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  1. The Overlord is definatly a difficult senario for the team players, but In my opinion its all about the communication between the team makeing sure that the event deck doesn't stack to many negative effects on on the team as well as denying the overlord the shadowrune cards. In the beginning the team never bought any of them and let the overlord get the majority of them at least and got punished accordingly. Only to later think about it and say "you know if we bought those then the overlord can't have them. But that seems to work for us, at least by useing shadow runes we can give the overlord a damage instead of him just damaging us for free
  2. I know the forest gaurdian is there to (in my opinion) make the deck work. Without that ability they would just run out of influence way to fast but realisticly It can't be there everytime. Plus without a wealth and industry or (insert really good dragon rune card here) they have to go though normal means of getting rid of there 1-gold cards and such which also take up more room in the deck. I like the elves and I see and have seen the damage they can do but in my over all experience they just take a couple turns too long to get to that unbeatable point
  3. Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about 3 people ganging up on the elves. In a normal 4 person game it often ends up spliting into 2 1v1's. And what I ment to say is since the elves starting is slower than pretty much everyone else they end up being very open to everyone else within say 5 or 6 turns. I know they have amazing PVP potential but it takes to long to get there under normal circumstances. If they hit one of the more powerful dragonrune cards then sure they may get there or if perhaps that have a bit of luck and hit the hands they need to hit but realisticly (at least in my own experience) it ends up not getting quite there in comparison to some of the others.
  4. Glad to hear that someone else favors the Dwarfs . I like the way they work and after looking at them realizing they have no card draw we had looked at the guardian and realized this is why they had no draw. With a gardiun out it takes my opponet 2 destroys to kill anything of mine. With that said we decalared it fair for the drawfs to have a lack of unit draw. However because one needs gold in the deck (perhaps more so than others) to use some unit effects I believe the 5 card hand (which can not really become bigger) becomes inconsistant when it comes to damage. The best thing we thought of was to change the Demolitionist because we never really found a reason to buy it in most normal situations. It has the great ability to look at anothers hand but we just didn't like it because no one really boght 2 golds and we never wanted to take a 1 gold from another player. So we came up with this to help make the deck more consistant when it comes to damage. We changed the demolistionist to When played: discard X gold cards in your hand to draw X cards. In this case you can discard those 2 annoying gold cards in your hand to draw 2 more cards however you may choose to keep one of those gold cards to activate an ability of some sort. We havn't tested with it extensivly but it seems to be working out well.
  5. I saddly have to disagree. The saddly part comes from myself believeing exactly what you discribed. there early game sucks but I considered them to have the best late game. However game after game they started to go down hill because we all figured out how to play against them. either A rush them early when they can do nothing or the most popular option just watch them. At some point your going to spend most if not all of your infulence or a 3-gold or or perhaps something even more expensive and thats when you will not be able to efficitly defend yourself. The forest guardian helps a lot but it can't always be there. so In just my own experience there really easy to beat in a pvp senerio, expecially if they don't get an early helping dragon rune.
  6. To me it's not the fact they don't have card draw, It's the fact that there 1 cost unit just doesn't do anything early. while the reanimates and footman can draw or get another unit. The orc's one cost can become a 2 strength. The beserkers can combo with the flesh ripper and the drawfs can find more gold to get you that big unit early and the elfin archer is just a 1 strength unit, can't get any bigger or draw another unit. I think the easiest way to hot fix them is say change the elfin archers effect to say (and this is just an idea) Resolution: this unit gains plus 1 strength is you have an untaped stronghold or maybe Resolution: spend 1 influence to make this unit get plus one strength
  7. Tromdial said: To clarify, are mythic units whenever they would be destroyed, are discarded instead; or is that only when the unit is in play? For example, Dragonlord Baraxis allows players to destroy cards from hand to lessen the damage from his attack. If one of those were a mythic unit, would it instead be discarded? I was wondering the same thing care to share the answer you recieved?
  8. I've also wondered about that. The rule book says when it's destroyed it is instead discarded so we've been playing it as such but what was the moderator responce
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