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  1. I guess my real question is: if I order something that’s listed as ‘out of stock’ on FFG’s website, IE, B2 droids or a core set for clone wars, an I ever likely to get them?
  2. I guess in general; reason I ask is that everywhere I see online is dry, so I’m more than happy for my local stores but I don’t want to throw money at the game unless I could get, for example, a clone wars starter.
  3. found a local community, nice people, looking to dip my toe back in. so where to buy? Everyone and their brother online seems to be out of stock or scalping, and the shops in my area that normally carry it and the shelves were bare of clone wars stuff. is anyone having success ordering from FLGS?
  4. Interesting way to make the unit distinct besides the aforementioned red die for armor would be to give the pilot some kind of side arm option; so you could take a naked at-rt and have a side arm like a DC-15 or other squad weapon to make it like a fast dew back. no clue how you would balance it, but that’s what game designers are for lol
  5. The purported story that was relayed was this guy using family names and addresses to kite the system. either way, these cost reduction type things really doesn’t inspire confidence in the company at this juncture, and I know that alarmist nonsense likely, but at the same time... looks bad, you know?
  6. Well... that’s not good. couple of local guys made good points about people faking claims to get free product.
  7. Came from the legion Facebook group. Judge for yourselves. Implication is that we’ll see the rest of the units leaked, IE, Clan Wren, Inferno and STAPs.
  8. hey y’all, stop feeding the troll. There’s an ignore function on this forum for a reason. if Tubbs wants to be miserable, let him be miserable alone.
  9. Not really; it’s hard to explain. I’ve played so many different systems that I can’t even remember where I saw that rule. but more or less if you can draw a clear line to the outer edge of the base = clear LOS. If not, then obscured, then based on the models torso/legs are covered by vertical determines whether it was light/heavy cover.
  10. One way I’ve seen it done is via what you can see of the physical base itself, not really the model.
  11. Trick I used: the part where their back arches, between the two shield ‘wings’, is a nice flat spot you can them down with superglue.
  12. I'm a tank nut, so things like crew ergonomics and little design choices I find fascinating. I feel like the battle of Naboo, you had AATs in an open field, providing fire support, and that was almost what they were made for; big 73 Easting set piece fights where the actual likelihood of enemy infantry intermingling with the armor is low.
  13. There’s IRL good reasons to be hatch open in a tank; mostly visibility. While tanks have periscopes and vision blocks etc, being ‘hatch down’ limits a commanders situational awareness. most tanks have an option for what’s called ‘open protected’, where you have your head out, while the hatch is partway closed over their head to protect from shell splinters. that’s why I like the Occupier; it looks like a feasible case-mate assault gun design, with a reasonable hatch arrangement. then there’s the Sabre and AAT; where the turret gunner is totally exposed, unless there’s some sort of internal position that allows the gunner to fire the weapon from inside the hull (not out of the question) and the AAT which is like “crew ergonomics? Lol what’s that?”
  14. So to summarize: this is a salt thread for people who don’t like rules and want it to die. got it.
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