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  1. Nose Punch 4.0

  2. To be an Admiral or a Daddy?

    @Crabbok, don't feel bad....I've decided not to go myself. Just can't justify the drive and expense at this point....
  3. Currently playing CC, Empire, gong into round two with a fifty point per fleet advantage. And I'm considered a good player, so....
  4. MC75 variants or lack there of

    Why not? You chose the order, so should be possible.
  5. MC75 variants or lack there of

    As a long time Gladiator player, I don't see why you would ever take anything BUT the Ordnance variant.
  6. How Many Tokens to Buy?

    I'd go ten of each, except contain, you probably only need five of those, unless running multiple Interdictor or ISD.
  7. HIE, ACM, and FCT combination

    Thanks, completely missed that. Now it makes sense.
  8. HIE, ACM, and FCT combination

    What I want to know, is how are you all resolving all this, when the rules explicitly state you can only resolve one critical effect per attack...
  9. Custom Special Assaults [Corellian Conflict]?

    Um.....the Rebel special assault is so unbalanced, it doesn't favor the rebels. I just played it last night, and I can guarantee as the Imperial player ID be incredibly unlucky to lose.
  10. What's the best 3 ISD list?

    Dras is, as usual, correct.
  11. What's the best 3 ISD list?

    I meant I play 700 points plus, and I'm actually getting a fifth. Because awesome. For tourney legit games, I'll stick to either three, or two with squadrons.
  12. Nose Punch 4.0

    This is....interesting.
  13. What's the best 3 ISD list?

    Now I have to try this.
  14. BattleScribe Up to date with Wave 7

    Thank you! This is my preferred builder.
  15. What's the best 3 ISD list?

    I have 4. It's gonna be epic.