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  1. 3x Delta Squadron Defenders cost the same as 5x Alpha Squadron Interceptors. In this case I'd not mega sure, the Defenders have the individual advantage, but if the Interceptors can focus fire then they really should be able to take out a Defender per turn. I'm leaning towards the Interceptors in this particular case.
  2. You guys suck, everyone above my post on this page should take an extended break from posting.
  3. The problem is actually a perfect storm of factors. Is the YT broken by itself? Not likely, though whether or not it's fun is debatable. Is Threepio broken? See my previous post. Do they amount to a broken combo when taken together? That's subjective, but the diversity of winning lists seems to bear out that the format, while not extremely dynamic at the moment, also isn't warped. When a list becomes too dominant (again, subjective), there are two paths available to the powers that be: whip out the banhammer, which should always be the choice of last resort; or fix the problem indirectly by releasing more options and/or counters into the meta. Considering the fact that we can expect three more releases before the end of the year, it's a bit premature to declare Threepio worthy of the former option, especially since he may not even be the root of the problem. Well, your thread title does use the word 'ban,' and there isn't really much of a difference between removing a card from standard play and outright banning it. I believe people have already addressed why C-3PO clearly wasn't designed for epic only, not the least of which is because it's **** near unusable in that format. And for the record, the only reason TIEs have issues beating YTs is because of Engine Upgrade / Expert Handling, which had been around long before Threepio entered the scene. A more predictable YT will receive a lot of focused fire from several ships, which is where Threepio is least effective. Again, it's not one specific card but a confluence of factors. These posts pretty much nail my opinion on Threepio. It's a combination of factors which make the YT-1300 good, I've really yet to see 3PO on HWK-290's and B-Wing/E's, although the latter is not in wide circulation.
  4. So? If you have an evade token and you use C-3P0 you're guaranteed to evade at least one damage no matter what you guess or roll. Does that make C-3P0 automatic? Of course not. The fact that some event completely unrelated to C-3P0 provides evade results does not make C-3P0 any less random. Yeah, I don't actually get what you are trying to say here. He's not saying that C-3PO is automatic, he's saying you'd be guaranteed an evade if you called 0 for the roll. Either you get that sweet evade roll or C-3PO activates, which is the definition of guaranteed. I don't think C-3PO should be changed though.
  5. No they look really good, the wings being closer to the fuselage looks closer to the original Defender anyway. I think it looks cool.
  6. No, they just made the point progression reasonable to go from PS1 to PS3 for a ship that has a base cost of 12. Would it have been fair to pay 2 points for 2PS on a 30 point ship, but then also have to pay 2 points to get 2 PS on a 12 point ship? They did the same exact thing with the Z-95. Wait, what? I'm genuinely curious to see the breakdown, at the time I think they figured that 11 points is what the PS1 TIE Fighter should've costed, and that the formulae for determining ship cost was equal across the board as far as wave 1 ships went. 11 points would also explain why the PS3 T/F is 13 and PS4 14. It's changed since then but I don't think they've changed their intent of stopping Imperials from fielding 9 T/Fs since printing the core set.
  7. Actually I thought that the TIE Fighter was overcosted by 1 point, and the justification for that extra point was to prevent 9 TIE Fighters in a 100 point game. I don't have the exact formulae on hand but it was done shortly after the game released and way before Wave 2, IIRC.
  8. All I can take out of the OP is bitterness from losing to a newer player with a swarm style build. It starts off when he loses a game against a Bomber list, although honestly I'd be suprised if the Bomber pilot led off with Concussion Missiles because I would think that Assault Missiles are better for an opening volley because of the AoE effect. The OP lost the first time, his opponent even offers to concede in the rematch but OP declines and ends up losing. His/her opponent ends up winning the whole thing and you still have the gall to say that the better pilot didn't win? That's pretty **** disappointing, I'd hate to be your opponent.
  9. Actually it's a sob story about how you don't actually need piloting skill, good theory or experience to win a Regional X-Wing tournament, just pure luck. Actually seeing as he beat you twice and went on to win I think he was clearly the better player. You are pretty much winning the "poorest loser" achievement. Either you learn from mistakes you made and improve or continue to moan about how hard done by you are and continue to lose. Your call.
  10. I actually appreciate the Onyx Squadron art, I think it's pretty retro. The Delta Squadron art bugs me because the top wing array is bent or something. Gold SQ. Y-Wing has the worst art still.
  11. I think what we can take out of this is that the TIE Phantom is clearly OP and Advanced Cloaking Device should be banned ASAP. Oh wait
  12. This but replace Phantom with YT-1300 and also wind back the clock to wave 2.
  13. Not at current cost. I still would... its a better arc dodge ship than a squint. You can't always dodge firing arcs, especially when facing turrets.
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