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  1. I have a deck (Parellel Dasher of the Harbor, https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/73803ee1-a6b2-45c5-a918-894d36fb2498) that uses my archive almost exclusively as a prison for wounded creatures through Mass Abduction. Effectively purging up to 6 of your opponents creatures with a little bit of setup is pretty rad.
  2. Huh, I interpreted that more loosely, such that I could use any artifact (even if it had no immediate tangible benefit, such as a passive ability), then destroy the artifact, using Poltergeist as a means to target artifacts for destruction.
  3. Hi friends, v1.4.5 was pushed to GitHub. Your app should get the update within the hour. Or 1-5 business days. Or 2-4 weeks on occasion. Contents include cards from: * Fleet Command * What Is Your Objective * Draw Their Fire * Criminals and Commanders Two issues: * How to handle campaign-specific Objectives. I did not include them at this time. * I did not implement the unique checks for Officers caused by the Phoenix Home title. I know how to implement this, but it will be a pain that I didn't feel like doing now. I will create an issue to make sure it gets done later. I DID however hide the extra officer slot unless the Phoenix Home title was added to the ship, so you won't see the second slot until you assign the title to the ship. As usual, my apologies for the delay between releases, they tend to tumble in with 1-2 spoiled cards and it's a tedious process to make updates if they affect the base system. Reply here with any inconsistencies that you find, I'm following this thread. Thanks! Brian
  4. v1.4.4 published. Updated to include all spoilers in 'The Corellian Conflict'.
  5. Hey all, v1.4.2 has been published. Fixed the following issues: - Interdictor Combat Refit is now under the Interdictor Refit category. - Revised some of the rules for Modifications that were affected with the new double turbolaser-slotted MC80 Battle Cruiser - Renamed the 'MC80 Battle Cruiser' category to 'MC80 Liberty-Class Cruiser' I just pushed this to GitHub, so it may take a little while before it's available on your clients.
  6. Such a strange discussion on conceding. Though, my standard for concession comes from go, where it's disrespectful to your opponent to continue playing once you've lost beyond a reasonable doubt. Not really any margin of victory in go.
  7. I desperately wish I could easily reorder the categories- I submitted it as a suggestion to the developer over a year ago. As far as I know, it's in his list of features to add.
  8. Hi friends- I've updated the battlescribe files to include all cards spoiled in both The Liberty and The Interdictor articles. Please note the following known issues I found already with this release: - The Interdictor Combat Refit is not under the correct category (shows as "No Category" in the builder). - I attempted to replicate the clever filtering that another kind soul implemented with the new Modification cards. I will claim partial success- there are still some modifications that will show if you already have one selected. Specifically I found this on the double turbolaser slots for the new MC80 Battle Cruiser. Not issues per se, but feedback is welcome: - Since the titles are different, I slotted the Liberty-type MC80 under the category MC80 Battle Cruiser, since "MC80 Cruiser" is the category for the Home One-type MC80. They can be grouped together, but I thought it would be strange for ships that had different titles to be within the same category. - I was not familiar with the full ship designation for the Interdictor (Cruiser, Destroyer, etc), so it is grouped under Interdictor Refit, or will be when I fix #1. I'll be following this thread, so post any other issues you find and I'll play whack-a-mole until they're all fixed. Thanks again for all of your kind words, it does actually motivate me to do this knowing that other folks are making good use of it. Brian
  9. Speaking of, I put out a fix and it looks like it pushed my previous one out, so GR-75s and Gozantis should now have the proper upgrade options available. Brian
  10. No problem! I'm glad other folks find it useful- I didn't know how much interest there was in an Armada battlescribe file like there was for x-wing, saw the lack and thought i'd put some effort back into a neat community. I just need to stay more on top of it!
  11. Yep, both of those changes have been published, so it's all a matter of how long github feels like taking to push it out. Just for my own sake, I'm going to take a third look at the changes I made to ensure they got submitted correctly. EDIT: side note- I'm an infrequent lurker here at best, so it's usually good to send me a PM to mention issues. You can also post in the thread referenced above, or you can even post a bug on the github project (see the same thread above) if you're really motivated.
  12. Fixes for issues mentioned above have been published. They should be available shortly. Also includes General Madine and Veteran Gunners spoiled from It's a Trap! because why not.
  13. I will ressurect old threads instead of making new ones. Spoiled Wave 3 cards have been published and are available. Please make sure to update your files to get the new data. There are a few issues I found that need fixed (tonight hopefully): - Gozanti Cruisers are missing the Offensive Retrofit upgrade - Both new classes (Gozanti and Transport) are missing the Officer upgrade These should be quick fixes. I wanted to mention them since it did get published last night and you'll see the new cards in your apps. If you all see anything else, let me know. I already have a patch in for cards spoiled in the Wave 4 announcement but since it didn't include cards for either ship, I left them out for now. Thanks! Brian
  14. Make sure you're separating the starting action cards (the ones without the recruitment icon on them from the rest of the action cards- you only draw from these (6 for rebel, 4 for imperial) at the very start of the game. These do not provide you with an additional leader. You're correct in that you choose one card to keep from the two you draw in a recruitment phase, but to clarify, you only get one of the leaders on the card you choose (some have two). You'll only draw from the action card deck during turns that the turn counter moves to a recruitment icon.
  15. To my knowledge this isn't strictly correct- you can play a card that you draw, assuming you still meet the requirements for that card. So if the card you draw also requires a crossed sabers, you would not be able to play it without a second die with that result.
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