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  1. I've been thinking with the addition of Reina Roja there will only be two criminal Identities. I had a few ideas for some criminal identities. Name: Sidewinder Description: Former Spec Ops Faction: Criminal Identity: Cyborg Links: 0 Card Min: 45 Influence Limit: 15 Power: Once per run, after bypassing an ice, you may continue the run on an adjacent server starting from the same position (counting inwards) ignoring previous ice. Flavor Text: "The first mistake was playing fair" Name: Asha Shikari Description: Underworld Boss Faction: Criminal Identity: Natural Links: 2 Card Min: 45 Influence Limit: 15 Power: 2 Recurring Credits = Use these credits only for connections. Flavor Text: "I've got people"
  2. You spend 2 clicks to give the corp a single point of bad publicity as well as forfeit an agenda. This sets you back quite a few credits depending on how many you spent to gain the agenda you trashed. Even if you acquired the agenda for free you are still behind 3 credits. The 1 to play the card and the 2 you lost for the credits you could have clicked for. This means you need to make a minimum of 3 runs before the card is essentially paid for in the best situation.
  3. Thanks, never found FAQs to be useful before but it seems I should rethink that
  4. Today I just played a game where I was Andromeda and on my first turn I was able to play 2 Bank Jobs. The card reads as though I could pull the credits from both cards with the 'whenever you make a run on a remote server' but the text that follows seems to contradict that, 'Instead of accessing cards'. I'm not accessing the cards twice, only once so potentially I could only gain credits from a single Bank Job. Personally I would read it as allowing you to pull two different bank job credits from one run but it seems a tad powerful. On my first turn, thanks to an account siphon, I gained a whopping 26 credits.
  5. One of the Hero's victory condiditons is the need to kill all but 2 of Saurons Minions. The way I've read the rules of peril and combat is that the Sauron player decides which to have happen. It becomes impossible to confront a minion in a permenantly perilous spot/Gothmag's aura. After ending your turn in the space with a minion sauron can simply move the minion away even if you surround him. I realize that moving a monion just to avoid a fight is a waste of saurons precious actions but it also just rendered a whole hero's turn moot. Am I interpreting the rules correctly in this regard?
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