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  1. MIght be too new canon-wise, but Tarkin's ship in the new Tarkin novel was a corvette called the "Carrion Spike." Only was very generally identified as a "corvette."
  2. I'd like to ban my opponents' red dice when I'm being shot at and my opponents' green dice when I'm shooting at them. These really interfere with my enjoyment.
  3. I sense a whole lot of "I lost/My dog ate my [insert desired dial here]" support tickets to FFG.
  4. Well that's, like, your OPINION, man. Don't be fatuous, Magadizer.
  5. I think you did a great job. My thoughts ... 1 - The Jumpmaster's dial is too good. Maybe get rid of the 4 straight and turn the 4 flip to a 3 flip. If the thought is to make it really maneuverable ... Maybe 2 flip? 2 - I'd vote for the Pup to add one hull and one shield or (gasp) one hull, shield and attack value, or maybe one hull/shield/barrel roll, but those are all pretty over the top. Bossk's card needs to go back to a standard z95, though. The upgrade would likely need to be rather expensive though. 3 - The IG88 ships are the best of the lot.
  6. I had a ***** of a time with Vader outmaneuver EU last time I played. Couldn't get behind anyone. Clearly I'm doing something wrong.
  7. I wonder what the bag's dial will look like.
  8. People around here have been lobbying the stores to hold events at times that don't overlap so people can do what they need to do to hoard ships. It's actually turned me off on this game a bit, which breaks my heart.
  9. Kind of a loaded question but if I had not done well I would have responded more to the players that did better than me. I also initially posted in the report forum but realized most of this information ends up on the main pages. Don't mistake my intentions or arrogance. I love when tournament winners share their experience and explain how they fought their opponents. I think everyone can always pull something new from an event wen if they have ran the same squad since the beginning. Sharing insight only makes everyone better. I understand that, but putting it in multiple places on one forum comes off as ... off. Same post here and on teamcovenant? Ok, that I get. Not trying to be a ******. Congrats on your performance.
  10. This should be posted solely in battle reports. Would you have posted it twice if you'd gone 0-9?
  11. Just updating that I received william's envelope. Thanks so much. Total Chive "pay it forward" moment.
  12. Thank you everyone for the input. Sent a message to William. Right neighborly of him.
  13. I'm looking for someone that bought multiples of the transport who'd be willing to trade the almighty dollar or two for the surplus x wing pilot cards, base template things and the upgrade cards. Not even sure this is the right place for that. I've come to the conclusion that I will never use the transport, but I'd certainly use the x wing related stuff in the transport pack. Thanks.
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