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  1. Darth Lupine

    Custom Corellian Conflict Rules

    Nice. Yeah, given your situation, your approach makes sense. While we don't have many players here, three of us have enough to field over 2,000 points each, so numbers is not an issue...😊
  2. Darth Lupine

    Custom Corellian Conflict Rules

    My main issue with this is that it delays large fleets and tend to keep fleet size down.....I'm currently running a CC where we increased the base allowance and refit points and upped fleet size to 700 points.
  3. Darth Lupine

    Terrain for Armada?

    Back in the day, before they got a CaD from Lucasfilm, I got a set of terrain from Space Rocks. The bases are the exact shape of the existing terrain, so you can put the regular terrain down and place the 3D model on top, allowing for easy removal when needed while keeping the terrain in place. This looks awesome, but as stated it can be a bit of a hassle to constantly be moving stuff around. I've kept it mostly for demonstration games and such.
  4. Darth Lupine

    Sector Fleet Commander Discussion

    2 player is about my only way of looking at it, seeing finding more players as of now is difficult....lol. I agree with the rankings.... Thrawn ftw.
  5. Darth Lupine

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    So? I don't have a single problem wth spending a whole day playing Armada. 😜😆
  6. Darth Lupine

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out February 2019

    Thanks, very good articles as usual!
  7. Darth Lupine

    Steel Command Editorial: Armada 2.0

    ^^^ this, quit messing with my favorite ship!!!
  8. Darth Lupine

    Should Armada be Free?

    Uhm.......what? 😳
  9. Darth Lupine

    Commander cost.

    I always thought Admirals should be free, seeing you're forced to take one. I'd make them free, and add a blanket 20 VP for destroying the flagship.
  10. Darth Lupine

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    While I never ran into a fishing fleet, I don't think it would have been an issue, given my play style. Every fleet I design is made for the sole purpose of destroying the enemy fleet as fast as possible...hehe. I am also a Legion player, and I do think the objective system there is more interesting, and will become even more so as they release more cards. Perhaps modding Armada's system to a similar thing would be interesting?
  11. Darth Lupine

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    This. I don't want Armada 2.0, I want FFG 2.0. Oh, and I don't want an app because it would make me even more dependent on FFG to play.
  12. Darth Lupine

    Custom Corellian Conflict Rules

    Says attachment is unavailable.
  13. Actually, I think your idea with objectives would work just fine as is, simply use the first players aims for both sides. Hmm, may have to try that out. Danke, mein Freund!
  14. As I said....lol complicated. I'm old and cranky, and I like simple. I understand how this is supposed to work now. Don't like it. Mind you, I play Imperial, and I'm a Gladiator specialist.....so, I have zero issues with the current last/first mechanic. 😆 As I said however, your idea for objectives is intriguing....may have to try that one out.
  15. As far as I can tell, you can still game this system with activation padding and playing with the dials to get last/first. I like the objective idea tough. Never made sense to me that both sides would have the same objective.