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  1. I believe FFG will begin running monthly tournaments once the game is released and Level Up Games in South St. Paul also might do monthly events.
  2. I think Cthulhu has the best deckbuilding possibilities out of the LCGs. It's completely open: you can play any card in any deck, the trick is its brilliant resourcing system. If you play too many factions/steadfast/loyal cards, you'll have problems resourcing and playing them all. Dual faction decks work well and tri faction decks are doable but can be inconsistent. I recommend picking up the rest of the deluxe boxes. They're a great value and the faction boxes (like The Key and the Gate) provide powerful and synergistic cards. FFG now only releases deluxe boxes, no more Asylum packs (although they're still legal in tournaments). This forum is relatively quiet these days and most people have migrated over to http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/
  3. Plague Stone is a good option. It's a great card that can buy you time against many decks while also serving as a Tesla killer. I'd probably splash Cthulhu since it has Deep One Assault and Flooded Vault to find Plague Stone (among other supports). Deep One Rising is a bit slow but transient resources can help with it. If you want to keep it mono-Yog, Lev'l 15:13 will help. For Agency, A Small Price to Pay is cheap and effective.
  4. The turnout was great and everyone had a good time. The field was quite diverse: every faction but HE and Orks was played. Even Wood Elves did well! I'm very pleased so many players came out of the woodwork to play some Invasion. I plan on running another tournament next month and hope we get another good turnout. We're keeping the game alive here in Roseville!
  5. With the lights out... and naked. Corb Polybog was originally called Fimir Balefiend, but once it became unique the name had to change. I didn't name it, so even I don't know what it means. Maybe Brad named it after his favorite Pokemon?
  6. I think Deep Knowledge and Legacy of Numenor are both incredibly overpowered and will supercharge and distort many games. With two Legacy of Numenors, each player will have 9 resources to use on turn 1. How many outlands will you be able to dump into play with that many resources? How much faster will a Dwarf deck be with that kind of a kickstart? Doomed isn't much of a drawback with so many threat reduction cards available and is almost meaningless if these cards allow for consistent turn 5 (or less) wins. The rest of this deluxe expansion looks fantastic but these two cards look like blatant power creep.
  7. Yes, I know several players who will only play one or two factions. I'll play anything, even neutral factions, and currently have around a dozen decks built (although it's annoying having to swap cards from deck to deck or proxy them). I prefer to play control or aggro/control and combo if it's viable (I think my End Times deck has great potential).
  8. If I remember right they were: Weyland (49 cards) 3 Hostile Takeover 2 Posted Bounty 3 Private Security Force 3 Priority Requisition 3 Ice Wall 3 Wall of Static 3 Enigma 3 Shadow 3 Data Raven (6 influence) 3 Archer 3 Hadrian's Wall 3 Melange Mining Corp 2 Snare (4 influence) 1 Corporate Troubleshooter (1 influence) 3 Hedge Fund 3 Beanstalk Royalties 3 Scorched Earth 2 Archived Memories (4 influence) Gabriel Santiago (45 cards) 2 Corroder (4 influence) 2 Femme Fatale 1 Ninja 1 Yog.0 (1 influence) 3 Parasite (6 influence) 3 Datasucker (3 influence) 1 Sneakdoor Beta 3 Desperado 2 Bank Job 2 Crashed Space 3 Armitage Codebusting 3 Account Siphon 3 Inside Job 3 Forged Activation Orders 3 Special Orders 3 Easy Mark 3 Infiltration 3 Sure Gamble 1 Stimhack (1 influence) If I could go back, I'd make a few changes but overall I was happy with them.
  9. There's usually about a dozen players every Tuesday night from 6 - 11 or so at the FFG event center in Roseville. It's fine if you don't know anyone - everyone there is friendly and would gladly play some games with you. If everyone is busy playing, just observe a few games and ask if anyone would like to play when they're done. Most games are of Netrunner, but Star Wars, Warhammer: Invasion, and Call of Cthulhu also see play regularly.
