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  1. @Destraa
  2. I find any format interesting. And seeing there is absolutely nothing else really going on in the forums at the moment, I figured I'd comment. I can understand that, given a time crunch or lack of space, this format would appeal to some players, as it's easy to set up, and I'd imagine it'd play way faster than a regular game.
  3. I can't. I want more ships, not less. Most fun I've had is when me and @Destraa did a 1500 point game. Awesome. And I've no doubt I can put 2000 points on the table.
  4. Folks here going, 225 points awesome! And I'm over here planning 800 point lists....
  5. Melbourne, Florida
  6. Haven't played Armada since winning the store championship a couple of months back. So...guess I'm not one bit ready, and it's a three hour drive, so I'm actually considering not going. 😟
  7. More interaction and communications. a timely FAQ after a wave would be most welcome as well.
  8. If the ends of the ruler were touching the cardboard tokens on both ships, then it's at range, and the shot is legit....at least that is how I've always played.
  9. Are you still looking for shuttles? May have a couple. If you do get a pack, I'd be interested in the Defenders.
  10. Regardless of my reservations because of tourney legality, this is starting to sound interesting.
  11. Flotillas. Not aesthetics, I just dislike what they did to the game.
  12. I may have to submit some pics....
  13. I retired from any other game that is not Star Wars based, so I'm spending into Legion. I think.
  14. @melminiatures, kudos on this model. Dude, I am amazed at the level of detail. Think I'm getting an ISD I mod kit next!
  15. Mels excellent comms Gozanti, ready for duty in Blood Squadron. The detail is outstanding.