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  1. So is a local club without entry fees and sheldon cooper wannabees calculating the optimum options all the time, messing up is part of the fun
  2. The only people forced to buy ships for cards are tournament players which make up only a small number of the customer base. So any sale of card packs is really only hitting a small portion of their market. Unless tournaments and the game grows significantly more, than a card pack is not going to be a cost effective solution. Agreed - I play this for fun - powergaming takes the fun out of gaming with friends
  3. Sounds like the interceptors are good fun, and I will buy a couple to add to my stuff, sounds like tournament play is a battle of trigonometry vs probability minus having fun - getting the x-wing game out at my club, where one guy has downloaded the android sound fx app and having fun seems a bit closer to what the gaming experience should be about
  4. Same designers as SY... Prolly, but prolly not
  5. I used to love the old Scotland yard game, so watching this with interest. Sadly it will prolly take ages for this to be available in the UK
  6. Isn't it fraud - albeit a petty one - to get a load of free stuff from FFG and then just keep it?
  7. I'm going to get ask Santa for a second core set - any idea where he should shop in the UK for for the best deal?
  8. I have the old "Assault on Hoth" boardgame lurking somewhere in the back of a cupboard, and that was always fun to play, although the scenario was always the same each time. I thought that would lend itself well to being scaled up to a foamboard winter battlescene with walkers ans snowspeeders battling it out with each other in 3 dimensions rather than just with the card pieces on stands.
  9. Jimula

    My new play mat.

    Cool thanks - I had tried getting local banner places to do one, but they were quoting about £30 to do one - this way means I can get another ship too for the same price. Thanks for the advice
  10. Jimula

    My new play mat.

    I started looking into the process - do they automatically crop out the border and caption data and just use the main starfield image - or do you have to do that first before sending the file off to them?
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