  10. I agree. The Arcane Winds combo is completely degenerate - any random scrub can win a World Championship with it Muster for War only adds fuel to the flames. Decks of this magnitude should not be possible - they remind me of the infamous combo winter during Urza's Saga block for Magic. Droves of players quit the game (for good reason) and it took years for Magic to recover. The new FAQ will be out soon and should fix many of these issues. Restrictions and/or errata will rebalance the game and create a healthier environment. I think restricting Muster for War and Gathering the Winds while giving Arcane Power and Fists of Mork "limited" would neuter those decks enough to level the playing field. There are other combos out there (most notably Return to Glory) but nothing as game-warping as Gathering the Winds or Fists of Mork.
  11. Hi Sherpa, I agree that Raider is a good mechanic. Hag Graef Knights are working great in my DE control deck by helping me power out Burn it Down, Sacrifice to Khaine, Ancient Map, etc. Goblin Raiders also look very solid but fragile with their 1 HP.
  12. When I first heard about the Ambush ability, I thought it could revolutionize the game by adding a whole new layer of mind games and bluffing. Choosing the right zone to attack would become more critical - if your opponent has a couple resources, do you attack the safe zone with no developments or the zone with two developments and a Spoils of War waiting to be claimed? I imagined some of the Ambush abilities would be pretty powerful to reward you for setting them up and for maximum bluffing, but so far I'm somewhat disappointed. What do you think about the Ambush cards we've seen so far?
  13. Your wife has good taste - those are some of the best expansions to have. I think Dark Elves pair well with the Vampire Counts. Here is a list using the cards you have: 3 Walking Sacrifice 3 Thief of Essence 3 Shades 1 Vile Sorceress 3 Seasoned Corsair 3 Slave Pen 2 Har Ganeth 2 Promenade of Malice 3 Lash the Prisoner 3 Swarm of Bats 3 Skeletal Horde 2 Mannfred Von Carstein 3 Blood Dragon Knight 3 Wight Lord 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 Contested Village 2 Numberless Graves 2 Dakmor Castle 3 Warpstone Experiments Slave Pen works great with Necromancy as you can sacrifice the unit you necromancied after it attacks and it'll be back in your discard pile for next turn (really nice with Wight Lord). Thief of Essence will draw you lots of cards because of Necromancy and it also synergizes with the Har Ganeth/Walking Sacrifice combo. All in all, a fun yet potent deck.
  14. I'd recommend these expansions for DE/HE: March of the Damned, Realm of the Phoenix King, Rising Dawn, Vessel of the Winds, and Accursed Dead. Once you get those expansions you could build some pretty solid decks: Dark Elves: 3 Slave Pen, 3 Seasoned Corsair, 3 Wight Lord, 3 Pleasure Cults, 3 Temple of Spite, 2 Elkana, 2 Maranith, 2 Tower of Oblivion, 3 Dakmor Castle, 3 Jealous Eyes, 3 Walking Sacrifice, 1 Vile Sorceress, 3 Shades, 3 Vanguard of Woe, 3 Hellbane's Raiders, 2 Har Ganeth, 1 Dark Visions, 1 Hate, 3 Warpstone Excavation, 3 Contested Village, High Elves: 3 Eltharion, 3 Gathering the Winds, 3 Lothern Sea Master, 3 Envoy from Averlorn, 3 Learned Mage, 3 White Lion Champion, 3 Citadel of Dusk, 3 Elven Warship, 3 Skinks of Sotek, 3 Spawn of Itzl, 3 Arcane Power, 3 Purged by Flame, 3 Inflame, 3 Eataine Warroom, 3 Ilthilmar Arrows, 3 Planning for War, 2 Scroll of Asur, 1 Asuryan's Cleansing, 1 Master Rune of Valaya. It's always fun to repeatedly add/remove resource tokens from Eataine Warroom with Eltharion!
  15. I also agree with you. I think the large barrier to entry scares off many potential players. It would cost about $800 retail to get x3 of every card. I would never have started playing this game if I hadn't gotten a great deal on some used cards. Creating a precontructed deck for each faction is a great idea. Reprinting many of the best "rares" from the early sets inside them would also help many experienced players. I feel having competitive, ready-to-play $15 decks would entice new players into trying Warhammer. I would love to see a true European Championships approved by FFG. Getting 100+ participants for it would be phenomenal.
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