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  1. I have three ISD, I'm getting Chimaera, and I'm thinking of buying another ISD so I can come close to fielding Thrawns original fleet.
  2. Don't play IA. Plus, she's rebel scum. Ugh.
  3. Heck, what you do in your games at home is your business...lol. But I never ever want to see an official cross faction ship. Just would rub me all kinds of wrong.
  4. On the Chimaera box soooooo baaaaddd.....
  5. Heck no. I do not EVER want cross faction ships of any type in Armada. I like the individuality of the factions. If you play rebels and need a carrier, get a Pelta. Leave our Quasar alone.
  6. This was a great reference, thank you for posting this!
  7. ^^^^ me flipping off hurricane Irma, taken not long before the northern eyewall hit us. Because the Empire fears nothing!
  8. I'll have to host it somewhere, I'll get to it later today!
  9. I tought about doing this in my Royal Guard outfit, but I don't want to get my velvet wet... 😂
  10. That has the eastern eye wall going right over my house....😳
  11. I am near Ft. Myers, and it looks like I'm taking a direct hit, as is my buddy @Destraa. We are riding the assault proton torpedoes all the way to target. Wish us luck.
  12. I'm fairly certain anything put out by FFG from now on is going to be based off the new movies, Rebels, or the OT. I don't think we are going to see much based off the prequels or the old Legends canon. Just a feeling, judging off what they have been putting out lately.
  13. The second Armada came out, I stopped playing Xwing. All my Xwing stuff just sits on the shelf. Armada is IMO, the superior game. and no, you cannot mix the two.
  14. This needs to end directly before the Battle of Scariff....