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  1. Darth Lupine

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    Do let us know if you get an answer, please.
  2. Darth Lupine

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    This right here
  3. Ah, makes sense....lol
  4. Stop using spoiler tags!!!! Lol. As a 501st member, I have to go with what's portrayed on film...but I must say, this chart looks very good.
  5. Darth Lupine

    Maneuver and Range Tool questions

    Actually a nav token only allows you to change speed by one, it doesn't allow any clicks. As stated you can get extra clicks in a variety of ways, but bear in mind there is a maximum of two clicks, and nothing can make it go farther than that on a joint. Back to Legion. Yes, Armada is my primary game. Lol.
  6. Darth Lupine

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    You haven't played with some of the folks I have....lol. Unless it's on an official doc, it ain't worth nothing. To be fair, I personally do read those emails, altough as a long time FFG player I take them with a grain of salt. There's been a couple of instances where an article stated a rule works this way, the rules said different, there was an email stating a completely different thing, and when the errata came out it was completely different than all of the above. 😳😆
  7. Darth Lupine

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    Until this is in the RRG, it remains unofficial.... Mind you, I certainly see your point. And I for one dislike heavily modded bases. But I've been in any number of games were they had their stuff up on cork layers or whatnot (seriously, who came up with that? It looks awful) and it did not affect the game in any meaningful way. We are going to have to wait until FFG releases an actual tourney guideline, hopefully soon. It's still amazing to me that they released this game without this. And segments of the rules, like the LOS we are discussing, feel very incomplete to me.
  8. Darth Lupine

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    They're getting upset because they think this game uses true LOS, like a few other mini games (yes, I am a veteran of such as 40K, Warmahordes, etc) and are trying to use those here, when 'right now' per rules as existing, this is not so.
  9. Darth Lupine

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    But, doesn't the rules as they stand right now make this immaterial? Because as they are now, you draw a line, base to base, and geometry matters not, if the line crosses that barricade, defender has cover, unless said unit leader is touching the barricade. He could be on the second floor looking down, and the defender would still get cover. If there has been some clarification on this, please point it out.
  10. Darth Lupine

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    If I can see it, I can shoot it. A few mm of height is not gonna make a difference, IMO. Now if you got him up on an observation tower, well....I may say something then! 😆
  11. Darth Lupine

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    Hmm, his is a very interesting topic. My toughts on conversion...hmm. Infantry minis: seriously, a few mm up on a rock or something may give you a slight sight advantage...but my units can see you better too, so it evens out. No issue. If you glue your troopers on their backs, I will openly mock you and declare you a cheater, tough...😆 The same applies to vehicles. A few mm up or down is irrelevant, and will simply give me the same advantage as you're getting. Now, with base firing arcs, that's a bit trickier. As a long time modeler, I recognize the drive to make a cool looking base...but arcs is a core game mechanic. So...if someone has completely covered the arcs with flocking, how I handle it depends on their solution. If they have a firing arc template, I'll borrow it, put it on one of my bases to confirm its accurate, give it back and carry on. If they painted tick marks on the edge, I'll put their base flush agains one of mine to check their placement, and if accurate, I'll carry on. If they're just going, ' oh, it's just a 45 degree arc, I'll estimate it' (yes, I really had someone tell me this) we are going to have a problem...lol.
  12. Darth Lupine

    Kill it already

    Hmm, indeed. Interesting.
  13. Darth Lupine

    Kill it already

    Battle of Endor scale. Yep, smaller scale, perhaps. No, I don't care if I have to buy an entire new fleet.
  14. Darth Lupine

    Kill it already

    This. I want a whole fleet.
  15. Darth Lupine

    Mustache Report - Worlds Day 1a

    Some of us haven't seen that....details, man, details!!!