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  1. I would love to make my own material. I love the Star Wars Rebels fan adventure. Any ideas how I could get the backgrounds they use in their PDF-file? Slightly more on topic: as an European, I prefer A4
  2. One of my friends is creating a Desperado to play. After reading the role bonus of a Desperado, I think there is an error in it. All other roles (except for the Mystic) require a fate point to be spend in order to use the role bonus. The role bonus of the Desperado reads: "Move and Shoot: Once per round, after performing a Move action, a Desperado character may perform a single Standard Attack with a Pistol weapon he is currently wielding as a Free Action." Should is start with "In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (see page 293)," as with the other roles?
  3. As ThenDoctor suggested, I've sent in my question and received the following answer: "We have a spreadsheet formula for determining threat levels, but it's still in very rough form that's really not ready for publication. A lot of it is still intangible factors we're working to codify like the NPC's weapons, special abilities, and how she/he fits with others. For adventures, it can sometimes depend on the setting and situation. Right now, there is a lot of "gut feeling" that goes into the final values, but we do want to produce something that doesn't need that so much (so it is more useful for newer GMs). It's something we are working to get it into a supplement or make it an online tool, but one way or another it will see light of day." So until it will be released, we have to compare our own NPC's to the NPC in the rule book to determine the threat level.
  4. The sample NPC's all have a threat level. How is this level determined? The book refers to page 382 for more information about threat levels, but not how to determine it for a NPC.
  5. Great tool! Suggestion; why not use the abbreviations for the attributes in all fields? (WS, BS, S, T, Ag, Int, Per, WP, Fel). Now, you have to change font size all the time, since you change between abbreviation and full text.
  6. Any results on the conversion of the Rogue Trader classes? Looking forward to it!
  7. SekMeth

    C'tan Shard?!

    Thnx for the cool adventure hooks! Will take that Eldar thing into account. I love Orks, but for some peculiar reason not in my RPG, so won't be using that, but still a great hook! Perhaps someday :-)
  8. SekMeth

    C'tan Shard?!

    Thnx all for the replies. In my campaign, the players stumbled upon a Necron Lord which was captured and unable to escape. The Lord had something they needed, and by accident they set him free. He awoke some of his retinue and escaped to a far off planet. They are almost unknown, except from some long forgotten journals. The players anti Xenos traits/talents, don't work against Necrons since they are so "new".
  9. SekMeth

    C'tan Shard?!

    Now I really want the book! Too bad, I can't seem to find a shop near here which sells it. Guess it isn't available for download from DriveTru either.
  10. SekMeth

    C'tan Shard?!

    Are the Necrons in The Outer Reach similar to those in Tome of Fate?
  11. SekMeth

    C'tan Shard?!

    Cool! Didn't know that! Will have a look for that supplement!
  12. SekMeth

    C'tan Shard?!

    I'm currently running a campaign in which the Deathwatch discovered the existence of Necrons. In the upcoming mission, I would like them to combat a C'tan Shard. I have read the Tome of Fate, which includes quite some information about the Necrons, but alas, no information on the C'tan Shard.I am looking for some stats and powers for it. Any ideas? Some ideas: Converting some of the stats from the TT-game to WH40Krpg WS 50 BS 50 S 70 T 70 Ag ?? (perhaps about 40?) Int ?? (it is a god fragment, so it is probably smart, also 40?) Per ?? (it is a god fragment, so it is probably perceptive, also 40?) WP ?? something like 60? Fel ?? something like 40? I am looking for a C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer, so his weapon could be a Warscythe. It has some great stats which would boost its melee skill/damage. As you can see, a lot of questions, help is very much appreciated!
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