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  1. Thanks from the answers. That Pin talent note is a good one... I was thinking so that attack is made using Brawl skill (as normally). It is resisted with Brawl skill and two purple dies is added to it. Every round, also immediately after first successfull grapple check, target can try to free himself using Brawl skill or coordination. It causes non lethal damage, damage is resisted with Brawn or Agility, depends from the situation.
  2. How grapple should be handled? How to roll damage that comes after grapple and how to free from grapple?
  3. Thank you from your answer. That explains a lot.
  4. I find advancement to second rank quite confusing too. I am unsure how to handle it and how it goes. Can someone explain it simply…starting from the created character who earns his/her first experience point?
  5. I would say that that add loading time as an action. In the basic rules (if I remember correctly) you are able to shoot and load bow during the same round…and still get movement action. To Downgrade ranged weapons. Bows (short and long): Reload takes one action, shooting one. No movement during that round. So remaining stationary in one place allows to shoot and reload. Crossbows: Reload takes 1 full round (no movement action allowed) and shooting at next round. "Powder": Reload time is of course longer…maybe similar to crossbow. I would say that wearing armor as a priest gives penalty (maybe some purple dices) when casting spells in metal armor.
  6. In the rules there is said that character is allowed to do one movement action / turn and extra movements cost one fatigue each. Character is allowed to do one action / turn which is additional to that "free maneuver". How about if character moves two moves and performs no actions? No need for fatigue cost? How about the sprinting? Is it possible to sprint? Rules don't cover that (in encounter mode). How about if characters/monsters are chasing mosnter/character. Lets say that there is halfling and who is running away from troll. How fast halfing runs and how fast troll? Rallying mode is quite unclear. It is said that "Rallying mode" is same as "pause" in game. For example after one room is "rallying mode". In rallying mode character is allowed to recover fatigue etc…I think that this is rather abstract thing. About talents (cards generally). Lets say that character has used three different card in combat. One have three tokens on it, other one have two tokens on it and the third card have five token at top of it. How fast those will go away? Once every "combat turn" or?
  7. I have got used to thing where I give rewards only at certain points (predetermined in adventure creation process). Lets take an example…in other game, but still it helps. We played Victoriana RPG and there rules are quite free for GMs to give experience for PCs. There are also luck points (similar to WHFRP points, but I don't remember the name of those atm)… I made decision that in every "scenario", which is short part of the longer campaign, will be reward of 1-2 experience points (usually playing 1exp scenario took 1-3 sessions and 2 exp scenario 2-4 sessions). I gave luck point based on good ideas, good roleplaying, from the things that helped story go further etc. Experience points basically were rewards to complete something, not just "trying to survive one game session". Luck points were rewarded after every session…but of course…if PCs have 10 luck points, then I am not going to reward…but things tend to go so that they used most of the points in every session…. (*grin*)
  8. I am actually a little bit worried about this. I still bought 3 expansions from this sale (those were 60€ cheaper with shipping costs than those are now in our local store). If they are going to stop producing more boxet sets etc. to WHFRP 3ed, then it would be very nice from them to make some sort of announcement from this.
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