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  1. Trying to find some opinions on something. So, Ballistics & Mathematics says: "Battle: While involved in a battle, deal up to 6/3 wounds, spread across enemy units however you choose. I know when battle abilities can be played. Its the after comma portion that is in question, "spread wounds across enemy units however you choose." Is this meant to be played after all the hands are out and then spread the damage, or can you play the card before/after any front and then distribute the 6 or 3 spread out between each of the front attacks, even the ones yet to come, saving any remaining damage for later. The damage would of course happen between the attacks as abilities are supposed to. It just say battle and enemy units however you choose. So, during the course of battle can damage be done "however you choose" as the cards are each played and the rest saved for the remaining , or does this card only effect the cards on the table when played? Its probably a bit nitpicky, but that's part of gaming too… :-[ I hope asking the same basic question twice provides some clarification! Again, I know all about the battle abilities on page 25 rule…which also discusses effects lasting through an attack. Thanks for any thoughts you might want to share. Only been able to place twice so far, but it is helluva lot of fun!!!
  2. Thank-you very much for the image as well as the customer support info. The other issue is if the TO got the card mixed up with one of the other units, it could be in three other winner's homes too. Four places I do not know and might not see till next month's X-Wing game day…if those same people show up… I have a feeling the FFG Support route will be easiest! ;-) Thanks again for the help!!!
  3. The reference card is missing. Must have been misplaced by the TO when they went through the pack. Since I have no way of contacting this person I do not really know, the question remains. If someone has a Boost Reference Card and would share the info, that would be great.
  4. I won a Millenium Falcon during a Kessel Run event. (Thank-you for that FFG, by the way.) There is a modification with the falcon, the Engine Upgrade. The card reads "You action bar gains the "3arrow symbol inserted here" action icon. I think I saw this as the boost symbol. There is no reference to the boost rules with the Falcon. Seeing as it will be awhile before I can add the ships that do have the boost reference card, I was wondering if I could get a note on it from someone here.
  5. I am pretty new to this game and had a pre-tournament squad building question. Can you mix Imperial and Rebel ships in tournaments (ie. Kessel Run)? While there is a mention of the two factions, there is no mention of not being able to mix the two. Say having that Tie Pilot who decided to steal a Tie Advanced before joining the Rebellion join an X & Y Wing on the mission…
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