rear.
  4. Tervlon


    They'll use the new rules. It keeps everything consistent and easy to learn.
  5. Tervlon


    When double digits aren't necessary you can probably use each side for a different ship, assuming you are flying two epics. Just set the dial thing between the two ship cards to keep track of which side is which. I can see doing this occasionally (for big games where table space is at a premium).
  6. Tervlon


    Being able to focus AND then calculate for two tokens is going to be huge on the raider. Lots of shot modding going on there. Huge ships look like a ton of fun. I am really excited that sections are gone, it will speed up gameplay and get rid of weird line of sight issues. The built in energy and shield regen is much better than 1.0. So far, this is all looking great.
  7. Draft is a primary reason I would love to see a deck of quick build cards made available with faction backs. It would make draft viable and cut down setup dramatically if you didn't have to dig out all the cards.
  8. This is 100% accurate. A total blast.
  9. Another issue I have had playing X-Wing on a pool table is that if the table has a low hanging light above it you can bang your head on that as you maneuver. Annoying.
  10. I find it very unlikely they'd redo the sculpts on those ships. It would probably prove too expensive is my guess. The paint apps may be slightly better, but probably not worth waiting for.
  11. Here are a few of the ships I have designed with the tool. I've used the tool to get my 3D prints on the table. It has been a ton of fun. Yes, there are some seriously illegal combos here, as there should be in quick build!
  12. This is an amazing tool! Thank you for developing it! I have a ton of custom ships that now have quick build cards thanks to you. Quick build is the perfect format for homebrew ships since the cost increments and power level are pretty easy to do a gut check on without extensive play testing. I will try to post a few shortly!
  13. I would definitely be in for a Scarif mat. Jedha and Corsucant would also be most welcome.
  14. That looks great! Per UPS policy does it generally only make right turns?
  15. My reading of the slides and presentation are that all 5 epic ships will be in the conversion kit. Each of those will be converted to two factions. Then the 3 huge ships shown in the slide: CR90, Raider, and C-ROC will be rereleased as 2.0 expansions.
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