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  1. I use the Quake soundtrack all the time for dark ambient music while reading or RPG's that it fits with. Cthulhu tabletop RPG's and board games being one of them. Reznor knocked this out of the park. Even the slight electronic elements just fit. The first minute of the first track is a little fast and beaty, but the rest of the album just oozes great dark ambience. I bought the original quake when it released in 1996, but I'm sure it can be found easily online (the game with the redbook audio). There just isn't a better creepy atmospheric sound track than this one. It doesn't exist. I also love the Diablo soundtrack for great ambient music. There's some great stuff, I specifically like the 15 year anthology as a good mix of stuff. There's some really creepy tracks in there, use this as much as the quake soundtrack, but quake will always by my #1. It's just brilliant.. but.. anyway.. here's Diablo.. The first track is a little "movieish - marchish" but there's so many good ones after that.. I think i got this as a bonus for a collectors edition or something , sure it can probably be found online as well.. Start it up at 9:29 and just let it rip.. And just for giggles, the complete (with Lord of Destrcution) Diablo II soundtrack
  2. That's be cause it was. It's the exact same Unity game that existed on phones and tablets.
  3. Add me in there. I've bought this game on 3 platforms.. I'd love to see some more stuff on the Steam version.
  4. The weird part is in a realistic fashion, I would think 6 would be the only one that should have a chance to hit since a char could theoretically lean around the wall. No way to do that away from the wall.
  5. That is confusing. I would think since 5 and 6 are blocked, 7 and 8 should be as well. A wall is a wall, it's just not as thick as a 5 foot space , it's only 1 foot lets say 6 inches either side. Unless there's an official explanation in not aware of. Also in 9, since you have LoS from A to B, can you also move from A to B. I suspect it blocks movement but not LoS. EDIT: I'm just going to ignore the black area intrusion into the 2nd space, I suspect the spirit is that there is a wall between the two outer squares entering the farm. 9 is the perfect image. Let's say the crop is A, where do you have to be standing to pick it up?
  6. Specifically related to the Farm in A Fat Goblin E1. Is LoS and movement blocked by the wall that looks like it's jutting out into the next square, forcing figures to move straight through the 2 square middle opening, or can figures treat it like a corner and pass around it as an adjacent square? How corners work for LoS and adjacency have been pretty clear cut so far aside from this one spot due to the black areas.
  7. While you are right, the ambiguity of the rules allows players to make desperate arguments like this on a pretty regular basis. Previous time we played ended in an argument over whether Splig could move through a large monster on the Fat Goblin Quest, since his 3'rd movement point out of 6 (using 2 movement actions) ended inside a shadow dragon. Big argument followed... hollow victory... (I will grant that I did screw up as overlord that mission since I missed that I had to take prisoners back to the torture chamber to interrogate...) If the rules were more clear on issues like this we could spend more time playing and less time arguing. The way I see this rule, you can't end a move action ON TOP of a space that is blocked, because I see it moving, then stopping for a second and moving again. What the rules do account for though is the ability to interrupt a move action with another move action. So you could interrupt the first move when you are adjacent, take your 2nd move action to go completely through to an empty square, then continue your initial move action. Maybe this isn't in the letter of the law but I kind of like the house rule that no movement action can end on a blocked square. EDIT: apologies i'm realizing i'm resurrecting zombie threads while perusing the fourm.
  8. I had the opposite experience in my wife and I playing a campaign for the first time. I am playing two heroes (Grisban and Widow Tahra) and she's the OL. I made the mistake of going the long way around the initial terrains in E1 of that quest instead of going diagonally through them (we read the rules mid-campaign then she blasted two of her reinforcement spiders through it as I was searching for the door opening item in E1) to rush the search area quickly. I lost a couple turns doing that and she rolled well raising zombies and they were all raised before I could get in there after getting the portal door opened. Due to the fact she had 4 zombies Encounter 2 quick work was made of the Cardinal with a total of 5 zombies attacking the cardinal (the 4 raised minions and the Master). I pretty much lost badly due to poor navigation and my wife rolling really well raising. I also rolled double blanks for defense of the cardinal once which hurt badly. I am finding the game to be really well balanced so far and only blaming myself for not making that quest a closer affair. Even though her OL play has won every encounter so far the games have been close. I did win a few as the hero when we were just putzing around outside campaign for a couple quests. Bad rolls or small strategic mistakes can turn the tide quickly. EDIT: I think I need to also get Tahra's Familiar on the field quickly but I didn't want to waste a move action that could have been used to race to the objective area. It would have helped stave off some damage in the end.
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