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  1. I've got two Neb B's plus a third from the Core Set, and one Pelta. And the odds are better I'm running two Nebs than a single Pelta, and it's possible I'll run a third Neb with Leia before the Pelta still.
  2. One of each ship and fighter set and the core set for the most part, until Chimaera and Profundity (hard times, still waiting on getting them soon), two of the smaller ships (meaning three of each Nebulon and Corellian Corvette because of the Core), plus one of Mel's Assault Frigates because the AssFrig2 looks horrible. I still want to get a second Hammerhead box and MC30 pack, and a second ISD because you've got to have more.
  3. Most people I've seen commenting on the Hammerhead insist on running one or three at a time, as a contrarian I run two myself with the Organa Task Force card as well, but I like to run a scout and torpedo combo. Now as a caveat, I run these in an MSU list with Leia as Admiral, so your mileage may vary. But, my logic is that the Scout fires first at range, and that allows the Torpedo boat to use the TF title off the Scout. In combo with Leia and a weapon dial selected, it allows the Scout (especially if it has a Turbolaser) to add dice and a reroll, and then the torpedo uses External racks plus adds a die and then has reroll from the TF title and token (thanks Princess). Just thought I would give you my two cents.
  4. Not trying to bust your balls here, but you're talking about trying to build a "realistic" ISD group, while adding in Defenders over TIEs and INT because it's much cooler to you. How about doing a realistic build first, and then the Defender build for yourself?
  5. From a "fly casual" type player, I think it will be like ships in X-wing. A niche thing, but not an "OMG, I can't wait to buy an ISD!" kind of moment. Personally, as a dual faction player who hasn't even gotten the Chimera or Profundity because of lean times recently, I'm not sure if it's a case of "if not when" for me purchasing it. Honestly, I'm glad they made it, just so all the "where's the SSD" types can stop asking that on the forum, but my main interest is its coolness factor over its play factor. From a competitive tournament level, how many mor points do you need to play with?
  6. Just spit balling here, but what would people think about an alternative to eliminating leaders above the 8 allowed in your leader pool? Instead of eliminating them, they're (say) laid down next to the pool (or elsewhere), where they can't be used in a turn, but are available as one of the 8 at a later time. In example, let's say you're playing Imperials, you've turned Luke to the Dark Side after capturing him, and now you have 9 leaders returning to the pool. Instead of eliminating one, you simply lie him down outside of the pool area, and then place your 8 active leaders in the pool for the turn. Then, when returning leaders to the pool on a later turn, you could swap that leader for another. Just an idea, which probably helps the Rebels out more, but I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on it.
  7. Star Trek, without a doubt. Ditch the fighters altogether, use the three basic base sizes for differently sized ships, repurpose the three color dice for phasers versus disrupters and torpedoes, and have great fun. It's the game Attack Wing should've been, if Wizkids hadn't been in such a hurry to cash in on X-wing.
  8. Just make Lando in the Falcon, and take my **** money!!!
  9. Nothing to see here, move along. Move along.
  10. As was pointed out by Dan in his Obsessive Pop Cultural Disorder on the subject of Ewoks being the most horrifying creatures in Star Wars, Leia's dress came from somewhere, obviously not from an Ewok, and it was just lying around...unused...already fashioned. Exactly what happened to the other woman, or women, who wore that dress before her? We know their hunters, so we can probably assume they didn't just take the helmets, leave a bunch of dead troopers lying around, and then order out for dinner. "I didn't want to eat Stormtrooper, but I wasn't sure how they would react if I refused to participate in the celebratory feast."
  11. I totally agree that Ewoks rule!!! While disagreeing with any other comment on Ewoks.
  12. I totally disagree with everything said before and after this point! Except ignoring this thread.
  13. Put me down as a hard no against a third faction, unless it's for a third and forth faction involving the Republic and Seperatist.
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