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  1. I was really looking forward to Worlds of Android being the first setting for Genesys but if FFG starts with L5R, I'm down with that. My real concern is whether FFG continues the story of Rokugan as AEG left it or does it reboot the storylines? If FFG continues; at what point in the narrative do they pick it up?
  2. My two creds worth... I agree that interface Zero 2.0 on Savage Worlds would be the best fit and FATE Core would be awesome for the more narrative-inclined GM. I would also recommend an old setting from the now-defunct Big Eye Small Mouth (BESM) RPG, Ex Machina using the Tri-Stat system. Anybody heard of or thought of using this system?
  3. FFG is pretty much creating an economic bubble by holding out on the the 2nd printing of this book. Probably hoping to jack-up its price of $39.95 to whatever they deem a 272-page, full-color hardbound book would cost. I hope they keep the print quality and price the same as the 1st printing. Fingers-crossed.
  4. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    Excellent points, PsiLAN. FFG may have gone overboard with WFRP 3rd Ed and inadvertently made roleplaying feel like a boardgame with all their fluff but they’ve learned from that mistake and streamlined those rules to come up with EotE, AoR and F&D Star Wars line of products that are just exciting to look at as books and intuitive to play as a game. I remain, the narrative dice system is awesome. You and I are old school players. I've personally been playing RPGs since 83’ (That’s way before the terms like Tabletop or Pen & Paper were used in the industry) and like you have played a plethora of systems and have likewise noticed the trend towards rules-light games in favor of the narrative. Which, I agree is what roleplaying is all about. No one wants to number-crunch anymore and THAC0 seems to be a relic of a forgotten era. I’m all for it! But like you said… “Colorful Books”, Man! Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Gamma World, Ex Machina, Interface Zero, Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis, Dystopia Rising, Numenara, Fragged Empire, Infinity RPG and The Sprawl are all excellent RPG books on the dystopian and cyberpunk milieu and despite my using the FATE core system for my own dystopian universe, I still want to see what FFG comes up with because it’s their proprietary world. That being said, does anyone know which online store carry the “Worlds of Android” book?
  5. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    I'm totally turning green with envy that you have the Worlds of Android book. I missed the order on FFG and my FLGS wouldn't consider selling what they perceive to be an Art Book. (sigh) Savage World's rules would be a total fit and FATE Core is free form enough to accommodate virtually any world to its system. I am however keen on using WFRP 3rd Ed's and FFG's Star Wars RPG proprietary dice because they're awesome. There is however, the rules issue of the Net and how to access it via a plethora of PADs in the Android universe. Slicer rules in spite of the additional rules in Special Modifications, the Technician's Sourcebook for EotE, are still painfully limited. If you know of anyone who's done the work, give us a heads-up. In the meantime, I'm just leaving this here. http://android-universe-fan.wikia.com/wiki/Android_Universe_Wiki
  6. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    I have all the Android stuff FFG released. 2 Board games, 5 Novels and the LCG with all its cycles, seems the logical evolution to this successful product line would be a Table-top Role Playing game, right? I wish FFG would give some word about it or at least news that it is interested in pursuing this avenue or not. This thread alone is almost three years old and I think we’ve waited long enough. Please give us hopeful fan boys (and girls) a sign, FFG.
  7. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    Ooh ooh! We want to be playtesters too. :
  8. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    There's a new Shadowrun out and personally, I like how the Matrix is handled better than the Net. Disallow Races, Magic, and maybe Technomancers and you got a game. Right on! Cyberpunk without fantasy races and magic. Yeah!
  9. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    You're right. I guess asking for the Android Netrunner LCG to be incorporated into the Android RPG as an integral part of its gameplay mechanic is way too much work for both FFG and its fans to swallow. But hey! The fanboys can hope, right? It’s just amazing when you realize that the art on certain cards are the protagonists on the novels. Or the characters on the boardgame are on flavor texts of some cards. The cross-reference of elements in different products only makes you want to walk the streets of the Android world. Ya know what I mean, chombatta?
  10. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    Back in the day, R. Talsorian came up with Rache Bartmoss’ Brainware Blowout, a sourcebook for the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG. Basically, it tries to integrate the Netrunner CCG into the CP 2020 RPG with some cool effects in the game. Like the old integration, some AN LCG cards will be too powerful in most RPG campaigns. At the end of the day, it’s all up to the GM what gets allowed in your games. FFG has come out with game board systems that are truly engaging and with an already existing, narrative focused RPG system, an Android Netrunner RPG incorporating the LCG shouldn't be outside its firm reach. So, what say you FFG?
  11. Deen Dough

    Android rpg?

    We have the card game, the board games and the novels. The final and logical evolution to this world would be a RPG core rulebook that incorporates the cards into its virtual battle system. I’ve been forced to play Shadowrun for the longest time but what I truly am is a huge fan of Cyberpunk 2020. The hard sci-fi, high-tech dystopian future genre, to my mind, may only be successfully achieved WITHOUT magic and a lot of virtual reality and chrome. I’ve also played Ex Machina and Interface Zero but none captures the genre like your Android universe. Make it happen FFG.
  12. "It's like banging a tennis ball against a brick wall, which can be fun. It can be fun, but it's not a game. What you want is a partner to return the ball." - Noah Levenstein
  13. Thanks Fellas, I myself would go for (2). It makes more sense that way but you wouldn't believe the strong albeit ridiculous arguments that goes with this issue, which my group's been having since 1996 with the WotC Netrunner. Until FFG comes out with a clear and definite blow by blow ruling on how cards are accessed. sadly this will still go on.
  14. If I may just weigh in. I only wish to be specific so, while using the situation above; I have HQ interface installed and made a successful run on HQ. I therefore access two (2) cards. The corp has three cards in HQ. The corp presents his hand for me to access my first card. I take one card from HQ. Its an operation with no trash cost. Question: (1) Do I now return the un-trashable operation card to the corp, for it to shuffle his hand anew in preparation for my second card access or... (2) Do I lay the first card accessed infront of me as my first access and prepare to access my second card with better odds since the corp only has two cards in hand?
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