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  1. Total noob checking in: the mortar seems like it needs line of sight, yes? Which is odd because, you know... mortars and all?
  2. They'd have the geonosians, umbarans, war tambor, lok durd, cad bane, T-series and super tactical droids, vultures droids fighters, death watch, pre vizla, magnaguards....
  3. Yeah I’m puzzling how to order them on the field too. I think having bino equipped B1 unit nearby to toss them an aim would be good to reduce some of their swingy firepower
  4. I've always thought the AT-ST should have front\left\right arcs. I mean the whole point of that paradigm would be so that you can shoot at what you're looking at, and we see that plenty in return of the jedi. that plus a points break for arsenal would i think bring it up to speed.
  5. I'm kind of surprised republic AT-RT hasn't been announced. Hopefully they're turning that into a plastic frame with a separate frame for the various riders. the mud troopers from solo seem like a shoe -in too, if for no other reason than they'd be a different troop choice; maybe the imperial version of rebel troopers. I'm just excited to see the original trilogy stuff carried over into frames.
  6. Or maybe 2-1 ratio of B1 to B2? So you’ll have 4 clanker mobs, shielding your good infantry
  7. I feel like: you use use them as the 2nd wave of a droid phalanx, so you have the B1 bubble wrap to soak fire until it’s time for the B2 to step up and start hosing stuff. Or park them in hard cover on/near an objective, and watch as they spray at anything near them
  8. Vallejo makes a spray can called dead flesh; I just compared some color samples to some droid images and it’s pretty close.
  9. So out of curiosity: what has everyone’s experience with preordering direct from FFG? Generally good/bad, how long did it take to get after release date, etc? I've ordered my core set for clone wars through a local shop, but I was thinking of getting the stand alone battle droid expansion, maybe something else. thanks for any input!
  10. Umm... wow. many things I would call GW plastic, but trash is not one of them. My presumption would be user error. Unless you’re sloppy with the glue or using something like testors, you don’t have a problem generally.
  11. With all due respect, I’m not sure you know how plastic glue works. The plastic that battledroids and other manufacturers kits are made of means that if you use a dedicated plastic glue, it chemically welds the parts together, making it sturdier than super glue. thats why I was horrified/fascinated with the fifth legion guys assembling grevious with super glue and zip kick (which increases the brittleness of super glue over time, leading to breakage).
  12. Love the leader piñata command droid, so good! not sure about using the security droid with B1, because unless you start to fragment your formation, they should almost all have order tokens. maybe having a security droid yelling ‘no! No! Don’t shoot that!’ To some B2 out of order range would be hilarious.
  13. One of the games I play has 15mm scale tanks. The company, not nearly as big as FFG, is able to get molded track patterns on the tank tracks; also seen similar structures made in less pieces by GW. So I think this is more lack of experience than anything
  14. Kind sad that the the B2 are so far away. Hoping some of the missing SKU for this year are stuff like Magnaguards, or BX commandos. fingers crossed for other cool stuff!
  15. A dual faction chancellor palpatine would be hilarious. republic version: no offense, but with plenty of activation manipulation, along with the ability to take Senate bodyguar ds. Darth sidious would be full bore 'are you threatening me, master jedi?' Beast with force lightning.
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