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  1. Lordtwann

    Acrylic Templates

    I got a custom set from Litko ages ago and I love them. Sold the set I won in a tournament since I’d honestly rather use my custom ones. But one piece of advice. I got the dark blue acrylic. They look great but have a tendency to blend into the star mats and get lost. Think about a bright color if you go acrylic
  2. something that gives a bonus only if you're in arc.
  3. Lordtwann

    Calibrated Lasers (range mod adjustment)

    I think it was the first rogue squadron book where Wedge discusses this very thing with the techs working on his Xwing.
  4. Lordtwann

    How common will Black One be you think?

    I had it on a VI Nien flying with Biggs. It helped a LOT. Helped Biggs survive a bit longer.
  5. Lordtwann

    Vote: most epic lore fails by FFG

    The B-wing comes to mind for me. The **** thing was built to be a capital ship killer, has a **** turbo laser mounted on the bottom and only has 3 attack?! I always felt it should have more health too. But what ship does get four attack? The phantom. A ship with only three standard lasers.
  6. Lordtwann

    Poll: Best and Worst Alt. Art Card in X-Wing

    Best is a tough choice. If you're ignoring the movie stills I'd say Tycho, though Soontir is pretty great too. Worst is easy. Dash. Dear gods what were they thinking?! It looks nothing like any of the myriad images and variations on the character we've already seen. It's just some generic ass ****** with a comb-over in mid snart face. They could have taken a screen grab from SotE on N64, displayed on a crappy crt screen in all its blocky, jaggy glory and it still would have been a million times better. Hera is a close second. Looks nothing like the character. She's especially infuriating since she's officially a canon character and there's plenty of actual production art to work off from.
  7. Lordtwann

    2016 Worlds Results

    James Hedgepeth. (You spelled it wrong) is American, from the Philly area.
  8. Lordtwann

    Running an Epic tournament during store hours?

    I ran a 150 pt per player team epic tourney. Two hour rounds, had three rounds. Went well.
  9. Lordtwann

    SWX58 Still missing

    I think if we're going to see a Force Friday release it'll be something large box, to be sold at Target etc. like a most wanted style box. If it's not a Force Friday thing it could be anyone's guess. Though I'm pushing for scum epic, WAY past due.
  10. Lordtwann

    SWX58 Still missing

    You go to hell, you go to hell and you die!!!
  11. Lordtwann

    Jyn and Jan

    I always thought the name changes were to avoid copyright infringement. By creating new characters they don't need to acknowledge the creators of the original characters. Zahn still has some ownership over Thrawn which is why he's involved with him in the new canon. Maybe they weren't able (or didn't want to bother trying) to make a deal with the creators of Dark Forces for character rights.
  12. Lordtwann

    Wave 9 release 22nd September

    I think you hit the nail on the head with these two.The have been chastised after chastised on announcing like a year before release and they never change it. The tournament crowd I believe is stuck in a rut too till someone dethrones jumpmasters and palpatine but wave 9 ain't gonna do it so it's more of a casual wave so the hype isn't there. I wish that news would come out on the same day each month (first Monday each month) with little to say (focus on one part of a ship or a card coming out) so there is excitement through out the year with 2 dates for releases, May the 4th and Sept the 5th. Do the final News Story as ships are off the boat (when we have about 2 weeks left) so we know the date the ships come out. This makes it easy for GENCON and other Major Tornys so we are not guessing if ships are usable (this would apply WORLD WIDE no more split country waves or what's legal) and gives times for FAQs and community feedback. IDK people fight this idea but honestly I think it would make us all happier. Edit I hate that people don't even have the wave and think it sucks based on what they think it is. No one thought about Dengar-Roo until it started to crushing people. I think we need to wait for the wave to come out and try different things. I believe the black market tools are going to hurt Imp Aces a lot more then what people think, and Wave 10 is going to be a beast for crushing Jump Masters. (the up shuttle can push out some crazy damage in one turn the dice output is stupid) When wave 9 in is our hands in when we should see if it works or not to shake things up. Yes
  13. Lordtwann

    "The Boat" just did a red full-stop manuever

    It varies by boat, but in general the actual trip takes 10-12 days. So wave 9 is probably already on our shores, just waiting on customs and sorting.
  14. Lordtwann

    FFG - Please release a Official Campaign Box set for X-Wing

    This would be a fantastic opportunity to bring in missing titles and pilots, like Rogue and Wraith squadron without needing a dedicated expansion.