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  1. Answer: Yes, please.
  2. Tervlon

    What's coming next?

    I'd add Sana Starros's Volt Cobra to the scum list. I'd also add Anakin's spice freighter, the Twilight, to the Republic list. For Separatists, the Mankvim-814 Interceptor from the techno union could make an appearance.
  3. Tervlon

    Quick Build Decks for Printing!

    This is great! What an awesome tool! You have really done a lot of work for this format. Thanks! Supported on Patreon! (Could I convince you to turn the image of Blue Squadron B-wing so it's not flying upside down anymore?haha, come on FFG!)
  4. Tervlon

    Compiled quick build cards?

    Oh J1mBob, you really get us. Master of quick build!
  5. Tervlon

    X-Wing AI 2nd Edition - For Solo Play - Update 2.0.1

    Very nice. Using in Chrome and bookmarked it for future use.
  6. Tervlon

    Action Transport Project, Wild Karrde

    Wow, that looks great. A bit out of my range, but a beautiful ship. Well done.
  7. Tervlon

    Quick-Build Squad Builder

    Most of the promo cards come from a certain event. Perhaps the info you put on the card could refer to that? We have cards from Gen Con 2018 (GC18), Deluxe Wave Kit 1 & 2 (WK01 & WK02). Just another idea, seems like it would be easier than keeping track of dates and gives more frame of reference.
  8. Tervlon

    Quick-Build Squad Builder

    I think the promos should be available. Differentiating them from the others somehow, an icon or separate list, is a possible idea - but nonetheless they need to be included.
  9. Tervlon

    Quick-Build Squad Builder

    Instead of two ships being on one card, I'd suggest having the main card (like the VCX) be draftable and have a mark that reminds you to pull the second card out of the "reserve" pile when it is drafted. The second ships would not have a back like the other cards so drafting it by mistake wouldn't occur. Trying to put two cards in one would risk losing the aesthetic.
  10. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    I see the desire for this, but I am not sure it will fit or add to the aesthetics. I'd encourage you to get a token that denotes whether the s-foils are closed or open and put it next to the ship. Some acrylic ones are available on Etsy at Buy the Same Token or SurlyGoodDesign.
  11. Tervlon

    Tramp Freighters

    Most definitely not! Those are the images the artist took of the ship and what sold me on it in the first place!
  12. Tervlon

    Tramp Freighters

    Very happy to see Chordak! The Tramp Freighters guide for the WEG RPG was easily my favorite book. I am also the proud owner of the mini you chose for the card, a fellow from NZ designed it and it is gorgeous.
  13. Tervlon

    Quick-Build Squad Builder

    The Mustafar style really is amazing... You are tempting me to reprint them all...
  14. Tervlon

    Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker

    Looks great! This project is really looking amazing. Quick build is such a great way to play.
  15. Tervlon

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    The art needs to be found online and selected on card generator layout by selecting a new image file. To get a high quality image of what you have created, click on file and go to export. Select the high quality for printing option and the location you would like it to export to.