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  1. I've just started playing as a single player and it is pretty fun - I don't have to finish the game in one setting, and don't have to rush with my actions I can actually learn the game and the components. On YouTube there is a guy called Catweazle who plays Arkham Horror solo and really goes into depth about playing solo, and it inspired me to play more as the solo player and have fun with it.
  2. I was very fortunate I had some gates sealed and used an elder sign card to make it easier, Hastur with the 8 clue tokens to close a gate!!
  3. Thanks! Fortunately I have some areas sealed off so the Gates didn't appear there, but did go pass my outer limits on monsters a few times. I had Hastur as the Ancient One and The King in Yellow Expansion in play.
  4. An additional question about "The Great Ritual Card" (which I drew and unfortunately failed to meet its requirements). Does this mean that two gates will open this mythos phase - the one shown on the first card and also the gate shown on the second card? That is how I played it and I learned my lesson well!
  5. So are streets considered locations in which once the encounter is resolved the monster is removed?
  6. I am going to watch the video tonight, I really like co-op games, that's why I always enjoyed Arkham Horror.
  7. Actually, Jareth would make a great Herald. .
  8. Great on the Kojak, I was just thinking if anyone done him.
  9. I started with Ithaqua, just wanted to see what he was like, he is ridiculously tough and just playing solo with just two characters to see how the game and rules works out. I really like this expansion, it puts a little more pressure on you to getting supplies/support before going to Stage II. And thanks AK for the supply clarification, I knew it was somewhere in the rules, but probably buried in a paragraph that I overlooked.
  10. I just purchased the Omens in Ice and started playing this weekend and just one question. I didn't read anything in the rules about it, so I would assume that you start with 0 supplies when you start playing. (Of course if it states in in the rules, I overlooked it!) Also, has anyone run into the issue of being at Stage I and not getting any supplies due to not drawing the appropriate cards with the supplies award. I drew the Ithaqua as the Ancient One, so I've got snow storms piling up and I am about to go to day 3 and so far I haven't picked up any supplies. I've been fortunate to pick the awards to stop the clocking advancing, so that kind of saves my bacon. I am going to stick with it and see how my luck holds out.
  11. I purchased the Lurker at the Threshold a while back and like Tibs stated and IMO the small expansions add to the game. My son enjoyed making pacts with the Lurker! Just wanting to see what would happen.
  12. With just me and my son playing we experimented with how many Investigators to play. If we play one each, it really was a scramble to save the world. We then tried two Investigators each, it was challenging but we knew we had a chance. Then we tried three investigators each the game went on for about four hours and though it took some effort (doom tokens was half-way filled), we won and IMO we were lucky with the Mythos Cards.
  13. Just to pass, that when I purchased Arkham Horror I went to YouTube and watched videos on how to play. It really cleared up a lot of misunderstanding.
  14. Just seeing this is going to make me buy it!
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