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  1. Just from the spoilers I can tell I won't like it. Already planning to up points to 600+ at least
  2. Could you please list what you took? Very interested.
  3. Link? Because I can't find them even on their website.
  4. At 200 points I'm bringing a Star Destroyer and a Gladiator. Who needs flotillas? 😆
  5. Except I tought I read that you cannot equip any upgrades with unique names at start....which means no Demolisher. You can have a Gladiator, but it won't be Demo.....
  6. Any idea when the SSD will be on Battlescribe?
  7. Ordered mine last week, it'll be here tomorrow.
  8. While I can understand that, I don't care for small skirmishes. I want large fleet actions, fluff and background notwithstanding. Oh, I'll certainly try the regular rules as well, but for me the game is far more fun at 800 points or above. Best game I played was 1500 points. Ive been the same with every game I've ever played, lol. In 40k I ended up with over 6,000 points of Blood Angels. My SSD will be in my hands tomorrow, and I'm already planning some large games to use the production variant. 😬
  9. I'm going to alter the rules to use fleets up to 800 points. I dislike small games....
  10. Awesome. Mine will be in my hands Tuesday. I mostly just add red paneling and striping to my ships.
  11. Mine will be delivered Tuesday, seeing my fleet is operating in the Outer Rim. After a brief pause for adding fleet colors, the 'Empire of Blood' will be ready for service. 😁
  12. Salvo. Seems almost like an over watch ability, allowing you to fire back when fired upon, even if destroyed. 😳
  13. Mine will be here Tuesday, because I saw no sense in paying for extra shipping...lol.
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