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  1. I wouldn't mind if they would show all 6 shop items at once. We could then easily share the deck between players to quickly find all 6. But because 2 are on 2nd page we have to remember those 2. I have most of my cards in Polish, so usually we have to look for item based on image. Drawing by yourself would probably take more time and inputting it manually would be a pain. Not to mention this would beat whole Fame system. You can get act 1 and act 2 items mixed in one draw by app. I don't think they would lose anything by showing us full cards in shopping step. They still wouldn't show us full cards anywhere else, so the app would be just as unusable without real cards as it is right now. If you wanted to play without components then there's no real difference between having card ingame and having it on wiki.
  2. I don't think there will be more sidequests for expansions. But they might start selling sidequest packs at some point. For example 18 sidequests for SoN tiles, which can appear in any campaign. They might also make big-expansion related campaigns if we buy regular ones well enough. I would buy either instantly.
  3. Familiars DO NOT have attribute scores and they fail automatically because of rules: You can pass attribute test if it's 0. You can roll 0 on black and grey dice, which would be a pass, since 0 = 0. Those values are 0 only for purposes of targeting in RTL: In case of RtL looking for healing potions ability might not work if the token doesn't instruct you to draw search card. In the situation described by OP it wouldn't. @milarky: 1) blue yellow and blue green weapons can still dish some nice damage, and there's good chance your hero will get blue red weapons. Remember yellow and green have their advantages(bigger range, higher change for surges). You need to take those things into consideration while deciding on a weapon. In case of hero selection generally slow characters aren't that good. Going below 4 speed is problematic. There are exceptions, Tahlia can keep up by killing monsters or Serena by burning her massive stamina pool. Also think how your heroes will spend actions and stamina. Taking hero with low stamina and class that burns a lot will make you weak. Some classes have a lot of abilities that use up actions and not really give you enough gain for that. 2) Actually we are winning and we kill most of the monsters. We still do so efficiently though. Killing monsters in RtL is more important than in regular campaigns, because you lose by being KOed. Leave too many monsters in attack range and you'll lose the quest. Ideally you want to minimize damage from monsters to area which you can heal with your healers(if any). Remember to look at the monster group order. If you know group A will move next it's good to cripple them. 3) 2 is doing well! Sorry, I'm playing it mostly on 2. We are also pretty experienced with Descent so our moves tend to be very optimized. We never waste our free attack or healing and abuse nice combos etc. In 2 player game familiars can be especially nice. 4) I don't understand this question 6) Familiars aren't very durable and getting them back costs an action. I'm often very pleased when no monster targets my familiar. That also depends on which familiar etc. Overall familiars tend to give kind of free actions, and anything that gives free actions is great. Also, in real campaign, which will transition into act 2 monsters at some point some of the familiars might have scaling issues(like in real campaign). In demo it's easy to use your 3 exp to get buffed familiar, because you know it won't become irrelevant in 2nd act. 7) With 2 heroes you usually can cover at least 2 attributes very well and have other 2 at 3 or so. Enough to pass on your 2nd try. If you are really worried there are ways to get attribute rerolls. Even with warrior only party you could have book high(Alys Raine has 4). Obviously your hero choices are limited by expansions you own. The solution? BUY BUY BUY BUY. I don't think the app tracks anything. It probably acts completely randomly. Tentacle sidequest spawned crow hags in 1st room 3 times in a row for me, this seems pretty random(on other occasions it spawned other monsters, like sorcerers). I think the quests don't allow all monsters in existence for open groups, but have limits, just like regular quests. They probably limit by monster size(I never saw first open group in tentacle quest to be anything but small monsters) and monster icons(cave etc.) That's fine, since it allows random while keeping stuff thematic. I don't think it increases the difficulty of monster activations and perils based on your previous games. After winning intro quest and both sidequests the finale gave me easy activations to deal with and never dished peril that would really cripple me. It also doesn't seem to favor attributes you don't have. Well, that's obvious since the game probably doesn't know what stats heroes have. Overall most of the things that were working against regular OL still hold true, except you are allowed to hit monsters more. You have enough time to kill everything in most rooms, and most of the time they don't respawn. Be sure not to get KO'ed, since unlike regular campaign KOs have real danger now.
