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  1. So this is more like ‘Armada major tournament player rankings’...... 😂 I agree it’s a fun thing to do, but sadly there’s no major events or event store events locally here anymore. 😢
  2. This is well thought out, although I’m more impressed with you having a 150 meter driveway....that’s around 400 feet!!
  3. Very good write up, indeed. Thanks for the effort you put into this.
  4. In the campaign I’m running, it’s one token per round, period. So one player gets one token. That’s it. I usually give the token to a player in a critical location.
  5. Like I said.....inefficient, lol. But yeah, guess you could do it that way.
  6. I always plan fleets to take on all comers....I’m primarily a tourney player, so that’s what I’m used to. And I’m still pretty sure if you scrap, say, squadrons, that you can only take squadrons with the points, not just anything you want. I’ll have to re check the rules.
  7. And if you put Wulff in your ship, you have permanent two dials every turn. 😊
  8. If it works for you, go for it! I’ll stick to my method, however. 😁
  9. In that case I almost rather not get a reward that round. It’s not like the points difference is upsettingly large. But yeah, I suppose I can see some degree of utility on the rule.
  10. As I’ve stated before, I don’t even understand why players would do this scrap thing. It’s highly inefficient. Plan your end fleet and build towards it. Anything else is wasteful, imo.
  11. To be clear. Let’s say you have a TIE squadron. You scrap it for four points. You can only use those four points to buy more squadrons. You can’t use them to buy, say, turbo lasers, even if you have a base that makes turbo lasers available to you. At least that’s how I understand the system. I for one don’t ever use this refit system. I design a 250 point fleet. Then I work backwards to my starting fleet. Then I build towards my end goal. No need to be retrofitting anyway. We just finished Act one and will be having the pivotal battle soon. As Empire we started with Mygeeto, Kessel and Bespin. We now also have bases on Nal Hutta and Mandalore.
  12. I get people are excited, but the fact you have to discard a token to use hers is a downside....this will run thru tokens fast, specially if there’s something else hitting your tokens, like Sloane.
  13. I played last week in our RitR campaign against two MC75, and I was running a VSD and two Gladiatiors. I tabled my opponent and only lost one Gladiator. I think it's too early to be making any changes.
  14. Quit complaining, at least she plays. Mine just looks at me suspiciously anytime I mention the game.
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