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  1. It s a very cool scenario, it feels like a mansion of mandess
  2. I think the best way to handle dlc's it s to create an account and to be able to play on any device. If i will buy it on ios and i will have problems with my tablet, why should i buy it again on android platform or pc?? It s not so hard to develop.
  3. Hello, If i have two core sets when i build the encounter deck, i must include all of enemy and treachery cards or the ones just from one core set??
  4. +1 I hope we will see this someday
  5. And the replay value, for now only some elements change if you play again a scenario.
  6. You always get the orage and green adventure card as a throphy and the purple ones only if the card says you that. If an orange and green adventure card says something about a bounus, you will get that bounus besides the trophy.
  7. Yes it is a good game, I can say that the only thing that's missing is the variety of maps for each scenario. I hope this will be fixed it in the future.
  8. I don't own the first edition MoM, but it seems unfair since buying this exp these you would get same monsters and investigators plus a scenario, but if you own first edition core edition, you will basically have the same monsters and investigators but you don't get a new scenario.
  9. Thank you again for clarification, i guess the word "or" confused me because i see this case as a choise between to different fire extiguish actions.
  10. i didn t set the mansion on fire as my desire, a mythos event intructed me to drop candles. I dont see how you can extinguish more than 1 fire per turn, you have two actions, with one action, lets say that you extinguish fore in your area and you have only one more action. Anyway thank you for your reply.
  11. Regarding fire spread, i extinguish fire at my location and the next turn, because was a fire in a adjiacent area, according to rules i had to put a fire token again in my area. Seems a bit strange because if you let fire spread you can kill monsters like that. When a monster it s activated in an area containing a fire token, suffers one damage, also when that monster will move to an area containing fire. So you every turn will extinguish one fire per investigator and you can let monsters come to you, because they will die on the way. It s a strange mechanic.
  12. Hello, I just finished the first scenario and I would say that the game is very good, but there were some situations we need to have further explanations. The first was when during Mythos phase (playing two investigators) where it specify that this event will affects investigator with the lowest will power, the problem was that both had the same value, my question is who is affected investigator, both or choose random? Second case was related to fire, an event made drop an item that put fire in the area where I was and two adjacent areas, I ignored the fire and it was spread throughout the map. The rules specified that both investigators as monsters are affected by fire, I basically had a cultist at distance 3 was dead when he arrived at the first investigator, besides that I observed that is practically very hard to put out the fire for it spreads in any adjacent area. at a certain moment I run out of tokens to to mark areas where fire was. You please enlightened exactly how it works this fire spread and extinguish it? Thank you.
  13. Anybody playing AGOT 2.0 in Bucharest, Romania
  14. nice to see that another one belives in the power of Yavaris can you please share your list?
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