  4. 1) Go into town (it uses 1 week to travel) 2) Close the town window 3) Quit campaign 4) Load game 5) Go into town (since you are already in town it doesn't use time to travel) Expected: the same items in shop as before game was saved Observed: the shop items got redrawn With this you can repeat steps 3-5 infinite number of times to cycle trough as many shop items as you want. You can even purchase/sell stuff during your visits and the time will not move. This can be troublesome even for players who don't want to abuse the glitch. For example me and my wife sold wrong item during the visit. Next day when setting up the game we realized our mistake, but since we didn't move out of town yet we wanted to fix it. But because state of the market isn't saved we instead saw new cards and couldn't get to the proper state. If we had longer break and didn't remember we already did shopping last time we might have gone trough shopping step again if we saw the market in just drawn state.
  5. Monsters - yes, it's quite good at using them. The quests have some monsters that always appear and "open groups" that are selected randomly. If you have a lot of monsters from expansions they will be hit often. Lieutenants - so-so. They can appear as perils, and the more Lieutenants you have the less often they'll appear. You are not guaranteed to get Lieutenant peril in each quest, so they will still appear only occasionally. Tiles - no. Each box adds sidequest that uses tiles for that box. Other than that I don't think you'll see the tiles anywhere else.
  6. There are 4 quests - the tutorial one, 2 sidequests and the finale. After skipping tutorial you had 4 weeks. 1 week to go to the town(1st time). Once you are in town you can close and open the town screen as many times as you want without changing equipment or advancing time. 1 week to go to the sidequest(failed) 1 week to travel back to town(it's not free!) 1 week wait So you used all your time and were forced for the finale. From my tests it seems that once you finish a quest and have 0 weeks left you still can travel to town, even though it shouldn't be free. According to rules: So for this campaign best things you can do if you don't mind abusing the bug: go to town -> sidequest -> town -> sidequest 2 -> back to town for free -> finale or this, if you are fair player: sidequest (more gold) -> town -> sidequest 2 -> town -> finale This way you'll get KO count refreshed between each quest. Remember that training doesn't use up weeks, so you can do it before first sidequest. You don't need to visit town to train! Sidequests give you only fame and gold. Fame makes better stuff appear in shop. In RTL selling items always costs the same price as when you bought them, so it's always good to buy equipment, even if it's not best stuff in deck. I don't think "wait 1 week and pay 150GP for 1xp" is worth it unless you have a hero that REALLY would shine with 4xp and is garbage with just 3xp.
  7. No one I know has enough time for 1st edition, so it gathers dust.
  8. It's possible each campaign/quest will have it's own set of perils so maybe we won't see instant death perils anymore. That said I wish there was some indicator of incoming peril, like in co-op expansions. It would also be nice if we knew exactly how the peril works, so we could try to adjust our speed to keep up with peril.
  9. Shadow Rune can be played with Nerdook's D6 Overlord variant, and all campaigns can be played with RedJak's Automated Overlord Variant V4. Both were developed around the same time, but RedJack was going trough multiple revisions and is probably better one(especially since it's not limited to Shadow Rune). They are not official, but it's a way to finally join your friends as a hero. I suspect FFG wouldn't have done much better job, since normal campaigns aren't designed with fake OL in mind. Meanwhile the app will add campaigns made especially for fake OL, so everything will be much smoother(hopefully).
  10. We have Necromancer, Runemaster, Knight and Wildlander(not sure about that one, I have my game in Polish) and we're close to end of first act and doing just fine. We have to minimize damage lost as we have no healing capabilities
  11. I've just started painting my minis, starting with runebound lineup. I'm done with 9 of 12. Next I'll move to DungeonQuest lineup and then probably D2E guys. Then I'll go with minis from expansions. I have only Nara from promos, but even so it will take ages to complete them all. My girlfriend helps me sometimes with some figures, so it goes a bit quicker. My dropbox folder javascript:void(0);/*1352971216305*/ has all the minis we've done. Those are first minis we've ever painted, so all suggestions how to improve are welcome.
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