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  1. godofcheese

    Looking to Buy Ticket

    too bad they're not transferable
  2. godofcheese

    Have 1B - Need 1C

    I've not heard from Exordium since he sent me the original PM. Not sure if he's still keen, and he isn't responding to my messages. If I hear from him, i'll still swap, unless someone else beats him to the punch. Is there anyone else out there wanting to swap that will complete the trade?
  3. godofcheese

    Have 1B - Need 1C

    1B clashes with the IA top cut. Hoping to make a change to 1C.
  4. godofcheese

    Done: Have 1C Looking for 1B

    sent you a PM
  5. Can i play take initiative on turn 1 if it is in my opening hand?
  6. godofcheese

    "Pre-assembled" skirmish maps

    not trying to be pushy @ibsh, because we love the work you're doing with it, but any chance you have an estimated timeframe for when the rest of that wave will be up?
  7. what's in the kit? For those of us not lucky enough to have it arrive at our stores yet?
  8. godofcheese

    FFG forgot about Arizona?

    Australian stores don't seem to have theirs yet, but then again, Australian stores are still waiting for their Correlian Campaign support kits....
  9. godofcheese

    Seriously FFG?

    Look up any Armada battle report on Youtube. Honestly, it's fine, there is no issues with 2 mats together. In addition to having no downside, there is the upside that 2 smaller mats are easier to transport and store than 1 big one.
  10. It's also to deal with cards that grant movement points (such as urgency) as these can't be saved and must be spent as part of that movement. So again, targeted at JK Luke, he can't play urgency, move 2 spaces and do his "free attack" before completing urgency.
  11. godofcheese

    [Jet Troopers] Fly-By

    MEd (Master of Education) with a specialty in English (I teach English) Also; you are correct, being separate sentences does not mean they are unrelated. Indeed, the the in the second sentence means that it is referring to the attack in the first, however grammatically, and functionally, the attack in the first sentence happens whether you gain the bonus dice from the condition or not, satisfying After the attack. *edited to correct my own grammar (lol)
  12. godofcheese

    [Jet Troopers] Fly-By

    I submitted this as a rules question through the online form and have now received a response. Hi again Jason! The second part of Fly-By only awards the bonus movement points after an attack that qualifies to trigger the first part of the ability (within 2 spaces.) This relationship between effects could certainly be clearer, and I’m looking to get it into the FAQ (though it won’t make it in the next release). Thanks for the question. I hope that helps! Todd MichlitschGame DeveloperFantasy Flight Games So the card, as written, is grammatically inaccurate, but we now have an (un)official ruling to go off and I am happy to run with it.
  13. godofcheese

    [Jet Troopers] Fly-By

    That's the thing though, grammatically, it can't go either way. Does this mean that the dev's nailed their intention with the grammar? No, however the grammar is actually quite clear and there are other posts in the thread that are breaking it down, so I won't again. I'm not saying I'm definitely right on how the card works, however, if it is ruled that the 2 movement points is dependent on the range of the attack, it is actually written so that it is grammatically inaccurate (wouldn't be the first time I've seen it happen). I've changed the grammar so that it would read grammatically accurate for your interpretation.
  14. godofcheese

    [Jet Troopers] Fly-By

    For this interpretation to be true, there would need to be an 'and', otherwise it is listing 2 separate triggering conditions - an attack and a range. The second ability then only makes reference to an attack. The comma's bracketing "if the target is within 2 spaces" create an independent clause relating to the object of the sentence, which in this case is the 2 dice. Original Text: "When you declare an attack, if the target space is within 2 spaces, add 1 blue die to your attack pool. After the attack resolves, gain 2 movement points. " For your interpretation it would need to read: "When you declare an attack and the target space is within 2 spaces, add 1 blue die to your attack pool. After the attack resolves, gain 2 movement points. "
  15. godofcheese

    [Jet Troopers] Fly-By

    Correct, the use of an in the second part of the ability means it is referencing the attack performed in the first sentence. However, you perform the attack in the first sentence whenever you perform an attack. The IF / THEN conditional clause in the first sentence does not affect whether you perform an attack or not, and the second part of the ability is deliberately separated from the conditional clause with a full stop and then references the attack (not the original condition) as the new condition. If both the extra dice and the movement were conditional of the target being within 2 spaces they would need to have used 'and' instead of a full stop, or referenced the condition of 2 spaces or adding a dice in the second sentence.